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Best Electric Skateboard of 2024 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

If you’re a passionate skateboarder like me, you’ll need to know how to invest wisely in a good skateboard. I’ve been boarding for as long as I can remember and have fond memories of spending time at the skate park after school with my friends. We would go out on the weekends and compare our latest boards trying each other’s out for size.

Even now in my 20s, we still gather together frequently for a good boarding session. A few months ago, my friend brought along his new electric skateboard. I was a bit dubious at first.

However, after trying it out for a few minutes, I was hooked. I went home that night and ordered my first electric skateboard. There are so many out there making it hard to make a choice. Your aim should be to find a board that is easily maneuverable but that is built for speed, range, and reliability.

Since choosing the best electric skateboard for your needs and budget is a challenge, this handy guide will help you! We’ll take a look at different brands of the board and tell you everything you need to know about each to help you make your final decision.

Top 10 Best Electric Skateboard Reviews

01 Teamgee H5 37-inch Electric Skateboard (Editor’s Choice)

Teamgee H5 37-inch Electric Skateboard

We simply loved the Teamgee H5 37” Electric Skateboard and not just because it is the thinnest electric skateboard there is at only 0.59 inches thick! It’s clear that a lot of people agree with us too as this product has a rating of 4.3/5 on Amazon coming from over 260 reviews.

The Teamgee H5 is made from 1-ply fiberglass and 10-ply Canadian Maple, which gives it a medium flex and, thus, a smooth ride. The wheels are strong-grip PU wheels and are replaceable.

The 90mm PU wheel is great because gravity is distributed evenly. This means that your ride is really stable and you have lots of grid.

This board has dual motors that are 380W each. This gives it a range of between 9 and 11 miles and a maximum speed of 22 Miles Per Hour. Measurement-wise, it is 37 inches long and 8.7 inches wide.

It weighs 14.5lbs but can hold a person weighing up to 200lbs. The Teamgee charges when you go downhill, which is really convenient. It can also go up hills at 25%.

One of the things we loved about this board was its stability. The deck of this board is between 15 and 20 mm lower than the majority of electric skateboards that exist on the market.

What’s more, it’s really nimble too, which is helped by its soft bushing and concave deck.

We really couldn’t fault this board, we even had to do a double-take to see if it actually was an electric skateboard because it’s so thin and light! The hidden battery is a great feature, especially for those who love the look of traditional skateboards.

We also really loved its wireless remote control. This has an LCD screen and allows you to change directions, speed, and reverse! The pricing is well balanced (under $500) and there’s no complain about that.


  • It looks like a traditional skateboard
  • It is the thinnest electric skateboard on the market
  • The ride is smooth and stable
  • You are closer to the ground than with most other boards


  • The battery is built into the board so it can’t be swapped

Our Verdict

This is such a great board, we loved trying it out! Its thinness and low-level meant that it’s a great board even for a novice board as it is so stable. With such great ratings online, it is clear that many people agree. Under 500 dollars, this is the best electric skateboard you can get for your money.

02 BLITZART Huracane 38-inch Electric Skateboard (Budget Choice)

BLITZART Huracane 38-inch Electric Skateboard

Our best choice for those on a limited budget is the Blitzart Huracane. This electrically powered model is a fantastic board for its price!

We loved how the wireless remote has different speeds for beginners and for the more advanced skater. The remote was ergonomic and easy to hold. The attached wrist strap was very useful too, as is the reverse function.

In terms of speed and range, we were really impressed. The maximum speed is 17 mph and a full charge can take you somewhere between six and eight miles.

What’s more, its 4.0Ah Lithium-Ion battery can be recharged in under 3 hours. If your battery does run out, you can still use this electric skateboard like a regular skateboard.

This electric skateboard is a longboard and its deck is made from 2 bamboo layers with 6-ply maple wood in the middle. It is both sturdy and flexible as far as skateboards go. It can withstand riders with weights up to 250lbs.

One thing we were really pleased about with this board is the range of colors it comes in as well as the range of accessories that make customization possible.

This electric skateboard is certainly a great choice for those who want an excellent board but don’t want to spend a lot of money.

So, if you’re buying your first electric skateboard and are unsure whether going electric is for you, this affordable model is a good introductory board that won’t break the bank.

It would also make a great Christmas or a birthday gift for a young person who loves boarding!


  • Great price
  • Good weight capacity
  • Great range of colors


  • It only has one large motor meaning that hill climbing isn’t great

Our Verdict

Overall, this is a brilliant model for beginners, people taking up e-skateboarding for the first time, and those who are looking for a cheap electric board. The color choice and customizability are fantastic as is the handheld wireless remote.

