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How To Gift Wrap A Skateboard? – Quick DIY Guide+Tips

How To Gift Wrap A Skateboard
Written by Colin Kint

You have bought a brand-new skateboard as a gift for someone you care about. But now you’re not sure how to gift wrap it.

Fret not! We’re here to help.

With this guide, you can go about the process in a few minutes and the wrap won’t look like a skateboard.

This means your giftee won’t have any idea what’s inside the box until they open it!

Things You Need To Wrap A Skateboard

  • Scissors
  • Cutters
  • Measuring Tapes
  • Paper/pencil
  • Packaging/clear Tapes
  • Cardboard Box (Large)
  • Wrapping Paper
  • Packing peanuts, foam, bubble-wrap, Or tissue
  • Ribbons
  • Gift Card
  • Butcher Paper

How to Gift Wrap A Skateboard?

Step 1: Assess the board

Use the measuring tape to determine the length, width, and height of the skateboard and write them down on a piece of paper. This way, finding the perfect box will become easier.

How to Gift Wrap A Skateboard

Don’t forget to measure the board from one end to another. This way, you’ll have precise measurements.

Step 2: Measure the box to scale

Make sure that the cardboard box is spacious enough to fit the skateboard without any issues. Use the measurement readings you took earlier to find the appropriate box size.

The box should completely enclose the board and all its counterparts leaving little or no extra space.

Step 3: Prepare the box

Take the cutter and cut the cardboard box open. Cutting one of the corners should do the trick. Go from top to bottom for easier access.

In case you’re using a recycled box, don’t forget to remove all the leftover packaging tapes. You’ll have a straight and long piece of cardboard.

Step 4: Lay the box and the board flat

Now lay the cardboard box down flat and place the skateboard over it. Check if you have enough room to cover the wheels and trucks, especially in the edges.

Make sure the board is upside down so it doesn’t start moving as you work.

You don’t need accurate measurements. Just eyeballing should be enough. Measure and cut another piece of cardboard to make the cover.

Step 5: Cut the box to scale

The next step is to carefully cut a line into the cardboard. Go from top to bottom and try to keep the edges as straight as possible. Use a pencil and a ruler if needed.

Step 6: Enfold the skateboard in the box

Start folding the sides of the cardboard one by one. Once the whole thing is enclosed, close the box. Use the other piece of cardboard you’ve cut earlier as the cover.

Don’t forget to tape all the sides neatly with packaging tapes. This will make the box secure.

You can also put packing peanuts, foam, bubble wrap, or tissue inside the box for additional protection.

Step 7: Wrap the cardboard box up

Now take the wrapping paper and lay it flat. Place the board box in the middle and eyeball to make sure you have enough paper to overlap the edges on each side.

How to Gift Wrap A Skateboard

Step 8: Wrap the sections one by one

Start wrapping the sides of the box one by one. Wrapping the long sides first will make your job a little easier.

The easy way to wrap is to fold the paper first. Pull the paper tightly against the edges. This way, you will have a seamless finish. Make sure to use tapes where necessary.

Step 9: Use another sheet of wrapping paper

Apply a second sheet of wrapping paper over the one you’ve already attached. All the edges of the previously put paper should be covered. Use tapes to secure the paper inch by inch.

Step 10: Triangular flaps go on the sides

Fold all the top edges of the wrapping paper flat to make triangular flaps. Keep the flaps pressing against the box.

How to Gift Wrap A Skateboard

Secure the flaps with more wrapping/clear tapes.

Step 11: Garnish the box with decorations

Once the wrapping part is done, you are free to decorate the box as you please. Feel free to use ribbons, gift cards, and other decorative items to make your gift stand out.

This is where you should use your imagination to the fullest. You can also leave the box as it is if that’s what you want.

What Should You Do if You Don’t Have a Cardboard Box?

Butcher or other thick papers can help you conceal the shape of the gift so it doesn’t become obvious. If you don’t have cardboard boxes, use these alternatives.

