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Best Snowboard Gloves of 2024: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Here we’ve thoroughly reviewed the best snowboard gloves so you can easily make the right buying decision.

The first time I tried snowboarding was, believe it or not, in an indoor snow slope! I tried it during my summer vacation to the United Kingdom when I was visiting relatives there. I was really naïve, actually. I knew it was going to be a little chilly as it was a slope with real snow inside a giant refrigerator, but I really underestimated the need for proper snowboarding gloves. Boy were my fingers wet and cold!

The one-hour session got me hooked on snowboarding and I’ve been spending a lot of my vacations doing snowboarding ever since (albeit in mountains now!). I have never made the glove mistake again though and was grateful that I only had to endure the poor glove choice for the hour slot!

Since glove choice can make the difference between a really enjoyable time on the slopes or a miserable one, this time we’ve brought you a list of the best snowboard gloves to choose from!

 Top 7 Best Snowboard Gloves Reviews

01 Velazzio Ski Gloves (Editor’s Choice)

Velazzio Ski Gloves

For our Editor’s Choice, we’ve chosen the Velazzio Ski Gloves. Although they didn’t have the most reviews online, they by far out-performed all of the other gloves in our list with their 4.7 out of 5 stars. So, why did we (and other reviewers) love them so much?

What’s more, thanks to the Fan-Tex membrane, our hands were really dry and cozy inside even when they were sweaty and it was damp outside.

Our reviewers also loved the handy zipper pocket. This is a great place to stash keys or slope passes! Although we tested these while snowboarding, these are great ski gloves because they have great rubber dot grips

Finally, there is a buckle strap on the wrist as well as a drawstring to prevent cold air and snow from getting into your gloves or sleeves! We loved them!


  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Great pricing
  • They are exceptionally breathable
  • They are really warm
  • The zipper pocket is a really useful addition!


  • These aren’t the most dexterous of gloves

Our Verdict

For an all-rounder at a decent price, you can’t go wrong with these gloves. Their online rating speaks for itself and we were pleased with their breathability and waterproofness. The zipper pocket seemed great! It means you can have a special place to keep things close to hand – quite literally! You can spend a lot more on snowboarding gloves but with these on the market, we don’t think you need to!

02 MCTi Waterproof Mens Ski Gloves

MCTi Waterproof Mens Ski Gloves

The MCTi Waterproof Mens Ski Gloves are also made using Thinsulate insulation, like our Editor’s pick. In testing, these gloves kept our hands really warm in mid-winter snowboarding in very cold temperatures. We also tried these on a wet and windy day and had no issues thanks to the composite softshell with three layers. Despite having really warm hands, there wasn’t a problem with sweatiness.

In terms of the outer material, the fingers have reinforced rubber which is great for gripping and means the gloves are really strong. What’s more, the thumb has ‘nose wipe’ fabric! We didn’t even realize we needed this until we had a glove with this function!

Like our Editor’s Pick, these gloves have a zipper pocket that can carry your ID, keys or even glove warmers. There is also a useful strap and drawstring to guard against the entry of snow or cold air.

As far as online snowboard gloves reviews go, these are one of the best-rated pairs on our list. Give it a try and you’ll surely be happy like other customers.


  • These offer a good fit
  • They are warm and retain heat well.
  • They aren’t sweaty to wear and are really breathable


  • The strap is clip-on rather than magnetic

Our Verdict

If you’re looking for something that “fits like a glove” and not thin, these are for you. They’re excellent for wrist protection and will keep your hands toasty warm whatever the weather. What’s more, you won’t find your hands feeling sweaty thanks to their breathability. Finally, these are well-liked by many online users (as well as us!) and the only real negative that comes up is how long they take to dry – you could always combat that by buying two pairs to wear against each other! So, no matter if you are a beginner skier or a skilled snowboard rider, these are ideal for you.

03 MCTi Ski Women Gloves

MCTi Ski Women Gloves

There is, of course, no reason why a woman couldn’t wear a pair of men’s snowboarding gloves! However, women’s hands do tend to be that bit smaller on average than a man’s and so these might be more suitable to a woman. In our testing, we found these to be a glove with a lot less bulk than many others. This didn’t stop them being warm and dry though!

We really liked how durable these seemed. There is a section between the index finger and the thumb, which is reinforced to stop pain in the thumb joints and to make them more durable, especially when skiing and using poles.

These also don’t slip thanks to their anti-slip leather. Of course, you don’t use poles when snowboarding, but these anti-slip sections actually have another function – they prevent wear and tear!

