Orangatang Skateboard Cruising Wheels

  • 23, Jun, 2018

Orangatang Skateboard Cruising Wheels

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It’s the wheel that keeps the skateboards rolling. A skateboard is nothing without a top-quality wheel. Wheels need to be smooth and easy going on any kind of track. Tracks are not always smooth so we need a wheel that can best serve us everywhere. Orangatang skateboard cruising wheels are that kind of wheel that performs like a pro on every kind of track.

Orangatang Skateboard Cruising Wheels are one of the best longboard wheels. It’s made of Polyurethane. Polyurethane wheels strong and smooth. This kind of wheels does not cause any scratches on the floor. It’s super cool to use. These wheels are a hard nut to crack.

Orange and purple color is available in Orangatang wheels. Purple and Orange wheels have got the hardness of 83A and 80A respectively. The hardness and the material used in these wheels reflect the quality of this wheel. It makes this wheel one of the best longboard wheels for cruising.

The diameter of these wheels is 80mm. The core or the wheel is about 46 mm. This kind of large wheel is perfect for downhill riding and performs any kind of tricks better than any other wheel. It’s a set of 4 wheels. The wheels are loaded with V2 Jehu bearings. It’s a wide wheel that helps to grip perfectly on any kind of surface.

Our Remarks

Orangatang skateboard wheels are great in use. The bearing used in this helps to make a smooth and fast ride. Polyurethane wheels are durable and smooth on any surface. It hardly leaves any scratches on the floor. 80mm wheel able to run over anything that comes in its way. It’s a 56mm wide wheel that helps to grip the surface properly and do any kind of trick especially downhill speedy rides. It’s one of the best longboard wheels we have come across.

Skateboard wheels have come up a long way. There are different colors for wheels that help to make the board look great. Even wheels are not only round shaped. Shark wheels longboard makes it different from others. Their wheels are kind of rectangle and not evenly made like other wheels. Shark wheels review is also great. It adds a different taste to a rider’s ride.

The wheel runs fast and smooth like other wheel thought it has got a different shape. But we might not just go for this kind of wheel with simple shark wheel review. We need to check out how we can perform with the kind of different wheel.

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