Enjoy Boarding On Atom Pin-Tail Longboard Skateboard

  • 14, Jul, 2018

Enjoy Boarding On Atom Pin-Tail Longboard Skateboard

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The Atom has got a series of complete skateboards to help out the freestyle and cruising riders. The Atom has always ensured the quality and performance of their boards. It's really enjoying to ride on an Atom longboard skateboard.

Here you got the Atom Pin-Tail Longboard skateboard that has sharp pin edges at both ends. The shape of the deck is perfect to avoid wheel biting. So you can also consider this board as a downhill longboard to be secured from wheel biting.

It has got the ideal 8.5-inch aluminum truck that maintains the balance properly. It’s a safe longboard when you are going through the stage of how to longboard. With the help of strong and wide trucks, you can load boards with heavy-weight no problem what so ever.

It has got the high-quality ABEC 5 bearings that are really smooth. 65mm large wheels with the board have got the ability to roll over the small cracks on the surface. You might not even feel the bumps as you have strong 78A polyurethane wheels. These wheels are durable and able to take the immense pressure.   If you love to skate longboard, then it might be the board perfect for cruising around.

This board has no gender issue. Anyone can simply use it. So, no worries if you are a longboard girl. You can simply ride on it and enjoy around the blocks or commute to your workplace.  For speeding up and easy going riders also now using electric longboard. You don’t need to push hard to speed up in this kind of boards. Atom also has got the electric boards for the riders.

Our Remarks

It not only the Atom who has got all the collection for all the riders. There are other brands like Blind, Sector9, Penny, Landyachtz, Razor, Quest who produces the quality longboards.

Blind skateboards have amazing print on their boards. Penny skateboards are popular for their plastic boards, and sector 9 longboards have got the safe drop through design. So, you can’t deny any of the boards.  There is a few skateboard shop that you will get all the brands under the same roof. You need to search properly to get the best longboard skateboard for you.

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