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Best Pro Scooters in 2024 for Stunt Freaks Ranked!

Scooting. It’s not a new thing. But becoming a pro and being able to make money from it certainly is. Whilst you might not get as far as that, you can still have a scooter that the pros would be envious of. That’s what we are going to help you do: finding the best pro scooter matching your style, needs, and your budget.

Of course, finding the right model is not that straightforward. I know from my personal experience when I wanted to find a pro model that would not break the bank. I searched all over the internet but couldn’t find a list of scooter reviews that I trusted anywhere.

So, here we are today coming up with these exclusive reviews on our recommended models that we tested extensively for weeks. The whole enterprise is to make sure that you don’t have as tough a time as I had in finding the best pro scooter.

Today’s Best Pro Scooters We Tried Out

01 Fuzion X-3 Pro Scooter (Editor’s Choice)

Fuzion X-3 Pro Scooter

The Fuzion X-3 Pro Scooter is one of the top-selling scooters from one of the reputable brands in America. It is durable yet one of the lightest and essentially comes with upgrades that usually only come with scooters that are much higher in price.

Its deck is made from Aircraft Grade Aluminum and its V-Bars are made from high-tensile steel. This rugged, durable construction means that it can pretty much take everything that you throw at it. With 100mm PU cast wheels that have Fuzion’s Metalized ABS Composite cores, it also has Fuzion’s custom brake system made from a nylon and steel combination that is durable yet noise-free too.

The headset is threadless and dialed with a new IHC compression system that has seal bearings as well as the all-new Fuzion FAZE Fork that’s made from 3D stamped steel.

The deck is tough yet lightweight measuring 4” in width. It is made from box-shaped 6061 aluminum with a concave which is perfect for tricks such as board slides and tail whips.

If you’re new to pro scooter riding, then don’t let these top specs put you off. Even our beginner testers managed well with this one as it is designed with easy progression in mind allowing you to quickly reach new levels of scooting. Indeed, you don’t even need to be a pro to put it together. There are three bolts that you need to tighten when you get it out the box and then you’re off and ready to go. It is a perfect gateway scooter, getting you ready and prepared for advanced riding and stunts.


  • Has all the features of an advanced, well-built pro scooter
  • Suitable for beginner riders as a gateway into stunts and pro riding
  • Excellent reviews and ratings online


  • Not perfect for advanced pro scooter riders

Our Verdict

We absolutely loved this cheap pro scooter. It has pretty much anything that you need in a pro scooter and for a great price too! It is made from durable yet lightweight materials that will really stand up to the tough tricks (and no doubt tough fall at first) from beginner riders right through to the pros. No other model can offer this much quality under 100 dollars. It’s no wonder it made it into our top spot!

02 Fuzion Z250 Pro Scooters (Beginner’s Choice)

Fuzion Z250 Pro Scooters

It’s another Fuzion for our beginner’s choice of pro scooter. The thing that kids and other beginners love about this is that you can ride it like a pro even if you aren’t yet one. This scooter is full of Fuzion’s custom components.

It has solid alloy core 110mm wheels made from high-rebounding 88a PU material as well as responsive and quiet nylon brakes. The deck is T-6061 aluminum tough deck and features a one-piece Chisel fork. All of this means that pro riders can actually ride it and ride it hard as well.

It glides smoothly and quietly thanks to its ABEC-9 bearings (a lot of scooters don’t have bearings this good, especially ones for beginners). The handlebars have been covered with thicker hex grips measuring 155mm on the chromoly drift riser bar for an extremely comfortable ride.

It has fresh graphics and a sleek design, making even beginners be the skate park people to envy. And you can be quick out to the skate park too as it is so easy to put together. You will need to tighten just two bolts!

Even though it is for beginners it can take 220lbs in weight so can be used by most adults too. There’s also a 6-month manufacturer’s warranty against defects as well as a 30-day money-back guarantee. They even have their own customer service department that can help you with any questions.

This is also a re-designed scooter and so it has new graphics and six different color options. The deck is also in a brand-new design as is the neck and there’s a top concave at 3 degrees with a flat bottom and rails, which is perfect for grinding. The neck and deck combo are perfect for landing, distributing forces equally through the deck and surfaces, making it an all-round tough yet lightweight deck.