We really liked this product and can see why it would be a great buy for so many skateboarders out there. This electric skateboard was an obvious one to go for when it came to picking out Budget Choice for this review and guide.

03 Boosted 2nd Gen Dual+ Standard Range Electric Skateboard (Smoothest Riding)

Boosted 2nd Gen Dual+ Standard Range Electric Skateboard

If having a smooth ride is something you really value, then come take a look at our choice of electric skateboard that gives the smoothest ride. The Boosted 2nd Generation Dual+ is a fantastic skateboard!

Sometimes riding around a town or city means coping with a lot of uneven ground. The Boosted skateboard has been designed and built with this in mind. It is cleverly designed to be able to withstand rough urban terrain.

The manufacturers consider this board to be a vehicle and, with this in mind, have made its durability to be vehicle-grade. This means that it is strong and robust and won’t leave you with lots of downtime because of maintenance or repairs.

As well as having a really smooth ride, the braking on the Boosted board is super smooth too. You can use the regenerative braking to maintain perfect control on downhill sections and stop the skateboard perfectly.

Even when going at top speed, which is 22 mph, the ride is still so smooth. Lots of uphill on your journey? No problem here! We tested this board on a 25% incline and it coped extremely well.

Even though this board provides a super smooth ride, the skateboard is not heavy. You can carry it anywhere – which is great if you use it for commutes to work.

In terms of range, the Standard Range option allows you to go up to 7 miles. If you’re wanting to ride for longer between charges, then the Extended Battery version has a range of 12 miles.


  • Two battery options – Standard and Extended
  • extremely smooth on rough urban terrain
  • great breaks, safe for commuters


  • The remote is not the most ergonomic of remotes out there

Our Verdict

If you use a skateboard over rough ground, this is a great find. Not only will you have a more pleasant ride but you won’t find this electric skateboard suffering from wear and tear too quickly. It is built and designed with rough surfaces in mind.

Even though we’ve chosen this for the smoothness of the ride, it’s actually a great electric skateboard all round. It copes well with hills and has a good range and good top speed. For the money, it offers a good value and you can’t really go wrong buying this.

04 Boosted Mini X Electric Skateboard (Compact Choice)

Boosted Mini X Electric Skateboard

The Boosted Mini X is a great little board! It’s only 29.5” in length, which means it is perfect for people who need a compact board.

If you’re wanting to commute and need to stash it under a desk, fit it into a compartment on bus or train or hide it away in a locker at the gym, this one is for you. The dimensions are 11.0” wider, 29.5” long, and 5.7” high.

The deck of this electric skateboard is wide and stable. We found that the control on this board was great, even though it’s a mini-board. The kicktail is designed so that you can pivot quickly and glide over an imperfection in the surface.

Despite its smaller size, you still get great power and speed. The top speed of this electric skateboard is 20 mph and the acceleration is great, even coping with hills with 20% inclines. It has secure braking with regenerative brakes making it one of the safest on our list.

This lightweight model is manufactured from poplar and is wrapped in fiberglass, making it strong and supple.

If you choose the extended range battery model, you can get an impressive 14 miles range! What’s more, the battery only takes 1 hour and 45 minutes to be fully charged – that’s one of the quickest charge times of all of the products we reviewed!

The handheld remote and smartphone app both worked well for us. This is a board that is at the cutting edge of electric skateboard technology!


  • A solid skateboard
  • Easily portable
  • One of the lightest on our list
  • Great for a first electric skateboard


  • The electric motor seems quite noisy compared to other models

Our Verdict

We loved this compact electric skateboard standing as one of the smallest on our list. It has an impressive rating of 4.1 out of 5. If you’re often on the move, this is a good buy.

When reviewing this product, we loved that we could take it anywhere and it wasn’t too cumbersome to carry. In the past, skateboarding to the gym hasn’t been possible because skateboards were too big to fit into the lockers but this model is perfect for that!

05 Boosted Stealth Electric Skateboard (Premium Choice)

Boosted Stealth Electric Skateboard

For our Premium Choice, we selected the excellent Boosted Stealth Electric Skateboard. This is a magnificent technological creation. It’s truly outstanding and worth its premium price tag.

Firstly, this skateboard has an impressive 5 ride modes. Hyper mode is a ride mode that is exclusive to this board too! This smart board is capable of a top speed of 24 mph, which is phenomenal!

