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Top 4 Best Motor (2020) Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Are you thinking of upgrading your electric scooters? On the E scooters, the speed is the first and foremost thing that we want. To increase the speed level of your E scooter, you need to keep an eye on the motors. It’s the motors that help to generate speed and enjoy the ride.

To upgrade your electric scooter top motors need to be selected and set. Without a quality motor, you can’t imagine of a speedy ride. The motor quality also makes sure how long you can ride with your beloved ride.

How you spot the good motors? The motor speed can be a good option to watch out and select the best motor for your automatic ride. You also need to select the motors that are compatible with your electric rides.

There are several cool motors that can be compatible with your rides. You just need to pick or select the perfect one. For best performance, the voltage of the motor needs to match with the power supply your ride got. If the voltage does not match, the motor fails to perform to the mark it has. Every motor has a watt limit to perform. The higher the watt, the higher the performance and it relates to the power supply.

Monster motion, Razor, Puma, Alfa wheel, HML Motor, L-faster are some renowned motor manufacturer. They produce the best motor for your electric scooters. You can simply rely on these manufacturers to upgrade your bikes.

Selecting the best motor can be a troublesome job. You need to know the specific terms to measure the quality of a motor on the very fast look. The motor speed is what you can look first to pick the finest motor. The faster the motor speed, the faster you run. The motor speed is measured in RPM.

To upgrade or to change a motor you need to be aware of the power supply. You just can’t add any motor. It has to be compatible with the power supply. The voltage needs to be checked properly to match perfectly with the system.

The Sprocket and the chain is also a matter to count. You will get a better motor if the Sproket and the chain count are higher. You also need to check the diameter of the motor whether you can set it in your scooter or not. That’s how you can get the motor that best suits your scooter.

We have shortlisted some motors that may help you to get a better view on the motors and select the best motor from the dozens of motor available in the market.

  • Editor Rating :
  • Star 4 out of 5 star

Monster Motion comes with a high power 24-volt motor. This motor has got the RPM of 480. You will get the output of 350 watts from this simple motor. It has got the Sproket of 1/8 inch. The Sprocket is a bicycle chain type and got 9 teeth on the Sproket.

It has got the reversing functionality. It can rotate left or right using the reversing wires. It’s a motor that has got the ability of gear reduction.


Voltage24 volts DC
Output350 watt
Rated Speed480 RPM
Rated Current19.2 amp
Sprocket9 teeth 1/8 inch bicycle chain


  • Satisfaction from other users
  • High-quality parts
  • Meets the mark of OEM specifications
  • The high output from this simple motor
  • 24 Volt Motor
  • 350 Watt
  • 480 RPM
  • 9 Tooth
  • 1/8 Inch Bicycle Chain Sprocket
  • Left Or Right Rotating Motor By Switching Wires
  • MY1016Z3 Motor With Gear Reduction

Our Remarks

This motor has got the high voltage. To run this motor, you will need a heavy duty power system. You will also get a high output from this motor. In this price, it’s a great motor to set within your e scooter.

  • Editor Rating :
  • Star 3 out of 5 star

Alfa Wheels manufactures a quality motor that can be used widely with the electronic rides. No matter electric longboard motor or dart bikes you can comfortably use this quality motor.

It’s a brush motor. It easily matches with all electric ride systems. You will need 24V to run the motor. It’s a DC power motor. You may need to convert the power where needed. The motor runs at a rate of 2600 RPM. A high-speed motor that helps the bike owners to gear up. The Sprocket of the machine very heavy. It is able to take all the load on it.


ApplicationsMinibikes, Scooters, Go-Carts
TypeBrush Motor
Voltage24V DC
Output500 Watt
Rated Speed2600 RPM
Rated Current28 Amp
Sprocket25 Chains 11 Tooth
Compatible WithEZip E-500, GT-500, IZIP I 500, Mongoose M500, Schwinn S500


  • Standard three hole mounting faceplate
  • Compatible with Currie technologies parts
  • This motor nicely works with Schwinn and IZIP 500 electric scooters
  • Can be used widely in the e scooters and bikes

Our Remarks

It’s a high-performance motor that will help you to gear up with your electric rides. The heavy-duty Sproket of the motor is helpful to get the desired speed you need. It can be widely used on the electronic ride for better performance.

  • Editor Rating :
  • Star 1 out of 5 star

This HML Motor has got the speed. This motor runs at a speed of 2500 RPM. You will get the output of 500 watts from this motor. This motor need 36 Volt to run. To run this powerful motor, you will need a heavy power supply. An 11 tooth 8 mm chain Sproket is used in the motor to run the motor. A controller comes with the motor to control the motor. It makes the ride more convenient for the riders.


SizeController Motor Kit
Item Weight8 pounds
Manufacturer Part NumberTD017+TD031
Voltage36 Volt
Motor Speed2500 RPM
Controllers Current27 ±1 Amp


  • This motor has got a controller
  • Compatible with electric scooters, pocket bikes, ATVS, electric dirt bikes
  • As the motor is compatible with many types of bike, you can use it widely
  • Gives better control of the motor to the controller
  • 500 Watt Electric Scooter Motor
  • 11 Tooth Sprocket With 8 Mm Chain
  • 8 Connectors With The Controller

Our Remarks

This high-performance motor just weighs 8 lbs. A lightweight motor that can help you perform better. Great speed on the motor to help the riders ride fast and enjoy.

  • Editor Rating :
  • Star 1 out of 5 star

L-faster has got the high-performance DC motors. The motors are 36 volts and 48 volts. You need a higher battery to run this kind of motor. For your heavy electric bikes, it’s a perfect match. You will need 3 to 4, 12 Volt batteries to run this high-quality battery.

The motor has got an 11 tooth durable, high performing sprocket. A T8F sprocket also includes with the motor as a gift. The motor does not include any battery. You can use the lead-acid batteries or high performing lithium-ion batteries. Lithium-ion batteries are charged quicker than the lead batteries. This battery is able to give you the output of 800 watts, and that is on the higher side.


Motor ManufacturerUNITE motor
Color36V normal kit
Model NoMY1020
Voltage48V or 36V
Output Power800 W
SprocketEleven Teeth, Fit Number 25H Chain


  • Strong construction
  • T8F sprocket as gift
  • Lead acid or lithium ion both can be used
  • Does not include battery you can add or cut loose batteries according to need

Our Remarks

It’s a high end and high performing motor. If you use a 12 Volt battery. You will need at least 3 to 4 of it. Strong sprocket and chain in the machine ensure the users for long service. The features it has simply it can be the best motor for your bikes.

Final Verdict

To get the perfect match of the electric motor for your electric scooter you need to be cautious. You can’t just put any motor. The motor needs to be fully adjustable with the whole system to the scooter.

It’s not the only price that you should consider to buy a motor, but the price is always a fact. You can’t go beyond the budget. If you are trying to get a motor on a comparatively low price, then you can go with   Alfa Wheels Electric Scooter Motor and HML MOTOR 36V 500W Motor Controller. The HML motor comes with a controller for making controlling more swift and enjoying.

L-faster  Electric Brush DC Motor is high-end motor. To run this motor, you may need to change your old power supply. You will need 3 or 4, 12V batteries to run this motor. That means it’s a powerful motor. It will give you the service that you may want. It has got the power so no doubt it can be the best motor.

Monster Motion Electric Motor is another motor that you can get for your scooters. It’s neither a cheap motor in price nor a low-quality motor. You can easily go with this motor to get better performance on the ride.

All the motor you get here is not a perfect one for a hub motor. But you can keep them with your e bicycle motor kit. The best of having an electric ride is you don’t need motor oil.

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