Wrap your skateboard around several times with the butcher paper to create a seemingly flat surface. Wrap the board multiple times and you’ll have a workable rectangular shape.

Butcher paper will also prevent the wheels from piercing through the wrapping paper. Don’t forget to apply tapes where necessary.

Now, start wrapping the skateboard with actual wrapping paper. Follow steps 7 and 8 as I’ve mentioned above but don’t apply too much force.

Wrapping the sides is a little tricky. Press the upper side of the two open edges and let the paper touch the bottom side forming a ‘<’ shape. Use plenty of tapes to secure the paper.

You can also create a paper bag with your wrapping paper using some simple folds. This will work on most oddly shaped gift items, including your skateboard.

How to Gift Wrap A Skateboard

Now decorate the wrapped-up skateboard anyway you like.

How to Vinyl Wrap a Skateboard?

Follow this guide:

Amazing Gift Ideas for Skateboarders!

Cool Stickers

In case your targeted person is into cool stickers, you can find numerous skateboard stickers online. Look for high-quality vinyl so the stickers will last long.

Gift Ideas for Skateboarders

An added bonus will be getting non-marking adhesive so they don’t make the board sticky.

Skateboard Helmet

Gift Ideas for Skateboarders

A helmet will remind the giftee to take safety measures when they skate. You can find a variety of skating helmets in both your local stores and online.

Gift Ideas for Skateboarders

If you are worried about safety, get one with the high-impact-absorbing EPS foam.

Action Camera

An action camera (like GoPro HERO) will bring a wide smile to any skater’s face. They can use the action camera to record their moves and stunts as they are riding.

Gift Ideas for Skateboarders

Skateboard Elbow & Knee Pads

You can also consider elbow and knee pads to make sure your favorite skater is safe from any unexpected injuries. Look for high-density clothes with soft sponge padding for comfort.

Gift Ideas for Skateboarders

Skateboard Backpack

Every skateboarder needs a backpack to carry their essentials around. That’s why it would be a great idea to present them with a handy backpack.

Gift Ideas for Skateboarders

We recommend looking for a sturdy, comfortable, and water-resistant one.

Skateboard T Tool Accessory

An all-in-one T tool accessory will provide any skater with their most needed toolset.

Skateboard T Tool Accessory

Find a sturdy, lightweight, ergonomic, and multifunctional toolset that can help the user to customize and repair their boards easily.

Classic Skate Shoes

Skateboarders need to feel comfortable standing over their board while riding. You can help that process by offering a pair of classic skate shoes.

Gift Ideas for Skateboarders

We recommend looking for a pair with padded collars/heels, and strong canvas material.

Micro Flybox Launch Ramp

You can also present a micro fly box launch ramp to your young speedster. The kicker will provide them with a safe way to learn new tricks.

Gift Ideas for Skateboarders

Make sure that the kicker is non-slippery and easy to assemble.

Board Wax

The reason why sliding and grinding the skateboard over different terrains seems effortless is the use of wax on the board. Waxing minimizes the friction making the board slide easily.

Gift Ideas for Skateboarders

For this reason, board waxes can be excellent gift items for the intended user. So wrap a couple of wax bars and you have a decent skateboarding gift set.


1. Can butcher paper be used as wrapping paper?

Ans: Traditionally butcher paper is not ideal to wrap gifts as it is difficult to wrap around the gift because of its thickness and less pliability. But you can use it as an alternative if you have no other choice. In this case, it will provide more durability as it can’t be torn easily.

Remember that butcher paper is a little bit expensive compared to wrapping paper and it will not make your gifts attractive enough like wrapping paper.

2. Is there any alternative use for butcher paper?

Ans: Butcher paper is a versatile paper as it can be used for many tasks. You can pack and ship things like linens and clothes with it as well as make craft products like bunting and banners. It can also be used as a tablecloth.

3. Do skateboards count as a carry-on?

Ans: Yes, you can carry skateboards in carry-on bags. But you should check your airline rules and regulations for weight and size limitations.

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