Not only can you go fast but you can accelerate fast too. The remote is really responsive and when we tested it, we felt really connected to the board and its power.

As far as hills are concerned, the Stealth is so good. The design of the belt drive uses a gear ratio of 3:1 and the board also has dual motors. This makes the ride smooth, controlled, and powerful.

In terms of long distance travelling, you can go an impressive 14 miles on a full charge.

The construction of the board uses techniques that were developed for the manufacturing of high-end snowboards. This means that your ride feels refined and you feel very little vibration. Also, it makes the board feel very responsive.

The deck is flexible but strong. In fact, it has been built to withstand a distance of 1500 miles per year!

Boosted have given the stealth a new wheel design that has been custom made for the Stealth. The wheels are Stratus wheels with a diameter of 85mm.

Boosted have also upgraded the drivetrain on the Stealth and have installed CNC precision machined trucks. This means that it’s a great board for coping with the tough task of a daily commute. We loved testing the Stealth!


  • Responsive
  • Smooth
  • Excellent top speed
  • Excellent acceleration


  • This board uses an old-fashioned mini USB charger

Our Verdict

Wow! It was great being able to test this electric skateboard! If you have a long commute, this would be perfect for you as it has such a great range and top speed and can also cope with hills really well. We loved the responsiveness of both the board and the remote control.

It is obvious that Boosted has really thought about the design of this board and what electric skateboard users really want. So, if you’re looking for an electric skateboard at the top end of the scale, this is one of our recommendations.

06 SKATEBOLT Electric Skateboard

SKATEBOLT Electric Skateboard

We liked that the Skatebolt electric skateboard was built with both fun and commuting in mind. This is a fast board that has a top speed of 13.75 mph in normal mode but is really agile.

The normal mode was great for going through crowds and traffic. In sports mode, you have a really fast top speed of 25 mph – like a lightning bolt, as its name suggests.

The Skatebolt has two Hub motors that are 500w each meaning that it has enough power to take you anywhere you like, up to a distance of 15 to 20 miles. Our testers found that this was a great range for a commute in a small city or for moving around a college campus.

In our opinion, there’s nothing more important than effective braking when you’re going down a steep hill. The Skatebolt has a downhill brake that stops you even when you’re going at top speed downhill.

The brakes are regenerative, which means that they charge the electric skateboard battery when you’re braking so that your battery will last for longer. As well as great downhill skating, this board can cope really well on hills with inclines as steep as 25%.

The board is fabricated from 8 sturdy layers of maple making the ride steady and comfortable. It is also super strong and has one of the heaviest weight limits of all of the boards we tested – up to 280 pounds.

The deck and wheels are wider than the average electric skateboard. The deck measures 38” x 9.3” x 5.5” and the wheels are 90 mm wheels. We found that this extra width was really noticeable in terms of how stable and smooth the ride was.


  • The board has a nice shape
  • Fast
  • Turns well
  • Smooth ride


  • On the heavy side
  • The stopping is really sensitive

Our Verdict

For both a commute or a fun ride out, this is a good board. You can even go out after dark as this board has taillights.

Well, not so cool like LED lights, but this does work for your safety.  This board does have really sensitive stopping, particularly on downhill sections so this did take some getting used to compared to when we tried out other boards.

That being said, it was a really great ride once you were used to it. One slight niggle was that the remote didn’t seem very robust compared to other models in a similar price range. Overall, a good board for a good ride.

07 Evolve Bamboo GTX Series Electric Skateboard

Evolve Bamboo GTX Series Electric Skateboard

The Evolve Bamboo GTX Series Electric Skateboard has a fantastic range of 31 miles and a great top speed of 26 mph, terrain and rider dependent of course. When you use this in GT mode, it can cope with hills that have a gradient of up to 25%.

Both the deck and the oversized wheels make this a really smooth ride, whatever the surface. The deck is made from bamboo, as the skateboard’s name alludes.

The remote, we loved. It has good controls operated by a magnetic trigger and is really responsive. It has an LCD digital screen, which shows you your riding data in real-time such as board diagnostics, distance, and speed.

You can also program it to be a safety or deadman switch. We thought the remote’s design was really comfortable and ergonomic too.

This electric skateboard has four speed modes. GT, Fast, Eco, and Slow. The Slow mode is ideal for those who are using an electric skateboard for the first time. When you’ve got to grips with it, the Eco mode gives you a gently relaxed ride with a superb range.

