Triple 8 Downhill Racer Helmet

  • 23, Jun, 2018

Triple 8 Downhill Racer Helmet

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Downhill longboard rides have always been thrilling. Riders who want to feel the pace and feel the thrill of riding on longboards on every turn goes for downhill rides. These kinds of rides have got the life risk. Riders need to be well equipped to perform a downhill longboard ride. Safety measures need to be taken properly for any kind ride, and the downhill riding needs some extra attention. Longboarding helmets, full face longboard helmet, skateboard pads or skate pads need to be used for the safety of the riders.

This triple8 longboard helmet is a perfect one for downhill longboarding. Hills are always windy. The design of the helmet is enabled with the aerodynamic facility. It’s designed in a way that the wind cannot take of the speed of the rider. We may not get this kind feature from just any other skate helmets.

This downhill longboard helmet is covered with a fiberglass shell. The shell makes the helmet durable.  Fiberglass shells are abrasion-free and able to immense load. EPS foams and velvet lining is used inside the helmet. The use of EPS foam inside the helmet makes the helmet comfortable to wear. It has got the ability to absorb the shock and protect the user from any kind of external impact. To make the helmet shatter resistant flip-up visor is being used.

Our Remarks

The shell of the helmet is produced by a manufacturing process of strong fiber glasses. It makes the helmet durable, and it is anti-shatter for the use of flip up visor. This is a full face longboard helmet perfectly covers the chin. No worries after wearing this helmet. All the features we get from this helmet make it the best skateboard helmet.

Skateboarding is very popular among the kids. Kids might not go for downhill rides, but they need to be taught about the safety. Because the kind of track we use for skateboarding is not smooth. They need to be practiced to wear the kids skate helmet or kids skateboard helmet and other safety gears. We need to consider the quality of boards also. Skateboards need to be durable and smooth for safer and enjoying ride. Helm skateboard is a kind of skateboard that we can rely on. Helm also produces kid’s accessories for riding.

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