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10 Best Basketball Knee Pads

Basketball knee pads
Written by Colin Kint

Basketball, whenever you see the name, an image occurs that depicts a bunch of tall guys, wearing shorts, playing with a ball, and trying hard to put the ball in a basket. It is one of the popular games that unite 159 countries in the world. It is an international sport. U.S.A, Spain, France, Serbia, Argentina are the top five leading countries that have the most points both in the men and women basketball leagues.

Today’s youth are involved more and more in this sport. If you love this kind of sport where body contact is inevitable, without proper safety gear an injury can cut short your sports career.

You will see few players in this game that are without safety gear. Bruises, fatigues, and muscle pull are common in this type of intense sport. Because of rough tackles and jumps in this game, immense pressure to the knee is a usual thing. Player often suffers from a knee problem while playing this game, yet young people with more courage and enthusiasm, playing the game as a professional sport.

For their safety in mind, many Companies bringing essential safety gear and utilities. Though it doesn’t matter if you are playing this game as a profession or just for fun, you need these safety gears for your knees and other parts, but mostly for the knees. The standard gear that is used in a basketball game is a knee pad; moreover, padded leg sleeves and hex pads are also popular among basketball players. Knee Pad can save your knee from different kinds of injuries. Basketball knee pads are specially made for basketball players with extra soft padding and durance.

You can feel safe while jumping or dunking if you have a knee pad on your knee. A knee pad with extra padding and complex material like carbon fiber or molded plastic bring a safety guard effectively to your external body part like a kneecap that is exposed to injuries. If you are here to get some idea about the best knee pads for your knee, we will show you ten best basketball knee pads of 2018.

Agptek Strengthen Longsleev Basketball Kneepad

As a simple basketball kneepad with extra protection and comfort, the AGPtek is excellent for all kinds of sports. The honeycomb design with anti-slip band technology makes it more unique in features. The anti-band helps to prevent the falling from its original position. It has multiple color variations and sizes for different players. AGptek elastic and fabric is good enough to release the sweat and make it breathable.


  • Soft and comfortable
  • Long size for maximum protection
  • Easy fitting.

Meidus Leg and Knee Antislip Crashproof Knee Protector

Polyester elastic material with the best quality soft padding, the Meidus kneecap gives a premium quality product. It also can remove joint and muscle pain of the players with its pain reliever object, which it’s made of. It has six colors and a vast range of sizes for players with variant leg sizes.


  • Suitable price and comfort ratio
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight

Mikasa 832jr Advanced Competition Kneepad

The feature quality of this product is, it has an anti-microbial component that prevents it from making an unusual odor. This kneepad is exclusively designed for young players, because of its dense, durable padding. It helps the sportsman to have flexibility in his leg with its starchy material.


  • Soft and warm
  • Thick padding
  • Long size and spacious
  • Budget-friendly

Mcdavid Padded Sleeve Model no. 6440

This model introduces a new technology called hex pad. These hex pads can absorb all sorts of impact, and that’s why they can be used anywhere from knee to elbow. This one is quite good among other basketball knee pads. The performance-enhancing pads give maximum protection and comfort to the player.

  • Thick padding
  • Nylon material
  • Hydravent material to avoid moisture.
  • Tight fabric to keep it in its place.

Reaches Basketball Knee Pads

Reaches basketball knee pads can produce muscle support for the player; moreover, it can reduce muscle pain, joint pains and swell by lowering shock after a rough tackle or fall.


  • Stretched sleeve
  • Anti-slip strip
  • Shock resistant honeycomb design
  • Polyester fabric

Acelist 2 Packs Protective Compression Wear

It is a diverge kneepad, not only used in the basketball industry but also in other sports or athletic purposes. The material that used in this pad can reduce knee pain and swelling. It also protects muscle strain by keeping them in the perfect temperature. This compression wear also has anti-itch material, which gives extra comfort to the player.


Mcdavid 6446 Extended Leg Sleeve

Its comfortable design makes it favorite with basketball players as well as different sportsmen such as volleyball players. Nylon is the material used mostly with a little spandex. Its quality design and soothing garment made it admirable to players. This pad is also created with hex pad technology. MCDAVID  is a long padded sleeve, which ensures player’s safety to its utmost figure.


  • A wide variety of colors
  • Affordable pricing
  • Size variation
  • Non-slip
  • Comfortable

Coolomg Basketball Knee Pad

COOLOMG is made with farm polyester element that gives comfort to players in their most irritated moment. It has an anti-slip band, which helps to keep it in position. It is a short-sleeved pad for pleasant ply. They come in five different sizes.


  • Soft and comfortable for the knees
  • Strain resist capability
  • Thick padding

Morris 1 Pair/2 Pcs Kneepad

These brands only create knee pads for basketball players. They made it deliver more comfort and protection. There are only four sizes available for players.


  • Hexagonal honeycomb technology
  • Anti-slip band
  • Breathable elastic fabric
  • Light & Soft

Cosver Outdoor Sports High Elastic Knee Pads

All classes of sportsmen including basketball, football, and volleyball, and another outdoor sportsman can use this knee pad. They have both sort and long size knee pads. Honeycomb technology and top-notch fabric are its key component.  These pads are highly useful for intense shock and impact situations. Silicon fabric is used to make it anti-slippery, while they are in the field with the sportsman.


  • Durable material
  • Nice pricing
  • Elastic and fit to all leg sizes
  • Good quality Fabric

If protecting the knee from damage is your priority then it is essential to choose the right padding for both your knees and hip area. These above pads are made from materials that are quite strong but flexible at the same time. These paddings help you to maintain your increase blood flow and also help to reduce pain while you are under stress. A basketball knee pad is crucial for your daily outdoor activity. Better knee cap means a more extended period of sportsmanship. For further information about other sports items for your kid and yourself and in need of good quality products, you can visit more trusted websites.

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