With drift riser bars constructed from chromoly steel, they are fitted with 155mm oversize hex grips which are made from Fuzion’s very own compound. They are capped off with strong nylon ends.


  • Tested by Pros
  • Excellent ratings and reviews
  • Excellent construction


  • Pricier than some other beginner scooters

Our Verdict

This beginner pro scooter is far from a beginner in terms of its capabilities in the pro scooter world. It is more expensive than our Editor’s Pick, but it’s still a great price considering the amazing pro features that it brings to the table. In short, for the money, it’s a good product for sale, and you can’t really go wrong buying this.

03 Fuzion X-5 Pro Scooters (Kid’s Choice)

Fuzion X-5 Pro Scooters

This best choice for kids is yet another Fuzion scooter! How impressive that our top three are all from the same brand? It tells you that this is one of the best pro scooter brands on the market, that’s for sure!

Indeed, this one has all of the top components of other Fuzion pro scooters. It is pre-dialed and is durable and lightweight too. You can ride it straight out of the box, once you’ve tightened the three bolts needed.

We chose this one as our kid’s choice as it is a perfect entry-level to the intermediate level scooter. It will take your kid from a newbie in scooting to the next level.  It has a deck that measures 20” x 4” that is made from aircraft-grade aluminum. The deck is boxed shaped to enhance performance.

It has five-spoke 100mm wheels which are made from cast PU with 6061 aluminum cores. The reinforced V-Bars are made from high-tensile steel and the brake system is new to Fuzion in a nylon and steel custom combination, meaning they’re hardwearing and free from noise.

The headset is dialed and threadless with a really smooth new IHC compression system. The sealed ABEC-9 bearings and Faze 3D-stamped steel fork increase its performance and its durability too. And, if you wish, you can swap out the wheels for slightly bigger 110mm ones.

As for the grips, the V-shaped handlebars are fitted with oversized 123mm composite rubber grips that are perfect for your comfort and grasp when attempting tricks and stunts. It can take a maximum weight of 220lbs so although it’s our kid’s choice, it’s not a bad shout for adults too.


  • Great price
  • Fantastic Fuzion Features
  • Popular and well-liked


  • Not suitable for advanced riders

Our Verdict

For a kid’s recommendation, this scooter ticks the boxes. It’s not too expensive, is suitable for beginners, and has a heck of a lot of features that are impressive for its cost. It is lightweight, pretty much ready to use straight from the box and is extremely durable. We expect to see a lot of these next Christmas morning as they are proving to be a popular choice of Fuzion scooter for kids.

04 VOKUL S2 Tricks Pro Stunt Scooter (Budget Choice)

VOKUL S2 Tricks Pro Stunt Scooter

This budget choice is the first in our line up that is not a Fuzion pro scooter. But that does not mean that it isn’t great in itself. It’s one of the best entry-level scooters out there and is perfect for those who have little experience, starting from age 7 and upwards.

The deck is made from 6061 aluminum with heat-treated reinforced plates. The batwing bar is made from 4130 chromoly and has a triple clamp for extra safety and stability. It has quality parts that are super-tough yet lightweight too which will help riders to try out tricks such as tail taps, bar spins, and tail whips. The wheels are made from high-rebounding PU and the deck measures 18.” X 3.9”.

This freestyle scooter is pretty effortless to set up as well, with only three bolts that need tightening before it’s ready to go straight from the box. The company gives you great after-service care too to help you with any problems that you might have. They respond to your queries within 24 hours and offer you a solution within 72 hours. They will also replace some of the more vulnerable parts of the scooters for free, such as the headset, clamp, and wheels. For a budget scooter, I’m pretty sure you will agree that this is fantastic!


