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We kick, scoot, and steer.

We are not late to the workplace or local shop for our daily pickup. Our kids love their afternoon fun and never complains.

Who Are We?

Scooterlay is the happy abode of some scooter fanatics who love to let the world know how kick scooters have changed the way of their life. We know a lot of people who love kick scooters even more than us, but what they do not get so easily is an authentic way to get familiar with what is best right now before actually buying.

So, a fine line between demand and supply becomes obvious. We get the scooters, hit the road, and prepare our best kick scooter reviews to articulate that line.

Our Story

Ours is a group of people who once broke sweat, spilled blood, and learned the way of scooters. It all started with one of our dear fellows being very excited to reach his workplace using a kick scooter one day. After a few days, he had an accident due to his inability to steer the scooter appropriately. But, that buddy did not stop.

Soon, we joined him and got each of us a scooter. None of our boys managed to avoid injuries. We already started loving the sport, habit actually, by the time we got affected by injuries or accidents. We began putting our efforts to find the most convenient products for scooting safely. Thus, we have ended up building this platform.

Our Mission

We want every scooter lover to enjoy their daily life one way or another. Adults take up a kick scooter for their commuting needs. Kids love scooters for obtaining fun from outdoors. Very simple and true indeed!

Because our fellow scooter lovers and their beautiful kids depend heavily on these vehicles, we spent a substantial amount of time and attention to ensure that we buy the best kick scooters and add value to our motivation to help you, the scooter fans!

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