Penny Abec 7 Skateboard Bearings

  • 13, Jun, 2018

Penny Abec 7 Skateboard Bearings

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Longboards are popular for doing tricks with skateboards. Boards need to be smooth and fast for doing tricks. The smoothness of the board depends on the spinning of the wheels, and the spinning of the wheels depends on the bearings.

For better performance of a board, the board needs to be smooth. Smoothness depends on many facts. The wheel quality is a very important fact to be considered. Polyurethane wheels are very strong and smooth on any kind of surface. But what if the bearing is not giving enough support? Best longboard bearings need to be used to avoid any kind of nuisance.

Plenty of variety in the bearing is available plain bearing, rolling bearing, jewel bearing, fluid bearing, a magnetic bearing and flexure bearing. Penny bearing is rolling kind bearing. That means metal balls are used inside usually 7 balls.

There are many companies that are producing many types of bearings. Redz bearings, Oust bearings, Penny bearings and Bone Swiss bearings are some renowned bearing producer. All these bearing have got the quality and strength to perform as required. Penny bearings are one of the best longboard bearings we can get.

Penny ABEC7 bearing comes with a package of 8 same size bearing. One bearing weighs just 0.3 ounces. These bearing are packed in a stainless-steel tin. Penny has got the most elegant display case for bearing.

Our Remarks

ABEC has set a standard for bearings. Getting 7 on ABEC standard ensures that it’s one of the best longboard bearings we can get. Top longboarders always look for this kind of high-quality bearings.

It all depends on the bearing for the best performance of the longboard. Whatever longboard bearings we are using it needs to be smooth. Bearing takes all the pressure on it. So, it needs to be ultra-durable.

Penny ABEC 7 bearing has got the strength to take all the pressure need to be taken. The balls inside the bearing are very smooth and run swiftly that helps the long boards to run smoothly and fast. The package is standard 8pcs bearing. Most of the manufacturers supply 8 bearings in a package.


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