  • Cheap
  • Fantastic Features
  • Well-liked
  • Great as an entry-level scooter
  • Excellent aftercare


  • Shouldn’t do stunts with it

Our Verdict

This budget scooter is also a perfect entry-level one. And for just over $78, you really can’t go wrong. It is full of good quality, durable materials, high-spec craftsmanship and you also get brilliant aftercare too. We really liked this one when we tested it out, but if you are after something a little more than an entry-level pro scooter, then you may want to look at other options in our list. During Black Friday discount this one can be availed under $50 in both online and offline shops.

05 Fuzion Z300 Pro Complete Trick Scooter

Fuzion Z300 Pro Complete Trick Scooter

In the number five spot we have, you’ve guessed it, yet another Fuzion scooter. This time the Complete Trick Scooter. This is branded as being more of an ‘elite level’ scooter and, as such, has a price that’s a little more expensive at $139.99 when we tested it out.

Fuzion Z300 certainly built to last though. It able to take even the roughest of people. It is full of custom components including 110mm solid alloy core 88A PU wheels fitted with smooth and responsive nylon brakes. There’s also the one-piece Chisel fork with a chromoly drift riser bar that measures 23” x 22” giving you a much comfier ride. The deck is wider than other Fuzion decks so big tricks should be easy. It is lightweight too but can hold up to 220lbs.

This scooter will mean that you are envied by everyone else at the skate park. There are fresh graphics and a new CNC headtube cutout, meaning you’ll look like a real pro rider. The most popular color is red and black but there are other color options too. It is not difficult to put together either. You’ll just need to tighten two bolts and no dialing is required.

The Fuzion Z300 also comes with a professional service too, with a 6-month defect warranty guarantee as well as your money back for 30 days should you require it. They have a dedicated customer services department as well.


  • Made by Fuzion
  • Ideal for intermediates
  • Excellent customer services and support
  • Amazing rating of 4.7/5 stars


  • It is a little pricier than others in our list.

Our Verdict

If it’s top quality that you want, then this little beauty from Fuzion is a great buy. And it is so well-liked too with one of the best ratings we have seen whilst writing our pro scooter reviews. This scooter is ideal for 9- 12 years old kids and beginners but has enough about it to appeal to the more advanced and intermediate riders too. As with all Fuzion scooters, it has excellent parts and excellent customer services after purchase too. What’s not to like?

06 Lucky Crew Complete Pro Scooter

Lucky Crew Complete Pro Scooter

We now bring you another brand and, despite us being at number 6, it’s only the third brand that reaches the upper end of our recommended scooters list. This one is ridden by the pros and Lucky Pro Scooters have been designed with tricks in mind. Gnarly trick? Not a problem! They are trusted by the masters of scooting, the world champs, the side-walk riders and street demons. In fact, pretty much everyone rates them. And with good reason.

They build is allegedly bullet-proof (not that we tested this nor recommend trying to at home!). This simply means that the standards in the build are second to none, using aircraft-grade aluminum as well as other alloys in their hardware, decks, bearings and bars. This means that the ride is safer, smoother and sturdier than some of the cheaper options on the market.

The wheels measure 110mm and are reinforced with 6061 aluminum. Built with precision, the deck is reinforced and there are a whole host of premium components thrown in as well. The deck measures 19” x 4.5” and there’s an oversized kink bar measuring 23” x 22” with a double clamp, vice grips and steely brakes. The Lucky headset is fully integrated with IHC compression.

There is a warranty lasting six months on all of the scooter’s components. This shows just how much Lucky Pro Scooters back their own products.


  • Used by the pros
  • Top quality parts
  • Excellent ratings
  • 6-month warranty


  • It comes at a steeper price than others in our list

Our Verdict

We loved this one! It was nippy and smooth, and we felt like true pros when riding it. But we are aware of its cost which is why we’ve demoted it to lower in our top ten pro scooters list. It has a whole range of great features and is made from top quality materials to boot. It’s also a popular little beast if you look at its ratings. If you’ve got a little more in your budget and are wanting something that isn’t a Fuzion scooter, this is well worth a punt.

07 VOKUL Complete Pro Scooter for Kids/Teens/Adults

VOKUL Complete Pro Scooter for Kids/Teens/Adults

This is another Vokul complete scooter for kids, teens, and adult alike. It is suitable for all abilities and ages and will help beginners to get to the next skill level and perform the tricks they are desperate to do. X-Ups, Bri Flips, Tailwhip, Barspins and double backflips, this scooter can do them all. In fact, it’s designed with entry-level to advanced riders in mind.

