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Best Kick Scooter For Kids & Adults In 2019 | Ride, Commute & Have Fun!

Best Kick Scooter To Look For In 2019

What do you think a kick scooter is? Is it a mean of outdoor delight and public transport, or a fun way for your kid to enjoy the out-of-home activities constructively, or a tool to strengthen your ligaments, joint capsules, and tendons? The answer is “all,” and we bet you want to keep reading now.

We enjoy the opportunity to present you a walkthrough of the best kick scooters including some exclusively designed to make your little sweetie’s outdoor life cheering and a few ones that will make you feel that you still own a jubilant heart that loves hovering on the streets with a youthful flair of a loiterer.

Best Kick Scooter To Buy In 2018

After several months of heavy uses and critical evaluation of the performance factors, we have brought you this list of kick scooters which have a few things in common, such as high-performance construction, strong deck construction, and safety features.

Comparison Chart (Updated 2019)

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Things to consider

Now that you have already got a list of the popular, we are going to ask you a question. Who will be riding the scooter: you or your kid? Maybe, it is you or your child or the both of you. Here, we are stating the buying considerations for both kid’s scooters and adult scooters.

As you keep reading this section, you will know about the things that make the kid and adult scooters great for outdoor recreations and daily commuting.

The ideal kick scooter for kids

Kid’s scooters that are built for small frames and main material is plastic instead of metal are popular. The cost of a scooter is an important consideration because it comes first while durability comes second.

Also, a kid’s scooter should be lightweight and technically sound to allow children to perform tricks and have fun with friends. Children are not usually careful about their movements with the scooters. So, the design of the vehicle should be made with such eccentricity of kids in mind.

Some manufacturers consider adding components like extra-wide base, additional turning radius, and other safety features to make sure the little ones do not fall from the scooter or get hurt. Some scooters include additional protection to allow the youngest riders to set feet on the base.

The ideal kick scooter for adults

For an adult scooter, durability and smoothness of the ride matter more than anything else. Adult riders usually own kick scooters for daily commuting or other routine travels. These scooters need to be sturdy enough to handle the weights of heavy riders.

Although speed is not a major thing to consider for kids, it is of crucial importance to adult commuters who have a daily schedule to meet at the workplace. A heavy deck or a metallic body often makes for a heavy scooter which may not be very efficient in running at speeds.

Since grownup people tend to make it to longer distances, it is important that their scooters fold or unfold and become ready to be housed in a congested place like a public transport without requiring much effort.

Comfort is a vital factor that dictates your experience setting your feet on the deck. Can the deck accommodate two adult feet comfortably? You may not need to keep your feet together for a long duration, but it is recommended that your scooter can accommodate your feet with ease.

Color Options

The color of a scooter does not have any impact on its performance. Except for the aesthetics, this consideration has almost nothing to do with the decision-making process. But, humans love what looks great. Here comes the universal appeal of beautiful colors for your scooter.

Children are enthusiastic about color options. Kids, in general, become fascinated with the nicety of single colors or the combination of multiple colors. Their scooting enjoyment meets a new horizon when their scooters come in a stunning appearance.

Most adults do not pay much attention to the color while some are still conscious of the factor. Color options that are popular among adult scooter owners include black and purple, white, blue, and black.

Features and Components

Kid’s Scooters
  • The weight capacity of these vehicles should be up to 50 lbs.
  • Aluminum is often the preferred construction material while a mix of plastic and aluminum is also very efficient.
  • Children’s kick scooters might have two or three wheels. Two wheelers include one wheel at each end of the deck. Three wheelers include two wheels at the front and one at the rear. Three wheelers are ideal for beginners or those with inadequate feet stability and spatial awareness.
  • Some scooters include handlebars of two types. One extends from the front post directly while the other comes with brakes.
  • Some scooters are foldable and can be stored. But, some styles feature a rigid body which requires the kids to keep stand by the corner or garage.
Adult Scooters
  • Adults’ scooters feature larger and taller decks because they need to accommodate larger and wider feet.
  • The weight capacity of these scooters is anywhere from 225 to 240 lbs.
  • Both two wheelers and three wheelers are available. Tricycle scooters have one wheel right under the front post and one wheel under each footbed that may come in a v-style.
  • These scooters are often foldable for both indoor and outdoor storage.

A few more things to remember

Unlike smaller wheels, larger wheels have the least chances to get caught in road cracks and sidewalks. So, accidents are less likely to occur.

Rigid frames give riders a stronger and more stable feel while riding. These frames require less energy and facilitate efficient kicks. Rigid setup means you need not worry about rattling. However, less rigid setups are good when you want the kick scooter to allow you for some tricks.

After significant efforts and hands-on uses of a wide variety of kick scooters, we have figured out the above factors that can help you with making the right decision.

Final Verdict

So, regarding the best kick scooter, you have got a lot to think about. You have the most popular and useful ones in one place. Are you still in a fix? Well, ask yourself what your actual purpose is that you want your kick scooter to serve. Is it for you or your kid? Either way, you have a choice.

The above products are reasonably priced. We cannot guarantee that nothing could go wrong with the scooters from the above list. However, we can tell one very specific thing that you along with your kid will have a fantastic way to have fun with these kick scooters.