The Krown Skateboard Got The Innovative Design, Curving & Grip

  • 14, Jul, 2018

The Krown Skateboard Got The Innovative Design, Curving & Grip

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The Krown skateboard came on to the skate scene in 1996 with the best quality skateboard but in reasonable price. The krown longboard marked a huge gap between the big box skateboard and premium professional skateboard price that can break your bank.

The big box retail skateboards have plastic wheels and can’t even role, but the krowns idea brings out the piece with a price-point skateboard. The longboard skateboard has proven itself as best after over 20 years. It has 20 years of experience to have the customer friendly price. It provides the spare parts at a cheap also. This excellence gets the board into the world of longboards, skateboards, helmets, tools and even pads.

If you want to have a cross ride around the city, Krown City Surf is the best. The cheap longboards are far better than the Krown Pintails the City Surfs with the same shape but the length. The longboard has more 3 inches for better experience and comfort. The length gives you more balancing and dancing power for smoother and yet easy riding.

If you are experienced rider; we know you are going to have more moves with your skill and practice. This piece gives you more capability to make the ride on down-hills and free-ride. It has got a stylish look with its narrow nose, and tail which gives you the less chance of wheel bite. It has smart wheel wells also; that reduces the chance of wheel biting.

The Krown skateboard has a professional assembly for better performance. The Krown skateboard came assembled and ready to ride condition straight out of the box. The main body includes high quality and heavy-duty Aluminum 6.0 inches trucks, precision speed Abec 7 bearings for smooth riding, 71mm 78a high - rebound urethane wheels, high-quality tensile Phillips-head mounting hardware, and 80 grit black grip tape. Each component meets the highest level of industry standards and is a choice of skateboard surfers worldwide.

Our Remarks

The Krown skateboard is amazing to ride, cruise and turn as well. It provides you with more capability to take hard turnings and critical stunts. It gives you the feel; like, you are surfing. Its wheelbase and sleek shape let you be comfortable and more balanced as well.

As we recommend for every piece; please don’t ride without a helmet, knee pad and others as well. Be careful when you ride on hill tracks. This can throw you down crossing the road. For better performance change the spares time to time and don’t forget loving our boards. As we are always on after sale service to you. We got lots of longboards for sale on our site. Best of luck!

Note: Available versions online longboard globe, drop down longboard, arbor longboards, sector 9 longboards, longboard decks, but we don’t sell motorized longboard.

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