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Efficient Taotao Scooter 50CC Review

Are you fed up of daily traffic, is it killing lots of your valuable time? It’s time to rethink about the daily commute. All you need is a ride that can make its way on the busy road, or you can drive it through the lanes without creating any nuisance to other people. A 50cc Taotao scooter is a kind of ride that can firmly make its room in a tight place and can be really helpful to avoid all the traffic. It’s a relatively small ride and has got enough speed to take you to the destination faster than any pedal bikes. So, let’s check out how this simple ride can make your life more enjoyable.

Whom is this product for?

Taotao 50cc scooter is not something that runs at a great speed. If you are searching for a speedy solution, then it might not be a perfect choice. It’s a compact ride that can help two adult people to ride together and can be driven through the lanes when the main roads are on heavy traffic. You just make your way by avoiding the traffic in a different way and also you can’t say it’s a slow ride. It has got enough speed to help you reach the destination in time. Also, it’s simple to drive anybody can easily run with this scooter. It can be a great ride for the women also as it has got the simple gear settings.

Taotao scooter 50cc Gas Scooter Explained

Can this be called Taotao moped? Yeah, sort of moped because anything under 50 cc can be called moped though there is no pedal. It does not mean this ride is less efficient. Fuel is the most concern to drive something. When you deal with a 50 cc scooter, you can relax because of its fuel efficiency.  Most of the 50 cc scooter contains a fuel tank of 5.4 Liters. You might not need to refill the tank twice in a week that is how it saves your bucks. 100 miles can be easily reached with a full tank fuel, but you need to keep in mind if you miss any fuel station after going so far.

Fuel efficiency or the cost-saving can’t only be the fact to go for Taotao 50cc scooter. For me, it’s obviously the simplicity and compactness of the scooter. You can simply take the shortcuts when you have a smaller ride which not possible with a big stylish car. Taotao 50cc saves a lot of time and energy so that you be fit to enjoy the rest of the time after the daily commute.  Also, you need to be tensed about a Tao scooter or any scooter parking. There is always space to park the scooters by the side of the pavement or on the pavement, and nobody bothers it. Life will really become simple and enjoyable when you come across a Taotao 50cc scooter.


  • Brand TAO
  • Item Weight 250 lbs.
  • Item model number ATM-50
  • Manufacturer Part Number ATM50-A1-Black
  • Folding No
  • Vehicle Service Type Scooter
  • Tiers 100/60 – 10?
  • Cylinder Capacity 50cc


  • Double seat for adult users
  • Trunk included for carrying important items
  • CARB approved scooter for user convenience
  • Both the electric and kick start back up to keep users hassle free
  • Low cost and high in efficiency


  • Not that much speedy runs around 30 mph on an average
  • Not an ideal ride to go for long rides

Common Questions and Answers

  • Question : Will I have the skills to do things well to drive the scooter just with the permit if I don’t have the driving license?

Answer : It depends on the state law. You need to contact the state office. Like in Minnesota you don’t need the driving license to drive this kind of scooter.

  • Question : Can this be listed as Moped in NJ?

Answer : Yes, as this scooter is a 50 cc scooter it can be considered as a moped in New Jersey.

  • Question : Is there any Taotao 150cc scooter available?

Answer : Surely there is a 150cc model of Tao scooters. It’s fully automatic and bigger in size. You will simply enjoy the flexibility with a 150 cc scooter to go for long drives.

Our Remarks

This kind of 50 cc Taotao scooter is really efficient to save the fuels and gives you access to drive through the tiny lanes when you need to hurry to your work. You will be able to avoid all the traffic cleverly and save your time. Bring a Taotao 50cc and make the riding simple and time saving throughout the town.

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