We really loved being able to use our phones without taking these gloves off. They have touch screen fingers, meaning you can make and pick up calls should you need to. The thumb also has a nose-wipe fabric.


  • They look good and feel good
  • Your hands stay warm and dry
  • They are reasonably priced


  • There is no zipper pocket

Our Verdict

If you’re a woman who struggles to find gloves to fit, then these might just help you out! The touch screen capabilities are useful and they feel and stay warm. The only thing really missing is a zipper pocket for your keys but if this doesn’t bother you then you will simply love these gloves! Online reviewers agreed with us too, what’s not to love!

04 Gordini Gore-Tex Gauntlet Gloves

Gordini Gore-Tex Gauntlet Gloves

Number 4 in our Best Snowboarding Gloves guide are the Gordini Gore-Tex Gauntlet Cloves. We can see by their name that they have the technology of the Gore-Tex brand and are, therefore, really windproof, waterproof and breathable. Our reviewers certainly confirmed this in their testing. We used these in the most severe of snowy conditions and found that our hands were still dry and warm without being sweaty.

As well as being warm and dry, we found these to provide really good dexterity thanks to their leather fingers, polyurethane palm and wrap caps. These are a more expensive glove and are, in fact, double the price of our Editor’s Choice.

However, you are paying for the unique technology by Gore-Tex brand. Despite the more expensive price, these are a popular and well-liked product. We placed these in 4th place due to their price making them less accessible to a lot of people.


  • Excellent protection – warm and dry in harsh conditions
  • Comfortable with good dexterity
  • Good online comments and reviews


  • More expensive (2nd most expensive in our list of products)

Our Verdict

If you’re wanting a name that you trust, you know you can rely on Gore-Tex. However, these come with a more expensive price tag. If the price doesn’t bother you, you will find that these are an excellent glove that will keep your hands warm, dry and sweat-free. We loved the feel of these gloves and didn’t have an issue with sizing, although be aware that others recommend sizing down!

05 Burton Gore Glove

Burton Gore Glove

If you’re wanting a higher-end glove, this is the one for you. This is a professional-style glove that has Gore-Tex as well as Gore warm technology. These gloves are guaranteed in terms of keeping you dry. They have a thermal core that can cope with even the harshest of conditions and a synthetic leather outer, which we loved as you can use a touch screen with any finger. The fleece liner is also a nice addition.

We found that this dried really quickly and was great at keeping your hands warm alone in the short few seconds it takes to alter a boot! We loved that you didn’t have to take the whole glove off to do this!

Also, if you’re snowboarding in springtime, you might be able to do away with the liner too. These gloves are really very versatile. These are on the pricy side, however, and might not be in the budget for some, which is why they take our number 5 slot but, if the price is no object, you won’t regret buying these.


  • Excellent technology that keeps you warm and dry
  • These are very versatile gloves with a removable liner
  • These are great for touch-screen use


  • These are the most expensive gloves on our list

Our Verdict

An all-round great glove. These have great warming technology and are very versatile. For those who appreciate a touch screen feature that really works, these are a good choice. If money isn’t a problem, these are likely to be the best choice out there but they will be out of the price range for many snowboarders, hence their position in number 5 in our Best Snowboard Gloves guide. But still, we think, for the money, they offer good value and you can’t really go wrong buying these.

06 Balnna Multi-Functional Waterproof Gloves

Balnna Multi-Functional Waterproof Gloves

The Balnna multi-functional waterproof gloves were well received by our testers. They are specifically designed to be a warm cold-weather glove using Thinsulate fabric. There is also a polyester fleece lining. We loved how compatible the fingertips were with touchscreens and they are also really visible too with their reflective piping and high visibility color.

In terms of waterproofing, this has a built-in waterproof membrane. It is also breathable and windproof so you will be kept both warm and dry all day long. The palm and fingertips are made from leather and waterproof textile blend, which means they will be durable for years to come. We liked the customized fit that the wrist strap offers.

Unlike most gloves, these have EVA foam which is designed to prevent injury. They offer unbeatable protection with their elastic pad protector on the knuckles as well as protectors on the fingers and the palm.


  • We loved the injury prevention feature
  • They are waterproof
  • They are durable


  • There are no glove cleats to hook onto your jacket

Our Verdict

These are great gloves for beginners in particular as they have the added benefit of injury prevention. These feel like a really sturdy and durable glove too and we found them to be warm and waterproof in a range of weather conditions. They are good value for money and have good reviews on Amazon, which backed up our findings in testing. Overall, a good glove but its number of reviews and its rating were lower than products higher in our list, hence its position in number 6.

