Cal 7 Complete Mini Cruiser Skateboard

  • 12, Jun, 2018

Cal 7 Complete Mini Cruiser Skateboard

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Are you planning a skateboard for your kids? If yes then Cal 7 Complete Mini Cruiser Skateboard is the one for you. It is compact in size. The deck is only 22-inch long. For a beginner, it’s a perfect kind of scooter. It’s made of plastic that does not scratch easily.

Cal 7 complete mini cruiser skateboards are great in look and design. It has got a variety of designs available for its users. Simple one-color boards to printed boards are available in Cal 7.  The deck of the cruiser is made of durable plastic. These plastics are shock absorbent to some extent.

3.125-inch aluminum alloy trucks are used at the back of the deck to hold up the wheels. The trucks are perfectly set with the curvy back of the deck. 59mm wheels are used in this cruiser board. ABEC7 grade bearing is used for the best use of the scooter. These top-quality bearings help the kick scooter to run smoothly and fast. All cruiser skateboards have got the dimension of 22×6 inches. This cruiser is no different from this. The smaller deck makes the skateboard portable and can be put on the backpack easily. The weight is also bearable just about 4 lbs.

Our Remarks

Cal 7 is a renowned manufacturer of plastic board mini skateboard. They offer a vast range of variety in their boards. They have got the colors and patterns to drag anyone’s attention to the boards. The patterns they use on the deck are really fascinating. The deck of this mini skateboard is colored with a variety of colors and patterns. You may find every possible color of your choice. Girls always have a fascination with pink. You also get pink skateboard from cal 7. It’s a perfect choice for any gender and any person.

It uses ABEC 7 grade bearings which are very much capable of giving a very fast ride. These bearings are not only helpful for fast riding but also have the strength to tackle all the pressure. The aluminum alloy truck used in this kick scooter is very strong and holds the wheels perfectly to have a smooth and safe ride.

There are many other brands that produce good skateboards. Penny skateboards and punisher skateboards are very quality skateboards. Penny board is plastic deck skateboard and punisher has got the long boards. Penny has the collection for cruiser skateboards, not the long skateboard.

Custom skateboards are now getting very popular also. Custom skateboard decks can be designed as you want. Custom skateboard price is also reasonable. Considering the looks its worth of all the hard work and costing. Considering all the features and comparing with other brands we found cal 7 skateboards are the best skateboard you can get for a beginner.

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