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Scooterlay to Offer A Community Service Scholarship 2018

What does this scholarship/effort mean to us?

We are happy to announce community service scholarship 2018 that is originally meant to inspire those who have passion for studies and riding across the streets just to have fun or do the regular commuting. We take this as a chance to encourage people who are currently engaged in a wide variety of educational faculties doing great.

We feel great to stand by the side of those who have financial challenges to overcome yet with the feelings for a community that stands united and loves to share their thoughts on making the day-to-day life more meaningful using fun as their transport to the workplace or daily grocery.

Who can avail the scholarship?

Anyone who has obtained graduation/Bachelor Degree/High school are welcomed to submit their application. Pupils trying to get admitted into a post-graduation program are also invited. We love to hear from applicants specializing in any discipline.

What is to follow?

If you consider yourself the right person, you must validate your eagerness about the outdoor fun. We believe that a fresh piece of writing is a wonderful way to disclose your competency to meet the quality level. There are some rules.

  • Please submit an essay that compiles anything for sophisticated (). We admire any realistic research work, how to type articles, step by step guidelines, or anything that might be of use to our people.
  • Word Limitation: 1000
  • Please send your write-up in a .doc/.docx file. We recommend not to send in PDF format. Please remember that no links of any works are accepted.
  • Please write to us mentioning your particulars like Full Name, Date of Birth, Current Educational Status, Contact details, etc.

Please be informed that you must submit your work on or before (DATE)

How do we evaluate?

Please remember that some specific procedures are followed to select the best work. As we elementary focus is on the well-being of the society, we respect the thoughts of our community about any submitted work. All of our decisions are influenced by the community but we take care of the positivity.

Our community people are interested about new thing. They are excited to embrace the useful thigs that they find. Therefore, this is one of the major criteria that we focus during reviewing a work from our applicants. The following criteria to be followed to review your write-up.

  • Subject Matter (How much the writings deal with the subject matter)
  • Popularity (How useful the works are to our members)
  • Style of Writing (Grammar, Expression, Etc.)
  • Checking facts/citations
  • Copyright (If the works are free of plagiarism)

We take at least one month to finalize the list of potential winners after the deadline for submission.  We select one winner who receives the award. We send an email and a formal letter to the winner containing our logo and company information.

How do you receive the award?

Our PR guys will contact the winner of community service scholarship 2018 and collect the information which will be used later for giving the award money. It might take us maximum five business days to fund the money.