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About Us

No matter What I do, how much money I make, where I live, or what kind of car I drive, the stuff I skateboard on is the same stuff that every other kid in L.A., every kid in the country, everybody in the world is skateboarding on.
— Rob Dyrdek

That’s how skating puts everyone at the same level with unparalleled diversity and fun!

Who Are We?

Scooterlay is the happy abode of a group of fanatic skaters who love to let the world know how skateboarding could add new horizons to one’s life.

Our team members are from diverse backgrounds, but we all united here for one common passion. By profession, we are award-winning skateboarders, skateboard and scooter design artists, business analysts, and athletes. We are not kids anymore, but we’ve been living a life dedicated to these fantabulous sports!

Our Story

Ours is a group of people that once broke sweat, spilled blood, and learned everything there is to know the hard way. It all started with one of our pals grabbing a kick scooter to reach his workplace and getting badly injured after falling over a pothole.

The unpredictable nature of these sports, the brakeless wheels, the openness, vulnerability, and the danger involved set us on track to do something about it. We spent time investigating how to scoot safely. Then we came up with the idea of founding this website to share our findings with the scooting and skating communities around the globe.

Our Mission

Knowledge is empowering and when shared it proliferates. We’ve taken skating and scooting seriously and consider every skater and scooter rider as part of our gang. Helping the like-minded people with the ultimate gear and boards would strengthen our bond in the community. In other words, we strive to be a name of trust that our audience can rely on.

For this very reason, we spend a substantial amount of time and attention to ensure that we are able to share all the tips and tricks and review only the best products on this platform.

What to Expect From Scooterlay

  • Scooterlay dives into the diversity of the worlds of scooters and skateboards and tries to fish out the ultimate deals. Our scope covers the protective gear, riding accessories, snowboards, and ski accessories.
  • We conduct rigorous market analysis and field tests of our the products we review. We thoroughly examine their ergonomics, build quality, design, maneuverability, functionalities, smoothness of operation, advanced features, aerodynamics, speed, and durability.
  • Our elaborate reviews and blogs here encapsulate all the fundamental aspects and features of our recommended products.
  • We’ve developed an effective research strategy to look for the precise features and traits that filter out the wrong and inferior picks. This helps save time for the time-conscious buyers.
  • We do the fact-checking consistently and scrutinize every specification and configuration before putting it online.
  • Originality and authenticity are two fundamental pillars that we stand on. We don’t indulge in models with inconsistent specs, overpricing, and low-quality materials.

How We Do IT

Market Research: We put market research on top of our selection process. We’ve trained researchers that don’t bother to walk the extra mile and do intensive study on the latest arrivals in the skating and scooter industries. Our dedicated team also keeps track of the latest updates on the research carried out by different manufacturers and industry experts.

Besides, our in-house research facility is run by pro athletes, design engineers, and protection gear experts. Our design and development projects add newer dimensions to our enterprise.

Independent Testing: Testing is essential to any investigation carried out on a scientific framework. Physical testing reconfirms authenticity of data. That’s why we buy every single product we review and put it to test. For testing, we use both our lab and outdoors. Often we arrange simulated environments for certain gear that require specific settings. We test the building materials, design efficiency, comfort, durability, corrosion resistance and everything else depending on the type of product we review.

Experts’ Insight: Researchers from all around the world are constantly working on the design and performance improvements of scooters and skateboards. Much effort is being made on making these sports safer and more user-friendly. Newer materials and technologies are popping up for better build qualities with higher corrosion-resistant capabilities. We often consult with core researchers in these fields for their insights and suggestions on our selections. Not only does this help enhance our understanding but adds different perspectives to it as well.

The Scooterlay Teams

Colin Kint

Colin Kint


I’m a professional skateboarder and have participated in most skateboarding competitions in San Francisco. I believe my innate passion for the sport drove me to pursue my career as a professional skateboarder.

Another reason I’ve got so good at it is because of my relentless practice sessions with my friends. As an environmental activist with an undergraduate law degree, I volunteer in different community awareness programs. I’m also into photography and do most of the photography for this site.


Kevin Gerard

Kevin Gerard

Mechanical Engineer

I started off my career as a mechanical engineer at a scooter manufacturing company back in 2012. I’ve been into kick scooters and swimming since the early years of my life. Over time, I quit the latter for the love of the former and soon started to be recognized as a kick scooter expert!

I wanted to take scooter designing professionally but my family forced me to study engineering.
Luckily, I decided to study mechanical engineering! That made way for me to work in the field of kick scooter designing as a core researcher and developer.

I am one of the founding members of Scooterlay and I contribute to the website as the head of the research team. I am currently working on my first book on the basics of kick scooter riding. This is a guide for beginner riders that will soon be published by Warner House Press, Arizona.



Brian G Smith

Stunt Performer

“Hey, are you out of your mind?” – this is what I often hear when people see me performing some really dangerous stunts. While most people use scooters to commute, I use mine to hone my stunting skills. Yes, that’s me, Brian Smith. I’ve a small group of like-minded people in my team that love to do all sorts of stunts with their kick scooters and skateboards. My fans also ask me to teach them a thing or two every now and then. This is why I am here. In my leisure time, I like to write about what I do with my scooters and what I am going to do next. One thing I want to say to all my fans – Don’t hit the streets without proper information and training..