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How Fast Can Kick Scooters Go ?

How Fast Can Kick Scooters Go ?

Scooters work best for short trips and let you move very easily through crowded place. If you ever have any emergency and need to go for short trips, grab a kick scooter and start your ride. It would not disappoint you hopefully. Another plus point is its safety. You do not even have to care about its safety rather just fold it and carry it wherever you go. It definitely saves your time and money and to some extent your labor. You would not even arrive late to your classes or work anymore, once you realize how efficient a kick scooter is.

Now, the question may arise “How fast can kick scooters go?” In order to help you answer your query, we have come here with some factors that represent kick scooters speed.

Kick scooter brands

Since, kick scooters do not possess features like a motor powered vehicles, you cannot expect a high speed from kick scooters. There are few top-notch kick scooter brands with sturdy and solid engineering that can guarantee more speed than others. They can provide better cruising speed. So, you should pick kick scooters according to your speed preference.

kick scooter brand

Health and fitness

One of the most crucial factors that determine kick scooters speed is your health and fitness. So, to help you estimate the kick scooters speed based on your capability we have provided here a chart:

  • 0-5 km/h- people prefer scooter for passing through busy paths
  • 5-15 km/h- you can ride easily on flats but it is a common speed on uphills
  • 15-20 km/h- it is a sweet spot and needs cruising
  • 20-30 km/h- here you have to look over at sport exercise
  • 30-40 km/h- it requires a fast guys sprinting techniques
  • 40-120 km/h- it emphasizes on downhill and the usage of brakes is depended on you.

health and fitness

Paved roads

The place on which you are about to ride also plays a vital role to find out kick scooters speed. The speed on a smooth street and on rough and harsh streets will certainly be not the same. You will have a faster and pleasant riding experience on a polished path than on an uneven path. Moreover, such streets will lessen your tiredness and other troubles.

paved roads

Other techniques

In addition to all these factors, regular workouts, adopting proper kicking techniques- lifting the knee in front, switching legs more often, etc can help you move faster with your kick scooter.

But for your betterment, we have listed here interval training that can increase kick scooters speed as well:

10×2 km at an average speed of 30 km/h with 2 minute rest- for healthy people

40-70 km with an average speed of 20-25 km/h- for longer rides

Recovery days are also essential in between to maintain and take good care of your health.

other techniques

Nothing can beat kick scooters in terms of safety that comes with inexpensive price tag. Furthermore, anyone would opt for kick scooters speed over exhausting and time-consuming walk. But you should also watch over at your speed as it can cause major or minor accident. We hope we have made you understand how fast kick scooters can go.

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