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Are Zumiez Skateboards Good – There is a Dilemma!

Are Zumiez Skateboards Good
Written by Brian G Smith

Skateboarding is something that has taken the world by storm. A big part of it, though, is the skateboard itself. Thankfully, the choices are endless, but today, we’ll be focusing on one specific skateboarding brand – Zumiez.

It’s one of those brands that people either love or hate. If you don’t believe us, mention Zumiez in a skate park and gauge the reaction.

Our opinion on this dilemma is both yes and no. There are reasons to purchase a skateboard from Zumiez and there are reasons not to.

Read on and we’ll help you decide whether you would enjoy a skateboard from them.

What Is Zumiez and What Can I Find There?


First, if you’re not familiar with the brand – Zumiez incorporate is an American clothing retailer.

Their target audience is people who like the “cutting edge” style. This includes funky sayings, bright colors, graffiti-like designs, and things of the sort.

They also sell clothing, footwear, accessories, DVDs, skateboards, and snowboards that all fit this aesthetic.

What is the shipping policy at Zumiez?

Orders from Zumiez usually ship after a couple of days. They mainly use UPS, USPS, and FedEx, and orders will usually come within 2-8 business days, depending on the shipping method you choose.

Does Zumiez have a return policy?

Zumiez’s return policy is pretty basic and similar to other stores of its kind. All returns or exchanges must be accompanied by the receipt and returned to a store within the country of purchase.

Merchandise, including skateboards and snowboards, must be returned in their original packages in a resalable condition. This doesn’t include manufacturing defects.

Returns or exchanges should also be done within 30 days from purchase to get a full refund.

Zumiez does still take some merchandise, excluding anything snowboarding related, after thirty days. The only slight difference is that customers will receive a gift card or store credit, still with full purchase price instead of getting their money back.

After 90 days, customers will receive a gift card credit for current retail or lowest promotional price.

There are very few reasons that a return would be refused by Zumiez. One is if a receipt is not present, which is understandable. Sales on clearance items are also final, which is the same in most other stores.

In general, though, Zumiez has a generous return policy, so if you’re not happy with what you get, you can always get your money back.

What Is So Unique About Zumiez Skateboards?

Zumiez Skateboards

There are two big reasons a lot of skateboarders like Zumiez. A reason a lot of skateboarders like the brand is because their skateboards are professional grade. To seasoned skaters, the difference is very noticeable.

Another reason is that Zumiez skateboards are customizable. Skateboarders can build themselves the “perfect” skateboard and one that fits their every need.

This enormous benefit is not present in a lot of other stores that skaters appreciate.

Problems With Zumiez

Although Zumiez seems to be a good skateboarding brand, there are some justifiable reasons that skaters don’t like the brand.

  • Zumiez doesn’t hire enough skaters

A lot of Zumiez employees can barely stand on a board, even though the store markets itself as a skate shop.

This might not seem like a big deal, but in niche shops, the person behind the counter should know about the product they are selling.

They should also be able to help beginners and kids that are starting out, which is not something that is currently done.

  • Zumiez doesn’t carry quality skate brands

Like a lot of other retail stores, Zumiez only carries 3-4 brands from bulk retailers. The skateboards are fine, but they aren’t as well made as other brands that don’t produce in bulk and don’t appeal to all skaters.

  • Zumiez doesn’t support local skate scenes

Skateboarding is a very community-based sport. Unlike other skate shops that host live streams, contests, or provide safe places for skaters, Zumiez exists only to make money. They don’t give back much to the skating community.

  • Zumiez betrays skate culture

A lot of skateboarders feel like Zumiez doesn’t portray real skateboarding. They project a watered-down image to appeal to people who want to give off the vibe that they skate.

  • Zumiez puts local skateboard shops in danger

This is like the fast fashion conundrum. Since the products that are sold at Zumiez are cheaper than the ones at organic skate shops, people buy their products more often.

This causes skate shops that barely make enough money to stay open to close down as stores like Zumiez undercut sales.

What Are Some Alternatives to Zumiez Skateboards?

1. Van

Vans skateboard

If you are looking for a brand that has contributed to the skateboarding community, Vans is definitely one of them.

Their shoes alone have become a popular skating staple with the flat soles and rugged construction. Skateboards are not their niche, but they are out there. You’ll just have to do a bit of digging.

2. Warehouse skateboards

Warehouse skateboards

They have a nice selection of skateboards for different comfort levels. There are different colors, shapes, weights, patterns, and wheel sizes.

Their brand is also very beginner-friendly and there are multiple guides on their website that are easily accessible.

Would a Zumiez Skateboard Be the Right Fit for You?

We would say that this is more of a personal decision that depends on what you are looking for specifically. If what you want is a customized skateboard, that won’t have the highest quality OR a cheap skateboard to start out, then go for it.

If you are a person who values the skateboarding community and wants to support it with your purchase, then a local skateboarding store or some of the alternatives that we’ve mentioned would probably be a better option for you.

Each side has a benefit, but individual views of skateboarding will dictate what path you decide to follow.


1. Does Zumiez have a point program?

Ans: Yes, the Zumiez stash program allows you to earn points for exclusive merchandise and other rewards. You sign up for the program in-store. After that, they log your purchases for points.

2. How many stores does Zumiez have?

Ans: Zumiez has 721 physical stores globally.

3. Does Zumiez sell gift cards?

Ans: Yes, you can buy Zumiez gift cards online and in store.

4. Can I buy a genuine skateboard at Zumiez?

Ans: Even though they buy their boards in bulks, there are still some wonderful finds, and they carry a few genuine skateboard brands. Once again, you just need to do a bit of digging.

5. Are longboards from Zumiez beginner-friendly?

Ans: Yes, their boards are beginner friendly, mostly. They are also not too costly, and they have a great return policy if you are not yet ready for a large investment.

6. Are penny boards from Zumiez beginner-friendly?

Ans: Yes, their penny boards are good for beginners.

7. What is a good price to pay for a skateboard?

Ans: Typical price for a good skateboard is around $60 to $150. But high-quality boards are a little bit expensive. The price starts from $170.

8. What did Zumiez used to be called?

Ans: When Zumiez started their journey in 1978 at Northgate Mall (Seattle), they were named “Above the Belt”.

9. How long do skateboards last?

Ans: On average, a skateboard lasts from 2-24 weeks or 1-6 months. However, it depends on the quality of your skateboard and how you maintain and use it.

10. Do you have to skate to work at Zumiez?

Ans: No, you don’t need to know how to skate to get a job at Zumiez. They emphasize the personality of the person and provide training to make him fit for the job.

However, it’s true that if you can show your interest in skateboarding to them and have some knowledge about it, you’ll have a better chance to get hired.

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