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How Many Calories Does Longboarding Burn? – That Depends!

How Many Calories Does Longboarding Burn
Written by Colin Kint

Many people don’t enjoy going to the gym or doing other traditional workouts. These workouts can become dull and repetitive.

This is where longboarding is the perfect way to mix up your exercise routine, get fresh air, burn unwelcome calories, and enjoy ‘surfing’ the streets!

Another plus you will get when looking at longboarding as a calorie-burning exercise is that anyone can do it regardless of age or experience. You will have a great time, become healthier and learn a new skill!

How Many Calories Does Longboarding Burn?

How Many Calories Does Longboarding Burn

The number of calories you burn depends on your weight, the type of board you are riding, and which style you decide to practice. On average, someone in the 125-pound range will burn +-300 calories, and someone in the 185-pound range +-444 calories after skating for an hour.

Skating daily, you will burn between 2000 and 3000 calories per week! That works out roughly to 1 pound per week of weight loss. Coupling longboarding with a healthy diet would produce even faster results.

Here is a calculator to check how many calories you burned while longboarding!

Factors Determining the Number of Calories Burnt

  • Style of longboarding

There are many different styles of longboarding, and each one burns different amounts of calories. Here is a list of the different styles listed least to most burning:

1. Longboarding

A longboard with a larger deck and wheels requires less push power so that you will burn fewer calories.

2. Cruising

Smaller boards require more frequent pushing increasing the number of calories you’ll burn.

3. Free ride

More advance, going down hills doing slides and spins. A proper workout

4. Slalom

It involves carving and pumping, burning many calories.

5. Longboard dancing

Endurance and skill are required, making it a very good calorie-burning style.

6. Downhill

Not for beginners because it requires advanced skill and experience. High-calorie burning style.

  • Amount of time spent longboarding

The harder and longer you longboard, the more calories you will burn. In the beginning, you might not be able to ride as much because of stiffness/soreness after longboarding. Because you are learning, you will burn more calories trying to balance.

Many say that after a long time of longboarding, it feels like they did many crunches. Spending more extended time on the board will also expose you to intense muscles, which will help to burn more calories.

  • Lifestyle

Overweight and unhealthy people might find it more challenging to lose weight, but it still can be done. Your diet will play a key role in how many calories you’ll lose longboarding.

Fitness will play a role because it will allow you to longboard for longer and faster, burning more calories. Also, you will have more energy making it easier to get up and skate.

How Does Longboarding Help Burn Calories?

As you propel yourself down the sidewalk with your feet, your heart rate will increase, making you burn more calories. Keeping your balance and steering will also add to the burning of calories and toning of your legs as you use different muscles.

Ultimately, your body will deliver more oxygen to your muscles, making you burn more calories during longboarding.

Is longboarding a good exercise?

Longboarding is a good form of exercise because it combines cardio, balance, and strength training. Since this exhilarating sport involves many turns, you are also working your joints.

Another factor determining how good an exercise longboard is how hard your foot pushes. So, it all comes down to how you ride your longboard and for how long.

Benefits of longboarding

Benefits of longboarding

  • Weight loss
  • Better balance
  • Shorter commute time
  • Better sleep
  • Mental well-being

What muscles does longboarding work?

The legs will have the most extensive workout when longboarding. Your core will keep you upright on the board, and you’ll also use your triceps, biceps, and obliques.

How to use a longboard to lose weight?

Skating every day will lead to weight loss. You can longboard to school or work or go for a long skate instead of walking. Keeping an excellent fast pace (fast heart rate), varying between legs, and uphill skating will increase your weight loss efforts.

Join a skating club and ride with others to improve your chances of weight loss.


1. Can an overweight person longboard?

Ans. Overweight riders can longboard but they need a larger board, wheels, and trucks. There are specially designed boards with a weight capacity of around 300 pounds. The average longboard holds weights between 200-250 pounds.

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