Experience The Thrill Of Boarding With The Mountain Board

  • 15, Jul, 2018

Experience The Thrill Of Boarding With The Mountain Board

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It’s a craze to have a Mountain board. The Mountain board is for the entry-level enthusiastic riders want to experience the thrill of mountain boarding. It’s a lightweight Mountain board with Aton 95x board. It’s beefy deck F1 Mountain board for the beginners. It has a hard braking system of V-brake technology.

This braking system gives you the highest control while you are riding. So, it provides you better grip and control on hilly tracks. If you want to feel the chill of sporty riding on the cheapest rate, this is the best board for you. Just take one ride, and you will become a fan of it. It has enhanced the power of freestyle riding; so, get ready to do a bit. The mountain skateboard is equipped with a hill-attacking piece of equipment.

It doesn’t matter you are a teen or adult the board suits both. It is lightweight one of only 7 kgs. This product is a construct of maple wood; gives it a shiny look. The MBS mountain board has got P.H.T graphic material and 46 grit-aluminum-oxide grips-tape. The mountain boards have a high-quality Orange bushing suspension mechanism, tri/spoke hubs and grab handle-brake as well.

This item is produced in the production line of M.B.S. It has a long tradition of production since 1993. We are a pioneer of sports mountain boarding and an original mountain boarding company. We are leading the market by developing innovative and high-speed mountain boards. We have a plan to improvise the sports and the riders. We are exceeding our production day by day.

Our Remarks

The Mountain board is an amazing Mountain board for riding, jumping and stunning as well. The mountain board trucks make you feel comfortable even in critical turnings and high stunts. When you ride, it feels like you are almost on the peak of performance. The MBS mountain boards have grip brake for full control over your riding. For a better ride, you should provide better care of it. Before riding make sure that every part is working well. To avoid injuries, please set out with all kind of guards.


For better performance replace the spares when needed and don’t forget your helmet. We have sale services available. So, don’t hesitate to contact. You can search for electric mountain board online.  Best of luck!

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