Loaded Vanguard Is The Best Skateboard To Perform Any Surface Smoothly

  • 10, Jul, 2018

Loaded Vanguard Is The Best Skateboard To Perform Any Surface Smoothly

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It’s always crazy to have a Loaded vanguard skateboard. The skateboard is excellent with its latest features. It’s a lightweight skateboard snowboard inspired by building and performance on every smooth surface. The chamber of the skateboard and its side cuts are highly energy flexible allow you to have responsive carving, commuting and pumping.

Its tapered shape gives you the maximum wheel clearance to take deep downs and tight turns. The side cuts of the board reduce the chance of leg twisting when you take a turn. The smooth curves of the edges provide you the safest control ever when you skate ups and downs with an energetic performance.

Bamboo and fiberglass construction gives you smooth and dynamic flex for tough turning and pumping. We are providing two sizes and five flexes to suit the ride to your stance, style, and weight. Heavier riders are recommended to use lower flex, and lighter riders are recommended to use higher flex, or those are looking for mere hard boarding.

For smooth and controlled turning response and for perfect carving, pumping, and all-around riding Paris 180mm, 50° V2 longboard trucks are perfect.

The Loaded vanguard skateboard got Orangatang 75mm, 80a In Heats for the best skate, grip, and smoothness. The Orangatang 75mm, 83a Durians for proper balance and slide for a more comfortable ride. Loaded Jehu V2 bearings mounted.

Let me inform you that Loaded vanguard boards are a top snick. This is excellent to ride if you attempt to practice some unique turning. The boards with stiffer flex perfect for long smooth curves and short boards are suitable for short, flat riding.

We are promising that the Loaded vanguard skateboard got advanced technology, innovative design, and the top-quality ingredients to test you the best skateboarding experience. The sleek and polished body provides you the compatibility with the center of gravity.

Our Remarks

The Loaded vanguard is an amazing skateboard for riding, cruising and turning as well. It makes you feel comfortable even in hard turnings and high stunts. When you ride on it, it feels like you are surfing. It has cambered for full control over your riding. For a better ride, you should take decent care of it. Before riding make sure that every part is working properly. To avoid scratching or damage hung this on the wall after riding.


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