Know About the Best Gas Scooter Brands

  • 09, Aug, 2018
Know About the Best Gas Scooter Brands

Thinking about buying a gas scooter? If you are looking for the best ones, you have got your guide. Top brands just are not known for their branding; they make good products also. Gas scooters are not new innovation and many top brands have already made a lot of gas motor scooters. This article will inform you about some different aspects of the top gas powered scooter brands so that you can choose the best brand for buying your gas scooter.

Best Brands for Gas Scooters

There is no doubt that the companies like Vespa and Lambretta are the innovators of gas scooter for adults. Gas scooters were launched by these two renowned companies in the middle of the 20th century. Nowadays, many famous and top companies that make gas scooters that are gorgeous and impressive. Here is the list of best gas scooter brands.


Vespa is a famous Italian company that makes classy gas scooters for adults. It claims to be the number-one gas scooter manufacturer in America. However, Vespa gas scooters are extremely expensive though their products have a general reputation to be well-made. Vespa also makes some gorgeous looking 3 wheel gas scooters for adults. Although the gas powered scooters from Vespa are expensive, they are the best for style and durability.




Although Honda is best known for its cars, this Japanese company makes good gas scooters as well. Honda’s gas motor scooters are durable and stylish as well. They make various kinds of products ranging from 50cc gas scooter to 300cc power scooters. The cost of Honda’s gas scooter is moderate.



Genuine Scooters

Genuine Scooters are known for a variety of specialty scooters. They only make scooters and you can choose yours from their various gas scooters of different design and specifications. They make some great 50cc gas scooters. Their Hooligan, Stella, and Buddy lines are great for style and

action as well. Genuine Scooter is a Chicago-based company that provides good gas scooters with moderate prices.



Evolve was launched in 2011 with the plan to make electric-powered motorcycles and scooters. However, this company makes some gas powered scooters as well. Many of its gas scooters have a sturdy and rugged look but they are actually not that heavy to affect the speed you want. While Evolve is known for their electric-powered scooters and motorcycles, they are definitely a good brand for gas scooters as well.


Yamaha is a Japanese company that is known for its variety of motorcycles and scooters. They have made a variety of gas scooters. The gas scooters of Yamaha range from cute sporty models to powerful speedsters that can also be called mini motorcycles. The sleekness and aerodynamic design of this company’s gas scooters made them famous for speed and style.



The California Scooter Company is an American scooter manufacturer company that makes various types of gas scooters. The scooters of this company resemble small motorcycles in their handling, style, and appearance. The design of these scooters is inspired by the classic Mustang motorcycles. They are known for their style and performance.


Piaggio is an Italian company that offers a range of rugged and powerful gas motor scooters. Piaggio is best known for its Typhoon gas scooter that features a big gas tank that can achieve great distance with faster speed. The Fly is another lightweight gas scooter made by this company. It features flexibility with speed. Unlike Vespa, Piaggio gas scooters have a moderate price.


Lambretta is another Italian company that is one of the pioneer manufacturers of gas scooters. They make various kinds of gas scooters and the variety of their gas scooters is one of their main attributes. They offer different specifications for each of their model of gas scooters so that you can choose the best scooter according to your choice.


Gas scooters are not like kick scooters in terms of anything at all. Though there are some gas scooters which have similarity to kick scooters in size and style, they are different from kick scooters in most of the aspects. So, for choosing a gas scooter, you should be more careful because it is going to cost you a lot more money than it would cost you for a kick scooter.

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