It has a chromoly hydraulic-pressure Y-bar and is fitted with a 6061-aluminum deck. Both of these have been reinforced with T4T6 heat forging to add durability and strength. There is also a sealed HIC system as well as 110mm metal wheels, which offer a ride that’s buttery smooth whether in the street or the skate park. The wheels are made from 88A PU. The rear wheel also has a cover of a Fender/Spray protection that is made from 65mn steel for the brake, which is specially hardened to ensure that braking is effective.

This one has a larger capacity than most with an upper weight limit of 260lb, meaning even larger adults can ride it too. The assembly is pretty effortless with only having to tighten three bolts then you’re ready to roll. It’s pre-dialed too.

This one has a warranty including the most vulnerable parts: the brake, wheels, grips, and clamp, which is pretty good.


  • Not a bad price
  • Extra-strong deck
  • Greater weight limit


  • Not as popular as others

Our Verdict

It’s our last choice but it doesn’t make it the least! Let’s not forget that we tested over twenty products so this one still made the cut. It is a decent price and is cheaper than others further up our list and also has a better rating than some others. But it didn’t quite have the smoothness and speed and overall ride experience as some of the others that we tested.

08 MADD GEAR MGP Kick Series


This Madd Gear MGP Kick Series Pro Scooter is made allegedly by the World’s Number 1 Pro Scooter brand – but we will have to take their word for it! It does have great durability and quality though, which will allow you to use it for years and years to come. You can use it for progression too, right from beginner level and beyond. These scooters are really made to stand the test of time.

MGP also has 9 generations of technology within this scooter, so you can be sure that it has been tried and tested to the extreme including by the world’s best pro scooter riders. Each scooter comes with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty (which is longer than most others in our reviews) as well as being backed by the company’s in-house service technicians. We can’t argue that MGP really stands behind their products.

This one has seen 2019 upgrades with the addition of TPR Swirl Grips as well as the integrated headset and alloy fork. The wheels measure 110mm and have an alloy core with V2 Composite Blitz Brakes for a true wow-factor. These all end up making this scooter one of the best in terms of price per specification amongst stunt scooters today.

You can use this scooter if you weigh less than 220lbs and usually we recommend being around 8 years old before giving this one a go as a minimum of 4 feet in height is ideal. There are five color combinations to choose from and it is easy to assemble as it comes pre-dialed with three steps once it’s out of the box.


  • Good ratings
  • An upgraded version of previous MGP models
  • Great value for money in terms of its spec
  • 3-year warranty, one of the longest we’ve seen.


  • A little more costly than some others

Our Verdict

This one is a great little scooter. MGP has made upgrades to this model this year and, boy, could we tell. Other people clearly thought so too if you look at its average ratings on websites like Amazon. What we really loved, though, was the three-year warranty. Not many scooters come with a warranty as long and as thorough as that. It just goes to show that the company really do value their customers and want to please them. We bet that they’ll bring out a 2020 update to this model too.

09 Lucky Prospect Complete Pro Stunt Scooter

Lucky Prospect Complete Pro Stunt Scooter

Aren’t we Lucky to have another Lucky scooter on our list! This pro stunt scooter is actually the most expensive in our list, coming in at $249.95 when we carried out our research. Having said that, wow it packs a punch! This one is for those who want to excel in their riding and go big. It is made for serious abuse and features a new design of SILO bars as well as a 120mm fork that’s INDY compatible. There’s even custom artwork from Ryan Upchurch, the artist, and pro rider.

This one is also ridden by top riders and is designed for withstanding even the gnarliest of tricks. It is incomparable to cheaper market competitors too. Sidewalk riders and street demons love it just as much as the pros. Like the other Lucky scooter, this one is bullet-proof in its build (let’s just take that as a slight exaggeration!). By this, we believe it’s because it has aircraft-grade aluminum in its construction and all its hardware, decks, bearings, and bars are made from strong alloys. You’ll get a sturdy and smooth ride with this one. And it’ll be safer too.

