How To Make Kick Scooter Faster ?

  • 09, May, 2018
How To Make Kick Scooter Faster ?

Kick scooters are a very beneficial means of transportation especially when it comes to traveling short distances. It essentially saves our time and labor that we would have wasted on walking. But, a kick scooter would not help you much if you cannot ride it faster. There are few tips and tricks that you can apply to make kick scooter faster. These are:

Brands and models

Kick scooters come in various brands and models and each of these brands have their own features and functions. You cannot expect the same performance from every brand. So, kindly have a look at the specifications of these brands and make a purchasing decision based on your speed preference.


Adult kick scooter

If you are an adult and still use kick scooters specifically made for kids then you are doing the whole thing wrong. Adult kick scooters are there in the market and you would be quite amazed to realize its efficiency. It is two times faster than the regular kick scooters.


Body posture and position

Ensure a body position where you should bend the leg placed on the scooter and lean forward. Make your arms and shoulders flexible. This position will let your kick scooter go faster.


Powerful kicks influence speed

One of the major factors to increase the speed is taking long and powerful kicks. Land your plant foot at the front of the scooter’s deck and drive in the ground through the balls of your feet on your kicking leg. When the scooter is at high speed try to keep your kicking leg behind the plant leg.


Checking handlebars

You should check if the handlebars are up to your size. If you are too tall for it, it becomes difficult to maintain a good speed as you have to bend over and support your weight on the handlebars. It makes the journey more painful. So, make sure to hold a grip that does not require pushing down or pulling back. But, in case of uneven roads you might have to pull back and up to balance.


Wearing flexible shoe

Another trick is to wear bendable flexible shoe. A hard shoe will waste your energy while a flexible shoe will let you push swiftly and easily. The skateboard shoes or cross trainers can help you in this regard.


Changing legs

Changing legs can make kick scooter faster as well. Use the scooter racer’s hop switch technique to do so. For this you may need to work hard but once you learn it you will be able to travel at very good speed. When the kicking leg comes in front from the back of its stroke, it places on the footboard as the other foot quickly hops off to carry on the forward swing that the first foot started.


Paved streets

The streets and the surface on which you are going to ride plays a vital role to make kick scooter faster. Roads that are not rough, even, smooth and polished lets you ride at high speed anyways. Moreover, there are less chances of accident on these roads also.


Convert to electric kick scooter

If you prefer kick scooters with high speed then we would suggest you to go for electric kick scooters.  Electric kick scooters are also available in the market and you can convert scooters into electric kick scooter too.


Maintain your scooter

Take a very good care of your scooter so that you can enjoy a faster and smoother travelling for a longer period. Electric scooters last long comparatively. Keep your scooters inside the garage away from rain or cold. Cleaning it regularly can also raise the speed and maintain it.


Wheels replacement

Changing or replacing wheels, bearings and other components that make your kick scooter slow can be a solution too. The improved parts will make kick scooter faster. The faulty parts should be removed as soon as possible.


So, this is how you can make kick scooter faster. Never arrive lately from now on. Just take your kick scooters, keep riding, use these techniques and stay safe!

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