Root Industries Honeycore 110mm Wheels

  • 28, Apr, 2018
Root Industries Honeycore 110mm Wheels

Root Industries is continuously pushing innovation in the scooter industry. While other renowned brands scrambled to develop traditional scoter wheels, Root Industries is busy developing hollow core technology for their wheels.
Root Industries Honeycore 110mm wheels is a fruit of the company’s effort to ensure maximum strength and minimum weight. The result is a pair of modern design, yet strong and light scooter replacement wheels.
If you are looking for replacing scooter wheels without changing your favorite scooter, then go through this Root Industries Honeycore 110mm wheels review to make a good buying decision.

Table of contents

01 Root Industries Honeycore 110mm wheels Overview

Root Industries Honeycore 110mm wheels are mode from hollow core technology to make light wheel yet strong support. These wheels are available in two sizes such as 110mm and 120mm.  These wheels come with 88A urethane which provides more hardness than a typical one.

Root Industries Wheels has ABEC 9 Bearings with a larger diameter with ABEC 9 bearings. So, you will get faster speed with pro and stunt scooter. Root Industries scooter wheels are designed for both beginners and professionals.

02 Specifications
  • Hollow Core Technology
  • Compatible with decks and forks
  • Size: 110mm and 120 mm
  • Materials: 88A Urethane
  • Bearings - ABEC 9 Bearings
03 Feature Analysis
3.1 Higher Diameter, Higher Speed

Scooter comes with 100mm wheels. Root Industries Honeycore wheels are available in 110 mm and 120 mm diameter. The higher diameter, the faster speed. That means if you will need faster speed than traditional scooter wheels.

3.2 New Air Wheels

ABEC 11 BEARINGS are pre-fitted with the Root Industries wheels for developing new AIR wheels. These wheels ensure super-fast speed and high quality that worth the money. The particular design makes sure that gaps between the spokes are as small as possible. This design reduces the chances of denting while landing on the hard ground.

3.3 Pro Level Wheels

Root Industries Scooter Wheels are made of 88A urethane which is harder than 86 urethane. These features make this scooter wheels more suitable for both pro scooters and stunt scooter that delivers heavy-duty performance.

04 Pros & Cons
4.1 Cons
  • Capability issues with 100mm scooters
4.2 Pros
  • More durable, harder and stronger than softer urethane
  • Generate faster speed than 100 mm wheels
  • Small gaps between spokes reduce denting tendency
  • Suitable for Pro and Stunt Scooters
05 Final Verdict

Root Industries Honeycore 110mm wheels are designed for the pro scooter. These wheels are faster and last longer than 100mm scooter. As 100mm and 110 mm wheel size are most common, so must know whether your scooter is compatible with Root Industries Honeycore wheels.

Whether you are beginner or professional, these wheels are offering a lot of opportunities to ride faster, longer and better. If you have the opportunity to get 110 mm wheels, we believe Root Industries Honeycore can be the premier example. Lastly, make sure that you have right tools to fix your scooter.

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