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Privacy & Policy

We urge you to go through our Privacy Policy before you continue browsing this website.

We are devoted to preserve the privacy and security of our visitors, which is a continuous process. We ensure the privacy of our audience is intact by taking necessary measures whenever an issue arises. This Privacy Policy will state how Scooterlay accumulates, processes, and safeguards user information.

Personal Information

Scooterlay collects personal information that is shared by the users when they access and browse this site. We accumulate this information in several ways e.g. when the user signs up for our newsletter or creates an account.

However, any user may access and browse this website anonymously without having to disclose their identity. All the personal information that is collected by Scooterlay is willingly provided by its users.

Anonymous web browsing may limit the user experience because some of the features on this site require the user’s personal information.

Non-Personal Information

Scooterlay collects non-personal information that is shared by the users when they access and browse this site. In this context, non-personal data refers to the kind of electronic device that the visitor is using, their browser name, and the Internet Service Provider (ISP) details. However, this information does not disclose the user identity to 3rd parties and Scooterlay uses it to measure and analyze its traffic.


Cookies play a vital role in improving the services and the overall user experience of any website. Cookies are a small amount of data that the site you are visiting forwards to your web browser and your electronic device (computer or smartphone).

These text files contain user information that involves their browsing patterns, personal preferences, and other related data. This data helps Scooterlay to increase its level of user friendliness.

Scooterlay always seeks permission from the user before administering the use of cookies Any visitor can decide to block cookies that are send by Scooterlay to its users but they may be denied full access to this platform as well as certain features and services if they chose to do so.

What We Do with User Information

  • Scooterlay uses user information to provide them a better user and browsing experience. This also allows us to promptly reply to the questions and requests from our visitors.
  • When you agree to accept our promotional content, we use your personal information to provide you with our newsletters, quizzes, surveys, advertising materials, and so on.
  • Scooterlay’s Privacy Policy strictly prohibits the share of user information with any of our business associates.

How We Protect User Information

Scooterlay collects, processes, and stores user information via a secured procedure to rule out any possibility of misuse. We stand against the destruction, disclosure, alteration, and defamation of the user’s personal information. We take the necessary measures to stop any unauthorized access to the personal information of our users.

How We Share User Information

Scooterlay may use your non-personal information to expand its business and share it with its advertising partners and business associates. However, we never share your personal data if you deny us to do so.

Third Party Websites

We are connected with other businesses, dealers, licensors, and affiliates to help facilitate a smooth operation of this platform. You may be displayed promotional materials when browsing this site that may be from our third parties. You may also be redirected to their platforms if you click on these ads.

Scooterlay has no control over the activities and services of our third parties and therefore you will be involved with them of your own accord. We recommend that you carefully read their terms and conditions if you find yourself visiting our partner sites.

Change to this Privacy Policy

Scooterlay has the total authority to change or upgrade any part of this Privacy Policy without any prior notification. We may also not be able to inform you personally when we make any change or upgrade this this policy. We recommend that you visit this page regularly to stay updated of the latest updates and modifications.


Visiting and browsing means that you fully understand and wholeheartedly agree to this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to any section of this Privacy Policy, we advise that you stop browsing this site immediately. If you keep browsing this website after an upgrade has been made to this Privacy Policy, this automatically implies that you have accepted the upgraded version without any complaints.

Contact Us

For any information regarding this Privacy Policy, shoot us an email through the Contact Us page. We will get back to you as soon as possible.