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How to Select the Perfect Scooter Deck Size

scooter deck size
Written by Colin Kint

I remember when I was little, I used to have a pink scooter with lots of sparkles in it and the scooter deck size was massive. I never really wondered why it had such a large deck back then but now I know. It was there to keep me safe and for stopping me from falling off of the scooter every once in a while. You see, manufacturers are very clever at making the perfect scooter deck size because the deck that works for a toddler would not work for a stunt enthusiast.

So, I asked myself, what can be the perfect scooter deck size and how can we be sure of that? I did my research on this whole thing along with some practical experiments as well. During my findings, I have noticed a regular pattern in selecting the scooter. The users do not care about the accessories or the added features, they simply look for the design of the scooter. So, the deck size is the third most important design factor when someone goes out there to buy a scooter.

But, is it really that essential to find the most suitable deck size? Is it a tricky process and can be altered later? Well, some people think that the deck is as important as it gets because the balance depends on it. You cannot perform certain types of stunts with a flat scooter. Likewise, you cannot be very safe in a thin base. So, today I will show you how you can choose the scooter deck size that is best for you.

The Old Scenario

In the old times, people were not so much invested in doing stunts. Nowadays you see people riding a scooter simply to do crazy stunts but that was far from the normal thing in the past. Scooter was mean to travel around the neighborhood so safety was a big concern back then.

So, the scooter deck size was considerably big and strong in the old days. But, it meant putting on too much weight on the scooter making it go slower than usual. There was not many scooter deck size variation at all. People would somewhat use the same size and it was not very flexible either. You could not adjust the scooter deck size back then.

Why Care for the Right Size?

There are some specific and very vital reasons why you should care about the deck size. The importance of each of these reasons varies from one person to another. It actually depends on the level and preferences of the rider

  • Safety: Like I have said before, large decks are safer than the smaller, if you want to keep yourself safe from falling off then you have to get the bigger ones. But, you want more room for freedom then you can try out the bigger one.
  • Comfort: This is actually preference based reason. Some riders feel more comfortable with a wider scooter deck size and some feel comfort with a smaller size. I have learned that as you get pro at the scooter-riding you tend to favor smaller deck sizes than the bigger ones.
  • Style: You get a lot of room for style if you are using a bigger scooter. You can use several of accessories with it if you want. You can even perform different types of tricks with a specific set of the scooter.
  • Easy Stunt: Larger scooters are usually very heavy so it is hard to perform stunts with them. So, people tend to look for a brand that provides them with skinnier scooters so that they can perform the stunts more easily.
  • Portability and Storage: It is not a science fiction as you can see, the smaller scooter will be easy to carry from one place to another. Plus, it also is easy to store if the scooter deck size was smaller.
  • Design: The design also varies from one scooter to the other because of the size. If the deck is bigger than the designers get to be freer with their designs and if the deck is smaller than you might have to compromise some features.
  • Speed and Agility: Like I have said earlier, the smaller scooter is easier and faster because it weighs so less. So, if you have the bigger scooter then you might have that safety but you will not get the speed and the agility.
  • Purpose: In order to make sure that your purpose will be served by the scooter, you need to buy a specifically sized scooter. If you want to ride along with your friend then a bigger deck might do, but, if you want to be stunt master then you need to have a smaller one.

The Available Sizes

There are mainly three available types of scooters that determine what the scooter deck size is going to be like. You need to compare each of these scooters side by side in order to get some valuable insights.

  • Toddler Scooters: These types of scooters are made especially for the babies. If you read the reviews closely then you will find out that these scooters have bigger decks. This is for the safety of the toddlers to make sure that he does not fall off. Plus, with a bigger deck, he can get up and get off of the scooter as he wants. So, it is always going to have a bigger deck when you buy a toddler scooter.
  • Teen Scooters: These scooters range from small to big deck. These are the kind of scooter that is a mix of both pro scooters and beginner scooters. You will get high-end adjustable options with this scooter so you can always adjust your scooter deck size. Plus, these are made of light materials so you can carry them around no matter what the deck size might be.
  • Pro Scooters: These are the real deal of the scooting business. These are made for those who want to do stunts with the scooters. It is perfect for doing stunts as it is lightweight and the deck size is smaller as well. Although it might not provide you with enough width in the deck, these are usually very long in nature. So, the rider can comfortably set their feet in a forward, backward manner.

Scooter Deck Sizes

Ways to Select the Size

There is a certain checklist that you might follow to decide the deck size that you should look for. You need to give some weight to each of these criteria and at the end, you will know the perfect scooter deck size for yourself

  • Width: First you need to identify how wide you were your scooter to be. If you have larger feet and you want more comfortable standing option then you should look for a bigger deck.
  • Length: I have been doing some crazy stunts lately and I have learned that the longer your deck is, the more easily you will be able to perform different stunts. Plus, the length gives extra room for your feet as well.
  • Priority: At this point, you need to consider the things that have more priority to you. Is it the stunt or is it the safety? You should take your decision based on your priority.
  • Functionality: Some scooters are well-adjustable and functional in any form. So, the scooter deck size does not matter. So, if you have the right budget then you can move to an adjustable scooter as well.

So, I think it should be clear now about why and how you should care about the scooter deck size. You should consider your purpose thoroughly keeping both performance, features, and safety on the mind and you will know which size you should get. Be sure to have your safety gadgets on whenever you are riding a scooter. Until then, have a nice time with your scooter.

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Colin Kint

I’m a professional skateboarder and have participated in most skateboarding competitions in San Francisco. I believe my innate passion for the sport drove me to pursue my career as a professional skateboarder.

Another reason I’ve got so good at it is because of my relentless practice sessions with my friends. As an environmental activist with an undergraduate law degree, I volunteer in different community awareness programs. I’m also into photography and do most of the photography for this site.

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