If you want something a little more exhilarating, the fast mode is great. You can zoom past traffic with ease during the rush hour. Finally, GT mode gives you an insane amount of acceleration and power, especially when it comes to climbing those steep hills.


  • The remote is excellent with live data
  • Good top speed
  • Good range


  • This board only has a 6-month warranty

Our Verdict

If getting data on your ride is important to you, you’ll love this electric board and its handheld remote with LCD screen. It’s great to be able to see what speed you’re doing and also good to know how much battery life you have left.

We didn’t manage to reach the maximum range in testing, but it is dependent on the rider’s weight and the terrain too so that’s not necessarily a problem.

08 RazorX Electric Skateboard

RazorX Electric Skateboard

Razor, the widely known US brand has come up with this advanced electric cruiser model that will take your skating to the next level.

Pumped by 125-watt motor the Razor X can speed up to 10 miles per hour. The inhouse battery packs enough juice to run the thing for over 40 minutes at its peak speed.

The 29.7 inch wide deck of Razor X is made of five ply Maple wood. So, it’s lightweight but at the same time responsive and sturdy making it the right choice for cruising. It can carry up to 220 lbs. It also contains perforated grip for better control.

We liked the 2.4 Ghz wireless remote controller it comes with. You can use it for adjusting the variable-speed. The wheels are urethane made, they’ll ensure high gripping capacity and packs reverse kingpin trucks for ensuring stability.

In terms of other features, this board is splash resistant, which is great for those days when it’s not so dry out and about. Kids aging 9 and above are suitable for the board.


  • Solidly built
  • Reverse (custom) kingpin trucks ensures safe turning
  • Consistent power output
  • Safe speed limit


  • A bit noisy

Our Verdict

We liked this board because it is stable and consistent in performance. There are tons of other more powerful electric boards out there, but for the price, it is hard to beat. It’s an excellent board for sale and should hold up well after months of use.

09 SWAGTRON SwagBoard NG-1


If you want a simple skateboard that also happens to be electric, this is a great find. It is everything you could want from a traditional skateboard just with an added boost. A single charge can take you up to 10 miles, which is fantastic. Also, you can get speeds of up to 11 mph.

This comes with a 24V lithium-ion FE battery, a wireless remote, and hardwearing polyurethane wheels.

Our reviewers said this electric skateboard made for a really smooth ride and they really liked the remote. The remote can control your speed, brakes and even allows for cruise control at a constant speed.

You can also see what speed you’re doing and how much battery power is remaining. In terms of recharging, it only takes three hours to fully charge. The remote is rechargeable too so you don’t have to replace any batteries.

We loved how lightweight this model was and, with the premium grip tape, you really felt in control and safe. The deck is made from 7-ply Canadian maple, which is strong yet has great flex.

It is generously sized and measures 9” x 32” x 4.5 inches. It only weighs 10 pounds and has special grips that allow you to carry it around easily.

Unlike some of the electric skateboards in this review, the Swagatron SwagBoard NG-1 has a one-year warranty covering any defects. This gives the rider great peace of mind.


  • One-year warranty
  • Light enough to carry around
  • Great grip
  • Great range


  • It has a lower maximum speed in comparison to other boards

Our Verdict

If you love traditional skateboarding but want that extra boost, this is a fantastic model to go for. It is quick to charge, is responsive, and has a great range. The only thing we would have preferred about this model is for higher top speed.

However, for those who are not interested in zooming along with the traffic, there’s nothing wrong with it at all! Overall, this is a great board that traditional skateboarders and beginners will love.

10 Evolve Carbon GT Series Electric Skateboard

Evolve Carbon GT Series Electric Skateboard

This Evolve Carbon GT series electric skateboard comes in two versions: a street version and an all-terrain version. The street version can travel an impressive 31 miles and the all-terrain can go up to 18.5 miles. The top speeds are between 22 mph and 25 mph for the all-terrain version and 22 mph to 26 mph for the street version.

Despite it being a street version, the street model manages well on a variety of hard surfaces including concrete, tarmac, and bitumen. The all-terrain version copes equally well with these but is also great on uneven surfaces, dirt, and short grass.  Both models can also cope with hill inclines up to a 25% gradient.

When we tested these models, we loved how low to the ground the deck was. This feature makes this board really stable and you feel really in control. There are four different speed modes, just like the Evolve Bamboo we reviewed above. These are slow, eco, fast, and GT mode.

We found the dual motors could cope really well and we managed to go up hills easily in the GT mode.

The All-Terrain wheels of this type of skateboards are amazing. We tried gravel tracks, the teach and fields and encountered no problems at all.

