The Mbs Mountain Board Is A Multi Dimension Modern Technology

  • 15, Jul, 2018

The Mbs Mountain Board Is A Multi Dimension Modern Technology

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This one is a crazy mountain board. The MBS mountain board is the best for the beginners who want to have the feel chill of thrilling boarding. The MBS’ colt 90 is perfect for the intermediate riders also. Our fans are increasing day by day in a binary rate. The riders are becoming beginners to winners and making us boast of.

We have a lot of up gradation in our product. We got a great improvement in our board wheels. The MBS colt 90 upgraded its tire to Genuine MBS T1 tires with high-rebound rubber material MBS that made the MBS boards two times faster than the past two years of production.

The advanced tube material to high-grade butyl rubber giving you more potential against air lose and flats to little more than a memory. We have one added mountain board wheels improvement with Genuine MBS rubber-shielded 12x28mm bearings and MBS' brand new five-star hubs. The board has a fine Sturdy maple lam deck. Its assembly is quite easy, do it by yourself. It’s a beginner friendly board.

After all, for a mass improvement to its higher heights, we upgraded the axle from 9.5 to 12mm to match the diameter of the Matrix. In addition, these enhancements upgrade the board to the level that can never be achieved before compare to the past five years of our production. Right now, the board is unavailable but will be available soon. So, be ready to have one for you or for a dear one.

Our Remarks

The MBS mountain board is actually for the excitement lovers. Just set out with your board and make some ride with its latest and advanced features ever. The MBS longboard has Genuine MBS T1 tires with high-rebound rubber material for better grip and balance. It has Genuine MBS rubber-shielded 12X 28 mm bearings and M.B.S' brand new five-star hubs for speed enhancement.

It has potential and tough axle of 12mm which upgraded version of 9.5mm. It’s better than MBS comp 90. For online purchase click on the lag,” MBS mountain boards for sale.” You can also search for mountain skateboard and mountain board trucks.

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