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Segway Es1 eScooter Review – Automatic Kick Scooter

Everything is now automatic. Why not a kick scooter? It will allow you to feel the gentle breeze without extracting much of your energy. Segway ES1 makes it real simple for the users. Its simplicity and affordability make it an easy choice for a kick scooter lover. Segway kickscooters always provide the speed and control to have a pleasant ride. It has got the powerful battery to help you run for long. You might be thinking how it can be driven when the battery is out of order? No problem, you can use your legs, it does not lock due to lack of charge. You might be looking forward to see how it can help to enjoy riding.

Whom is this product for?

Kicking with the feet and maintaining balance is not always enjoying. Especially when it’s hot outside, the more you push, the more you get exhausted. So, you need a kick scooter that can help you to ride without kicking. Segway Ninebot is there to give you the solution. You just need to maintain the balance here no extra kick when it’s all right with the scooter.

It’s not only the Ninebot series; Segway have got plenty of automatic scooters for you to help the riding really a pleasure, not an exercise. You can also check out the Segway minipro and Segway Xiaomi automatic scooters. These mini versions have changed the view of a scooter as it does not have any handle to control these rides.

Segway ES1 Explained

You might be thinking by now that how far can you travel with this user-friendly scooter? It has got the powerful Li-ion battery with it that lasts for long and helps to go further. After charging it for once, it can help you to run for 15 miles at a stretch without any break. Don’t be upset on battery out of charge; you can comfortably kick the ride if there is no charge. It does not lock if the charge is finished. It has got the comfortable no chain motor that helps to minimize the weight and also improves in terms of speed.

Large wheels with this ride are helpful to overcome many obstacles easily. Large 8″ and 7.5″ wheels are helpful for riding on an uneven road. You will feel the bump. So, to be safe, you have to reduce the speed and embrace to make sure you are well on your ride. Ho much speed can you gain? Segway ES1 is compatible to run at a speed of 12.4 mph which is quite awesome for a small automatic kickscooter. You need to be puzzled about controlling the ride as it contains the anti-lock braking to make sure the users are safe on the ride.


  • Product Dimensions 42 x 8 x 42 inches
  • Weight 24 pounds
  • Range up to 15.5 miles
  • Wheel Large 8″ and 7.5″ tires
  • Engine type No Chain
  • Speed 12.4 MPH
  • Battery 1 Li-ion Battery (Included)
  • Breaking System Anti Lock


  • Easily cleanable foot pads
  •  Chainless Engine
  • Anti-Breaking mechanism
  • Adjustable cruising speed
  • Front Shock absorbing capacity
  • Digital Display & front LED flash light
  • Large Tires Provide Smoother Rides


  • Relatively heavy in weight

Common Questions and Answers

  • Question : What If my battery dies while riding?

Answer : No problem at all. You will be able to run the scooter like a regular kick scooter.

  • Question : The electronic brakes on the ride is regenerative, true?

Answer : Yes, Segway comes with the efficient regenerative electronic braking system to support the battery system.

  • Question : How to this handle this Segway ES1 on uneven roads or potholes?

Answer : Large wheels are helpful to ride smoothly. You also need to slow down a little and embrace yourself to absorb the bump.

  • Question : Did you find the motor? Where is it?

Answer : It’s in the front wheel.

Our Remarks

There is another product line of Segway like Segway pro, Xiaomi Segway. These mini Segway rides are great in look and have got all the best features, but you need master yourself of riding scooters as these scooters don’t have the handle. To master yourself of riding a scooter, you should practice on Segway ES1 first. It comes with the handle and efficient braking system to make sure the riders are safe. You can have a long ride after charging it once.

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