Finally, the remote itself is great. A magnetic trigger puts you in control of the board and gives you instant data feedback with its LCD screen. You just have to give it a quick glance to check onboard diagnostics, speed and distance. There is also the possibility of programming it into a Deadman or safety switch.


  • The all-terrain version copes with really challenging surfaces
  • The remote’s display is really informative
  • It copes well with hills


  • The warranty is limited to six months

Our Verdict

If you’re wanting to try something new with your skating, we definitely recommend the all-terrain version of the Evolve Carbon GT series electric skateboard. Head to the beach, through the woods, over gravelly ground and your skateboard can take you places you’d never think of going before.

The street version is still pretty good as far as electric skateboards are concerned – its impressive top speed of 31 mph is fantastic! Overall, though, it was the all-terrain version that got us really excited!

Best Electric Skateboard – Buying Guide

Electric Skateboard Buying Guide

There are many considerations when choosing an E-skateboard. Before you rush out excitedly to buy your board, there are some things you need to consider.

1. Size

Does size matter? Definitely! Choosing the correct size for you is really important as it impacts on how the board handles for you.

If you’re a heavy size tall adult, a mini-board definitely wouldn’t be the right choice for you. In that case, get a model that has a maximum weight capacity of over 300 lbs. You can also choose an e-longboard for more load capacity.

2. Speed

Electric skateboards either have a single motor or a dual motor. Single motor models find going uphill more challenging but dual-motor models can retain their speed while going uphill.

It is important to bear in mind that when a product description says that a model goes at a certain speed, it is a speed that is calculated on a lightweight rider and a motor that is brand new.

We wouldn’t recommend any model exceeding 40 mph of speed for safety reasons.

3. Battery life

The battery life is often tested in miles covered rather than operating time. Even though there are different environments and different obstacles, testers and reviewers are using the products in a real-life situation.

They don’t just go around a circular running track. A good distance to look for is more than 7 miles.

4. Hill Climbing Ability

This is something that depends on what you’re looking for. If you’re looking at climbing up hills, you’ll need to pick a board that is most suited to this. There are some out there that can range up to 25%.

5. Brake

Brakes are hard to judge because they depend on how charged up the board is and your weight. It’s vital that you always have a foot ready to be an emergency brake.

Also you need to know that downhill boarding will lessen the braking effects. We always recommend you use a quality helmet when riding an e-skateboard.

If you are new to skating, you should also put on protective pads to avoid unwanted injuries.

6. Wheel Quality

Wheels for skateboards are usually made from a high-density rubber. Rubber is a great substance as it gives good bounce while being able to glide along the surface.

There are one wheel (1 wheel), 2-wheel and 3-wheel variants out there with different wheel design. However, all terrain wheels are getting popular for electric boards.

7. Motor & Connectivity

Handheld controllers don’t have a great range so you’ll probably need to keep your hands by your side. I have never had a problem but some reviewers mentioned it in their electric skateboard reviews.

8. Riding Mode

This varies among products but usually, you will have between two and five options. This is a feature that you should consider carefully. The riding mode is controlled by a wireless remote so you will need to find out if the signals transfer well.

9. Portability

Included in portability is the weight and size of the board. Whichever board you choose, you need to look at how you’re going to store it and the times you will need to carry it around.

10. Material

Electric skateboards have boards that are made from composite wood. Wheels, on the other hand, are made from a high-density rubber. Look out for boards that have stainless steel underneath. This will add some weight but it will provide a much more durable board.

If you go for the cheapest models, the components and overall build quality wouldn’t be impressive. However, the most durable models are made from carbon fiber or titanium.

11. Weight

With electric skateboards, you’re looking at weights between 12 and 16 pounds. These are manageable as you can still carry it about up the stairs at work. Normally, the lighter boards cost less.

12. Water Resistance

Having a board that is water-resistant is actually quite tough. The top side of the board will be pretty water resistant but a wet board is likely to cause problems with your footing.

Each manufacturer will be able to tell you about each board’s water resistance rating. You could also apply a waterproofing spray, just avoid the wheels.

13. Control & Stability

Control and stability are really important aspects of your electrically powered automatic skateboard. This is something you’ll need to look into more closely.

It’s a good idea to seek out reviews of people who mention these specifics when choosing your skateboard. There are more chances that you’ll bump into stability and control issues if you go for cheap electric skateboards.