07 Dakine Men’s Scout Gloves

Dakine Men's Scout Gloves

We found these gloves to be really warm even without the liners! In testing, we only needed to wear the liners when we were in subzero temperatures for a substantial stretch of time. We found them to be very well constructed. They also feel as though they will last a very long time.

They have a squeegee feature to clear your goggles, which is a nice touch and they also have a nose-wipe fabric on the thumb of the right glove. The fact that the inner glove is removable is great in that you can do things like tighten straps or fasten zips without having to expose your skin to the elements.

We had some skiers try out these gloves alongside our snowboard testers and they commented that their hands felt cold on the poles after a period of time. Obviously, the snowboarders didn’t have this experience and found that the gloves were plenty warm enough for what they needed.


  • They have a goggle squeegee
  • They have removable liners
  • Hand washable
  • Water repellent surface


  • Skiers might find these cold against the poles

Our Verdict

Although this product is in the 7th and last place on our Best Snowboard Gloves guide, this doesn’t mean it is a poor product! Far from it, these are good snowboard gloves that keep your hands warm and dry in cold, winter conditions. The gloves aren’t as popular as others in our list but they’re absolutely fine for their price and really do the job.

Best Snowboard Gloves – Buying Guide

Snowboard Gloves Buying Guide

1. Insulation

You will usually see this displayed as a figure in grams or you might see gloves being rated for different temperatures. Don’t rely on these figures too heavily as they’re not exact but use them as a baseline while comparing products.

2. Quality of Materials

The materials used will determine how durable, warm, dexterous, and water-resistant a pair of gloves are. It’s best to look for a pair with a combination of materials.


Wool gloves are great for keeping warm and keeping moisture out. Our research suggests that most wool gloves are durable and last a long time.


These are nylon, polyester, and acrylic blend. These are good for keeping your hand temperature stable.

Wool & Synthetic Blend

Combined together, synthetic and wool make a great blend. This blend comes with the features of both wool and synthetic materials, making them the first choice for so many skiers.

3. Size & Fit

Size and fit are important for maximum comfort and protection. Here is an idea of what size gloves to buy. This is a unisex guide based on measuring around and below the four fingers. Based on this size guide, you can get the right fit for kids, children, youths, teens, and adults.

  • Size 6 – XX” – Circumference = 5.5-6.5”
  • Size 7 – XS – Circumference = 6.5-7.5”
  • Size 8 – S – Circumference = 7.5-8.5”
  • Size 9 – M – Circumference = 8.5-9.5”
  • Size 10 – L – Circumference = 9.5-10.5”
  • Size 11 – XL – Circumference = 10.5-11.5”
  • Size 12 – XXL – Circumference = 11.5-12.5”

4. Activity Level

For casual use or beginners, you might want a heavier glove. Less intensity means your gloves need to work harder at keeping you warm.

5. Weather

If you are skiing in springtime, you’ll probably want gloves that are more breathable and thinner. In the middle of winter, you’re best to use thick and warm gloves.

6. Powder Gaiters & Straps

There are often innovative designs available with elastic cords and straps. Some of these are useful, others aren’t. If you do off-trail snowboarding, you should buy gloves that have long cuffs and retainer straps.

7. Waterproofness

You should consider how waterproof your gloves are. There are lots of cheaper brands available nowadays so you don’t have to go for the big names when it comes to breathable waterproofness.

8. Removable Liners

Lots of gloves have removable inner liners. It makes gloves easier to dry for the next day’s snowboarding and also makes the gloves more versatile.

9. Handwarmer Pockets

If like me, you have cold hands a lot, hand warmer pockets are great!

10. Comfort & Color

There’s no use in buying the most expensive gloves if you just don’t find them comfortable. Glove comfort will affect how you can snowboard on the slopes.

Color is another important aspect in terms of style and fashion. You should match the color of your gloves with your overall outfit. The most common colors for gloves include: white, black, red, orange, blue, grey, yellow, and green.

11. Dexterity

Dexterous gloves will allow you to do more while wearing them and you won’t have to take them off. There are even gloves that come with finger liners that allow for the use of touch screens.

12. Durability

If you want the most durable gloves, you should probably go for leather but they do need a waterproofing wax applying once in a while.

13. Effectiveness

You can evaluate the effectiveness of your snowboarding gloves by looking at them as a whole: the material, the weight, the design, and their functionality. When choosing your gloves, you need to think about what features are most important for you. Also, use a wristguard for better results.

14. Heat Retention

If you aren’t very active on the slopes and have a casual time, you will want gloves that retain heat well. If you’re active, your body heat will do the job for you.

