Practical Tips To Help You Ride A Kick Scooter

Practical Tips To Help You Ride A Kick Scooter

Everyone likes a hassle-free living and a way to enjoy the outing. When it comes to commuting, they prefer smooth and fast rides. Although you can get it from cars and bikes, they are expensive and require a lot of space to get parked, not to mention the safety concern. Kick scooters can get you rid of all those worries. But, you need to know how to ride a kick scooter.

Here is a step-by-step presentation to let you become familiar with the ‘scooter’ thing.

What is a kick scooter?

A kick scooter is a human-powered land vehicle that involves standing on a skateboard-like deck, gripping the handlebars and swinging your leg in a kicking motion to push yourself in the forward direction.

Seven steps to ride a kick scooter

Step 1 : Take protective measures

No matter what safety always comes first! Don’t forget about the bike helmet on. Though sometimes, you may feel like you do not need to wear one but having a helmet on will always ensure your safety especially when learning. It is also highly recommended to wear knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards to protect you lest you might get hurt.


Step 2 : Use a smooth paved surface

The use of a flat road with minimal cracks and as with few ruts as possible is highly recommended when you are trying to ride a kick scooter. This not only ensures a smooth ride but also it is easier to learn on. It will require less effort to move around.


Step 3 : Ensure proper stance

You should place your nondominant leg in the middle of the scooter’s deck. It should face forward direction. Your knees must be bent. You should lean forward a little bit and grip the handlebars with both hands. Keep the front tube straight all the time unless you are doing a specific trick that suggests you do otherwise.


Step 4 : Start off the ground

While your stationary leg is securely placed on the deck and bent at the knee, you should use your dominant leg to push off of the ground. This will push you forward. As you kick, straighten your planted leg to generate more momentum, then bend it back for your next kick. Use long, powerful strides as opposed to small, quick ones for kicking. While gliding keeps your foot up for a few inches, it will help you stay stabilized.


Step 5 : Balance both your feet

Once you have your preferable momentum and have picked up a balance; you should move your kicking foot onto the scooter, behind your other foot. Make sure you turn your feet at a ninety-degree angle which can help with your riding dynamics.


Step 6 : Use brakes whenever you need it

Whenever you feel like taking a pause, hit your brake with your back foot. Keep your foot there until you come to a complete stop. You must press down on the brake gradually so that you don’t stop too drastically. If you have handbrakes, then you should press them slightly. Also, make sure that you have reduced your speed before stopping the bike. This ensures a proper and smooth halt.


Step 7 : Ensure precautions

You should always ride on a safe and comfortable pace, especially at elevated lands. Always yield to stop signs and be extra cautious when there are other vehicles around. If the worst thing happens and you have to collide against something, you must simply jump off the scooter.

Those above are all that you need to know about how to ride a kick scooter. Still, practice makes a man perfect. Thus, even if you hit a few bumps, pick yourself up and dust yourself up and get back on the track and hopefully soon, you will be able to ride like a pro!

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