Santa Cruz Skate Olson Cruzer Skateboard

  • 13, Jun, 2018

Santa Cruz Skate Olson Cruzer Skateboard

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Santa Cruz longboard is a fashionable cruiser. It’s not a concave longboard with curvy front and back. It’s sharp at the front and flat at the back. The upper side of the deck is perfectly covered with grip tape. Fully gripped upper side is helpful for the riders to ride safely. The lower side of the deck has a graphic on it. On both sides of the deck, there is the logo of the Santa Cruz that helps to improve the look of the ride.

The deck of this ride is made of North American maple. 8-ply deck construction makes the deck durable. The deck is able to take a great load. 100-120 kg is not a matter for it. The deck is not curvy, so it’s not a suitable ride for tricks. Sharp in front of the deck may hurt others. The deck is 40-inch-long and 8.5 inches wide. The dimension of the board is perfect adults.

130mm bullet trucks are used in this longboard. These trucks are extra thick able to take the immense pressure. These trucks are able to hold up the wheels properly and help the wheels to spin properly. 68mm road rider wheel is used in this Santa Cruz longboard. This kind of wheel is just perfect for cruising. 78A wheels are very hard. This kind of wheel is able to perform the heavy duty.

Our Remarks

Santa Cruz longboards are 40-inch-long and about 8.5-inch-wide which is great for a perfect ride. The upper side of the deck is completely covered with grip tape that allows the rider to have perfect control on the ride. Strong trucks are used to hold the wheels properly. These strong trucks give the ride to have safer and enjoying the ride. The wheels are 68mm and 78A that means the wheels are super strong and able to take the entire load.

Santa Cruz longboard might not be a suitable ride for doing stunts, but it has got the features to run perfectly on any surface. The board is able to take a great load, and the ride is all good for cruising around.

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