Enjoy Your Ride With Jucker Hawaii Jelly Skateboards

  • 06, Aug, 2018

Enjoy Your Ride With Jucker Hawaii Jelly Skateboards

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The jelly skateboards are a unique name that earns the fame of being an extra additional tool to provide innovative workouts. This item is available on the market after passing the longboard test, and for that reason, you need not worry about its perfectness and faults.

The longboard Jucker Hawaii new Hoku comes with the adjusted color guarantee and graphic design that attracts the customers to purchase this Jelly Skateboards. The item includes not only comfort but also flexibility in a sole mike Jucker Hawaii Makaha longbow product. The product is durable and portable. So, you can mount easily at any surface and at any time without thinking about the hard grounds. This item is easy to use and go as this includes all the super specifications that a scooter needs.

The included bamboo layer material and ergonomic design let you offer a handy and unique item at an affordable price ever. This Jucker Hawaii offers the graphics upgrading and innovative features by its included bamboo decks. The item includes also the stone ended truck construction along with a flatter ride on the uneven surfaces too. The mike Jucker measures 42 x 9 x 4.3 inches and the weight of a Jucker Hawaii new Hoku is 7.6 pounds. The wheels measure 78A or 705 mm. The length of Jucker longboard is 1067 mm / 42 inch. The width of the Jucker Hawaii Makaha is 229 mm / 9 inches.


Product Dimensions42 x 9 x 4.3 inches
Item model numbe MJ-808-810K
Item Weight7.6 pounds
Wheels Soft 78A or 705 mm
Length of the scooters 1067 mm / 42 inch
Width of the asphalt229 mm / 9 inch
The inner thickness of the trucks180 mm / 7 inch
Outer size of the asphalt 250 mm / 9,8 inches
The inner thickness of the trucks180 mm / 7 inch
Our Remarks

In fine, the jelly skateboard is a perfect tool to provide you an essential ride along the smoother or hard roads. These scooters are well enough to offer you a perfect journey with perfect equipment. We recommend you this jelly skateboards as the item is durable and sturdy to move at any place or surface. The btfl longboard is also a nice scooter of the longboard shop. The products of these longboards are rigid and include superior strength that makes your trip enjoyable and successful adequately.

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