VOLADOR Freeride Longboard For Smooth Ride

  • 26, Jul, 2018

VOLADOR Freeride Longboard For Smooth Ride

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Volador Freeride Longboard is a kind of board that you can’t deny anyhow. It has got the strong construction and graphics on the board that allures all the riders. Volador is the best cheap longboard with 8 ply deck. The 8 ply deck ensures the strength of the board. The deck is able to take a great load. From adult to kids all age group can comfortably use this sturdy longboard.

Volador longboard has got the drop through design. That helps to maintain the balance and have the required craving angle when necessary. It comes with the 7 inches long, strong Kingpin trucks. It allows the riders to crave 45 to 50 degrees on a regular basis. Riders can enjoy all the turn on this Volador ride pretty efficiently.

ABEC 9 precision bearing with this Volador makes sure all the riders are going to have a smooth ride. Large 70 mm wheels make the riding comfort for everybody. Large wheels can easily run over the cracks on a surface, and the riders might not even feel the bump.

The graphics on the deck of Volador is just mesmerizing. You can’t take off your eyes from the designs. It also covers the whole deck with a proper grip that makes the riding a enjoying one for a rider. Without the proper grip on the deck, it's quite impossible to stand perfectly on a board. Also, you need the right pair of shoes for riding any board.

You might want to try to check out some of the renowned brands. There are a few longboards that have maintained the need of a rider. Atom, Quest, Rimable are some manufacturer that are producing quality longboards. Rimable longboard has also has got the pass mark from the riders. Riders love to board on this skateboards.

Our Remarks

Volador freeride longboard has got the look and the strength to take on all the load. It has covered all the necessary parts that help the rider to have a smooth bump free safe ride. It’s the best cheap longboard to make your pastime riding  enjoying.  For  cruising around your local area Ten Toes longboard can also be a helpful one also. No matter what kind of skateboard you are searching you will get all kind of board on amazon longboard section.

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