15. Brands

There are many brands out there and these days you don’t need to buy the most expensive Gore-Tex gloves to get a great product. eVent is a great material that is cheaper but they work very well.

Mittens vs. Gloves & Other Design

  • Double Layer Gloves vs. Single Layer Gloves

Unlike single-layer gloves, double layer gloves have a removable liner. This means that if it is sunny, you can remove the outer section. Also, when it’s really cold, these add an extra layer of warmth.

  • Gloves vs. Mittens

Both of these designs are popular for different reasons with their differences. Some people prefer the extra warmth of having 4 fingers together while others prefer the dexterity and control they get from gloves. A lot of the time, gloves are better. It’s a real pain having to take off your mittens just to adjust a strap or a boot.

Having said that, there are some professional snowboarders that prefer mittens because they find them more comfortable. At least for snowboarders, there are no ski poles to hold. There is actually something called a ‘lobster mitt’ these days. These are a mix between gloves and mittens – there is space for three fingers to be together instead of 4.

  • Under the Cuff Gloves vs. Gauntlet Gloves

Gloves that are classed as gauntlet gloves have a longer cuff that goes up the forearm. These are great at giving you more protection from snow or rain and help to keep your hands and arms dry. If you snowboard in areas with dry snow, you won’t necessarily feel the benefit from gauntlet gloves but beginners who fall frequently might prefer the added bit of protection.

Tips to Getting the Right Fit

When wearing your gloves, your fingers should be able to move dexterously and your fingertips should lightly graze the end of the glove. Don’t buy gloves that have too long fingers or that are too wide for your palm. As you do for snowboard bindings, Try on gloves until you find one that is a snug fit for you. Also, make sure they’ve attached a leash to carry it on your wrist.

To compare two sets of gloves, wear one of each type of a different hand then press together with your thumbs and index fingers. You should choose the glove that is the most flexible. Don’t forget though that if you are choosing leather gloves, they will soften up after a few days of use.

Snowboard Gloves Care & Maintenance Tips

It is important to take good care of your gloves and masks and keep them clean so they last. Make sure you read the product guidelines so that you know how to look after them.

The majority of gloves need to be spot cleaned with mild detergent and warm water. Some can be machine washed. Those with removable liners are good as the liners can be taken out and washed in a machine.

Snowboarding gloves should never be dried in a tumble dryer. Instead, hang them somewhere warm.

If your gloves are wet after a day’s snowboarding, make sure you dry them as soon as you can. This will avoid fungi or bacteria building up. When you’re not using your gloves, keep them somewhere cool and dry.

Final Words

Picking the best snowboard gloves depends on when you’re going to be using them and what features you want. You might need handwarmer pockets, large cuffs or removable liners and all of these can make the difference between an okay glove and a brilliant glove.

Whatever your budget, there is a great range of gloves available and we’re sure that you’ll love each one that’s made our Top 7 list. Even if your budget is limited, you can still buy great gloves with fantastic features.

We’re sure that everyone will like our Editor’s Choice but if you’re looking to spend a bit more money, you’ll love the Burton Gore gloves. Equally, women with particularly small hands will appreciate our Best 0 Women choice.


1. How do I take care of my leather mitts?


  • Use leather care once per season to extend the life of your gloves.
  • Make sure they are dry every use.
  • Replace the liners when necessary.
  • Sew repair patches on when worn, rather than buying new ones again.

2. Can you operate your phone while wearing your snowboard gloves?

A. With some gloves you can. Look for gloves with touchscreen fabric on the fingertips.

3. How can I keep my hands warmer?

A. There are a few ways to do this. You can use nitrile gloves inside, hand warmers (if your gloves have a handwarmer pocket), or you can buy electric gloves!

4. Why are there so many cinch cords on my gloves?

A. Most gloves have two cinch straps. The one that is nearest your fingers is to help you keep the glove well fitted. The other one is to keep snow out.

5. Do I need padded/armored gloves?

A. Unless you intend to race, these aren’t necessary.

6. Do you use waterproof or regular gloves?

A. This depends on what weather you’re snowboarding in. In the middle of winter, your gloves won’t get wet unless you fall but during spring you might find your gloves getting wetter!

7. Is there a difference between water resistant and waterproof?

A. Yes. Water-resistant gloves can stop water from penetrating up to a certain point but if you were to place your hands in water, they will get wet. Waterproof gloves will always keep your hands dry, whatever the conditions.

8. Between snowboarding mittens and snowboard gloves which ones are better?

A. They’re very similar but mittens do tend to be warmer. Gloves, on the other hand, offer much more dexterity so it depends on what you want from your gloves.

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