The deck measures 20.5” x 4.8” and features a Lucky oversized SILO bar measuring 25” x 24” with a TRES clamp, Steely Brakes, and Vice Grips. The wheels are 110mm and the headset is fully integrated with compression and aluminum HIC. There’s a six-month warranty with this one too.


  • A true pro stunt scooter
  • Great build
  • Artwork designed by a pro


  • The most expensive on our list

Our Verdict

We cannot deny that we loved this one. But, did we love it enough to spend over $150 more on it compared with our top pick? We are not so sure. Sure, there’s no doubt that it’s a fab scooter, ridden by the true pros with tons of pro features. But, for most of us, it’s out of our price range. And it’s clearly out of many people’s range too given the fact that there are not as many reviews online for this one. Still, if you do have the money to spend, it is certainly worth considering. But shouldn’t rule out the others just because they are cheaper. Bigger (or more expensive in this case) is not always better.

10 VOKUL Pro Freestyle Kick Scooter

VOKUL Pro Freestyle Kick Scooter

Got a kid that’s a bit rough and heavy-handed? This scooter will serve them well indeed. It is robust in its construction with custom components such as solid alloy core wheels measuring a slightly bigger than average 120mm. The wheels are made from 88A high-rebound PU and sit in the T4T6 one-piece fork. There are silent brakes too and a tough 6061 aluminum deck. You can, therefore, ride this one hard!

It glides smoothly and quietly too as it’s fitted with ABEC-9 bearings! Top precision guaranteed! There are also thicker rubber soft grips that measure 145mm and the handle bar measures an impressive 24” x 23.5”.

You’ll find this scooter is really easy to put together. We certainly did not have any problems. We had to tighten the 4-bolts clamp and that was pretty much it. It can take riders of up to 220lb despite it being lightweight. There’s a 30-day money-back guarantee as well as a manufacturer’s warranty against defects, which is on a par with others in our list too.


  • Easy to put together
  • A smooth and quiet ride


  • A little more expensive than others in the list

Our Verdict

We would be lying if we said we did not enjoy this cool model. But, was it as enjoyable as others with a steeper price tag? We are not so sure! It was really easy to put together and has a money-back guarantee as manufacturer’s warranty, so you can always give it a go yourself and see what you think. One thing is for sure, it is smooth and easy to ride.

Parts of a Trick Scooter


a) Street decks

Street decks have a square shape with a lot more width. They are perfect to get locked into your grinds and do technical tricks.

You will often find street decks build robust and heavy-duty. This allows them to handle anything that you throw at them while street riding.

b) Park decks

Park decks are narrower and smaller in size. They are light but robust to do big air tricks.

You will go up for one kicker into the air, do some tricks, and land with no damage to the deck.


a) T-bars

T Pro Scooter Handlebar

T-bars are ideal for street setups. They are made of steel-alloy, aluminum, or titanium.

b) Bars with struts

Pro Scooter Bars with struts

V2 bars have reinforced struts and they are made more for park riding. These little struts make it easier for you to land from air tricks. You will find them made of alloy.


Scooter Wheels

Wheels are available in 120, 110, 100, and many other sizes. They come in full-core or spoked designs with bearings inside. Some of them even have tread tires, which is amazing.

Wheels use bearings made from different materials and their quality differs based on the price. Bearings help your entire scooter roll so you need to research them before selecting the final product.

The heights and widths of the wheels play a major role when you need to decide on buying them. For example, the width depends on the amount of tread you like to land on.

Smaller vs larger wheels

The height affects how quickly you move on the scooter. Smaller wheels have better acceleration but they take more energy to keep going at that consistent speed.

Larger wheels are better at keeping the speed since they require less revolution per turn. The problem with them is they are denser and heavier so your acceleration right off the bat will be less.

Softer vs harder wheels

Urethane wheels have different blends such as polyurethane, SHR urethane, or straight-up urethane. Each blend has its advantages.

SHR urethane wheels are denser with harder wearing. They are not soft so you will feel the impact when you land on them. Checking on the hardness will help with your riding style.


