Yuneec YUNEGOCR001 E-Go Cruiser Electric Skateboard

  • 24, Jun, 2018

Yuneec YUNEGOCR001 E-Go Cruiser Electric Skateboard

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The yuneec skateboard is another name of the electric skateboard. It has got a series of boards that are run with the help of a battery and remote control. A 6 flex battery case is used to hold the battery. It makes the deck flexible. Yuneec EGo boards are not the performance board. It’s an electric board that runs on battery. It has got decent speed. Users don’t need to push this kind of board. It has got a remote control to drive the board according to the user.

Yuneec E Go has the deck of 8 layers of maple wood. The deck is super strong and able to take a great load. Under the deck, the battery is adjusted nicely. It helps the riders to ride without any hard work. This Yuneec longboard has got the polyurethane wheels. It ensures that it can roll over any kind of surface. Yuneec board has got the strong bearings that help the users to run smoothly. The bearings are able to take all the load and run smoothly.

The yuneec electric skateboard has got the ergonomic wireless remote control with it. Users can simply accelerate or brake using the knob of the remote control. The board can be controlled via IOS app also. If someone doesn’t feel comfortable with the remote control can use the app to control the board.

E Go longboard has the top speed of 20 km/h. 30 km distance can be covered by charging once in this board. The Regenerative braking system is used in this smart electronic skateboard. There is an integrated USB port to charge the board for further use.

Our Remarks

E Go skateboard is a great board to look and ride. The combination of black and orange makes the board very attractive. Users don’t need to push hard like the other boards on this electric board. It runs smoothly with the help of the battery using the remote control or the app.

E Go electric skateboard  goes 30 km and 20 km/h, but it may vary on the load it is carrying or how high it is going. The 6 flex battery carrying system help these EGo boards to be flexible to the users.

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