Learn in A Nutshell How Kick Scooters Work

  • 10, Apr, 2018
Learn in A Nutshell How Kick Scooters Work

When you are living in a city full of people and crowd, travelling becomes much difficult. Walking wastes your time and energy. But kick scooters come as the best alternative for walking. It has excellent maneuverability and you would realize it is more efficient than bicycles. Kick scooters are less bulky than bicycle and easy to carry as well. However, you may want to know about the functions and legal aspects of riding a kick scooter.

Riding a kick scooter will not only provide you a comfortable and dynamic lifestyle but also prevents the environment from being polluted with fumes and noise. Now, the question may arise, how do kick scooters work? Here, we have given a brief explanation on its working procedure that would hopefully answer your query.

Kick scooter is said to be a human-powered land vehicle with a handlebar, deck and wheels. The handlebar provides the space to keep your hand and hold a good grip. It is also used to maintain balance and helps to bend when needed. The deck is a stand like a skateboard where you should keep your feet while riding. A deck must have a space to accommodate both of your legs.

Wheels make the scooter go. All of these components function as the rider push the scooter off the ground. There are both high-performing adult kick scooter and kids kick scooter available in the market. Adults use these scooters for commuting to work while kids use to reach their classes safely and timely. Motorized scooters are also there which use gas engines and electric motors to run. They are self propelled capable of speeds of around 30 km/h (19 mph).

As said before, scooters have wheels that make the kick scooters work. The larger ones manage rough terrain and let you ride smoothly even on uneven roads. Kick scooters come in aluminum wheel rims for durability and lightweight base. We would recommend you to choose tires made of polyurethane. It enables high speed. For deck, the CNC machined aluminum can be considered in term of its sturdiness. It can cost you more than other materials but its cost is nothing compared to its service. Magnesium can also be taken into account if you prefer a lightweight deck. The BMX-style hand brake offers the best kick scooter brakes. It helps you to make a balance and control speed.

Now, let us describe you how you can ride a kick scooter which eventually explains how kick scooters work:

Step 1

Starting with your scooter

As you put your protective gears on and start on a paved street, put one of your feet on the middle of the deck. Bending your knee, lean forward, hold the bars with both hands, keep your other foot on the ground and make a balance.


Step 2

Pushing and kicking your scooter

Push the scooter with the feet which was already on the ground to move forward. The other leg should be kept straight as the drive begins and bend for next kick. Powerful kicks will raise the speed.  Making a good balance is important to maintain a good speed. For more speed, turn your feet into a ninety degree angle.


Step 3

Using the brake

Use your brake with your back or kicking foot to stop. Place your foot strongly until the scooter stops. Pressing down on the brake will not let you stop too quickly and tapping the brake will let you stop for a second and then make you keep going.


Step 4

How to turn

For turning, take a curve by slowly rotating the handlebar in your preferred direction. Also, you need to know how to maintain balance on your scooter.


  • In case of electric kick scooters, the following steps should be taken:

Step 1


Charging is necessary. Let it charge once a week for few hours and it will be ready to ride.


Step 2

Safety measures

Make sure to take precautions and safety measures as electric scooters are built for high-speed riding. Do not forget to wear a helmet before you start to ride.


Step 3

Riding your scooter

You should ride with your both feet planting on the deck and leave only when to get off the scooter. Place the feet next to each other or making an angle. Put your right thumb on the throttle button to speed up and press the brakes with your left thumb. For turning rotate the handlebars.


By now you must have understood, the importance of a kick scooter, how kick scooters work and how you can ride a kick scooter. There are immense benefits of riding a kick scooter. So, keep riding and do not forget to stay safe!

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