14. Warranty & Customer support

Warranties vary from one year to two years. Occasionally, brands will offer a better warranty on the motor but a lower warranty on the electrics. It’s not a good idea to buy a product without at least a one-year warranty.

15. Brand Reputation

Often brands rely on their name to do the selling for them. It’s important to do your own research and don’t just buy a product because of its brand name. Do your research and join forums online to find out what others are saying about the skateboard brand you’re considering.

You may also read reviews done by customers of online shops. However, brands that are well-reputed often are so for a reason. Aside from top-class products with long warranty periods,  they often have good customer services too.

16. Price

Budget is obviously important! In my experience, get the best board you can afford. You’ll always find a pair under 200, 300, 400, 500 or even 1000 USD.

Some expensive Hi-tech models will be costlier than that, and then again if you look out for Black Friday or other discount offers, you may manage one under $100.

In all likelihood, you’ll be glad for spending more on a quality product rather than trying to save a few bucks on a cheaper product that doesn’t cut it.

We’d say, instead of buying a low-quality product, you should try making a DIY electric skateboard.

Why Do You Need Electric Skateboards?

As well as for fun, there are many reasons why someone would want or need an electric self-driving skateboard. But what is an electric skateboard exactly?

Electric skateboards are a type of personal transporter that is based on traditional skateboards. You can control the speed either by using a throttle that is hand-held or by shifting your weight. To adjust the direction of travel, you need to tilt the board from one side to the other, much like a traditional skateboard.

One of the leading technological trends at the moment is looking at personal mobility. Wherever there are transportation issues – in busy cities, for example, electric skateboards are great. They increase your efficiency and reduce your fatigue.

Motorized boards are great in more practical ways too. Congested areas often have parking issues or issues with crime and criminal damage. With an electric skateboard, these issues are no longer on your mind.

Unlike hoverboards, these are much lighter and can be transported in a backpack. They also don’t require as much maintenance.

Electric Skateboard Cleaning & Maintenance Tips

No matter the type of skateboard you have, keeping up with the maintenance is essential for maintaining the longevity of the board, as well as your riding experience with it.

Here are a few tips on how to keep your electric skateboard in top condition.

01. Cleaning

You should clean your skateboard every time you’ve used it. Concentrate on cleaning the deck carefully. If you go too harsh, you might end up scratching it. A piece of cloth that is slightly damp will do.

Make sure to dry it afterwards with a towel or dry cloth as water may be harmful for the motorized system. You may need to take special care of your board once you’ve gone off-road.

02. Maintenance of Bearings

For proper care of bearings, you will need a special oil. This maintenance oil will keep your bearings in the best possible condition.

You must ensure that your wheel bearings do not get water in them. If you hear a scraping noise, it is likely to mean that your bearings are water damaged.

03. Battery Maintenance

If you want a battery that offers the longest range of performance for a board, you have to take a good care of it. You should always plug your charger into the skateboard before putting the plug into the socket.

Make sure it is unplugged as soon as it has a full battery. If you don’t use the electric skateboard for a while, it is important to remember to charge up the battery every 4 to 6 weeks.

04. Wheels & Motors

Don’t let any water get into the engine when you’re cleaning the motors or the wheels. The same goes for stones and sand. Wheels need replacing when their profile has less than 5mm visible thickness.

For the Evolve All-Terrain that we reviewed above, you need to maintain the tire pressure too. This needs setting between 35 and 50 psi.

05. Adjust Screws & Bolts

Make sure you check screws and bolts regularly as vibrations when skating can cause them to slacken. Loose screws can hamper the self-balancing mechanism of the boards.

Wrapping It Up

In search of the best electric skateboard out there today, we found these 10 that we think might give you amazing riding experience. Skateboarding is such a good way to get around as well as having fun.

There are so many electric skateboards out there that it can be a bit of a challenge to make a final choice. Aim to find the board that is the most reliable as tons of safety issues are related when the board is electric.

Make sure you fully research its comfort level and its durability.  Whichever board you choose from our top ten, we loved them all for different reasons.

So, hopefully you’ve already found out who makes the best electric skateboard. It’s certainly exciting to think about what the future of electric skateboarding will look like!

About the author

Colin Kint

I’m a professional skateboarder and have participated in most skateboarding competitions in San Francisco. I believe my innate passion for the sport drove me to pursue my career as a professional skateboarder.

Another reason I’ve got so good at it is because of my relentless practice sessions with my friends. As an environmental activist with an undergraduate law degree, I volunteer in different community awareness programs. I’m also into photography and do most of the photography for this site.

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