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Know What to Wear Ice Skating Before Going to the Skate Park

What to wear ice skating
Written by Colin Kint

Ice skating is one of the most thrilling and enjoyable sports. If you are planning to have it a go, you are probably thinking what to wear ice skating. Whatever the reasons or occasions of your plan to do ice-skating, it’s very important to know what to wear ice skating to ensure a safe and comfortable experience. So, let’s have a look at the things you should wear when you are going to ice-skating.

What to Wear Ice Skating


Skates are obviously the most important thing to wear for ice skating. So, your feet must fit in your skates properly. Even if you don’t own a pair of skates, you can rent them from any skate park. But don’t hesitate to try on as many pairs as you need until you get the pair that fits your feet perfectly. The definition of a pair of perfectly fitting shoes is that it will not be so tight that you cannot move your toes at all and it will not be so loose that you can move your toes freely from side to side. Converse skate shoes have some great skates that can easily fit your feet. If you don’t have your own skate shoes, you can rent skates that will cost you only 2 to 3 dollars a pair.

Skating Shoes


Bringing socks to the ice skating is the second most important preparation you need to take. Your ice skating socks should not be too thick because thick socks are not comfortable with your ice skating skates.

Mittens or Gloves

To save your hand from freezing, you need to wear gloves or mittens. They will also save your hand in case you fall down on the ice. The thickness of the gloves will depend on your choice and the weather. If the weather is too cold, you might want to wear a pair of thick gloves.

Pants or Leggings

Even if it’s the summertime, an ice rink for ice skating is always freezing. So, you should not wear anything short or something that reveals your skin. You may wear pants, padded shorts, or leggings that are comfortable with moving and stretching. So, do not wear jeans since you cannot move freely wearing a pair of jeans. So, wear a pair of pants or leggings that is comfortable for stretching and moving, but be careful to cover yourself up totally.

Skating Pants

Sweater, Sweatshirt or Light Jackets

Skating will warm your body enough not to wear something heavy. So, you don’t need to worry about getting a cold if you wear something light. Besides, a heavy jacket will obstruct your movement on the ice rink and you will not feel comfortable at all. However, you should wear a light fleece, light jacket, sweatshirt or sweater that can save you from the freezing condition. You can wear a heavy jacket over a sweat-shirt before starting to skate and put it off when you start to skate.

Hat and Scarf

You may want to cover up your head with a hat if you feel that you might catch a cold inside the ice rink. The hat should obviously be a knitted one. Other hats are not for ice skating. Don’t forget to wear a scarf, ear muffs or wool headband if you feel that you need it. Be careful about the length of the scarf so that it does not get into your skating and distract you.


If you’re new to ice-skating, you should wear a helmet in case you fall down and hurt your head. Wearing a light helmet can save you from any unwanted accident. Children should always wear a helmet when they go skating on the ice.

Ice skating is a great way of enjoying your recreational activities like scooting, hunting, golfing etc. You can always search ‘ice skating near me’ and find the nearest skate park for enjoying your leisure time. So, now you know what to wear ice skating and you can apply this knowledge to prepare yourself to go to ice skating.

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