Nylon core wheels are light but strong. There’s a flex to them since they don’t have a rigid alloy metal. The flexibility makes them bad for stunt scooting or tricks.

Aluminum-based hollow core wheels are strong and rigid. They have a solid structure to the wheel. These wheels are heavy but good for high-impact tricks.


Forks go into the head tube of the deck and hold the front wheels in place.

The major difference between different forks is the width and heights of wheels they accept. You need to double-check them to ensure their compatibility with your wheels.

Clamps, headsets, and shrimps

Shims allow you to fit different sizes of bars within the clamp. Some clamps also come with shims inside them.

Headsets are a set of parts that provide a system for the fork and compression to rotate. They are available in different compressions such as SCS, HIC, and IHC.

Handlebar grips

Scooter Handlebar Grips

Scooter grips often have bar-ends. This is important since grips with bar-ends prevent major injuries that you may trip in by falling onto hollow handlebars.

Grip tape

Griptapes help keep your feet in place when you ride at high-speed or do landing tricks. There are skateboard sheets that can be cut off to the size of your scooter deck.

If you want to go deep into customization, you can get tailor-made grips from scooter brands. They are sized and personalized for different rides.


Scooter Brake System

Brakes have different locking systems so you need to check if they are compatible with your scooter. They are also made of different materials.

Pro Scooters Buying Guide

Pro Scooters Buying Guide

1. Skill level

Pro scooters are, as they say, technically for the pros. Or most of them are anyway. However, many are suitable for beginners too. But, if you really want to go for it, the higher specification models that are able to cope with elaborate tricks and are able to put up with serious use would be the best choice.

2. Type & Color

There are two main types of pro scooters: custom and complete. Complete scooters are exactly what they say: complete and ready to go! You will just have to adjust the bars, fork and clamp. For custom scooters, these come with a larger range of customizable elements and you can choose which parts you would like to have as a part of your scooter.

For us, though, in writing these reviews, we are looking at complete pro scooters, that is those that come directly out of the box. Having said that, there is no reason why you cannot modify a complete scooter later if you were to purchase one.

These scooters come in a wide range of graphical design and color schemes. You should choose the graphical work matching your style. It doesn’t matter if you are a boy or a girl, the right choice of color and design will help you stand out. There are plenty of color options including white, red, yellow, gold, rainbow, purple, green, cyan, teal, chrome, blue, black and brown.

3. Grips

Grips are really important in any scooter. With pro scooters, you need to have good grips if you want to do any tricks. Think about how it would feel doing a trick and your scooter slipping from your fingers because of a not-very-good grip. There are some great grips out there today. Some brands are ODI Vans Lock-On Grip System, Cult Vans Grip, Lucky No Nubbins Grips, and Envy Scooter Grips.

4. Bars

Bars are often a case of what is preferred by the individual scooter rider. They definitely the feel of a rider. The bar’s dimensions are down to what you prefer as a rider and you can choose the style and type that you prefer too.

The main types of bar on the market today are aluminium or steel varieties. The STD (Standard Diameter) of bars is usually 1 ¼”, however there are bars that are classed as OS (Oversized) and these have a 1 3/8” diameter.

5. Fork

Many people would say that the fork is the most vital aspect of a scooter in the same way that a bicycle’s fork is crucial too. It needs a good compression system so that it is attached firmly to the bars of your scooter. There are two main types of fork: threaded and threadless.

Threadless forks are reportedly much better than threaded forks as they give the utmost performance and strength. If you are choosing a form, you also need to choose the wheels to fit the fork perfectly.

6. Size & Weight

Lots of scooter riders think that buying a bigger scooter is the right choice. Big scooters can be great. However, your scooter should not be too big and certainly should not be larger than you are. For teenagers, the best combo would be a short-barred scooter with wheels of 100mm. If you are a tall rider, then you would need a scooter with wheels that are 125mm with a handlebar that is much taller. Avoid mini sizes for better balance and experience.

This is one reason many people opt to customize their ride as you can get the balance just right for you weight, height and desired experience. But you also need to realize that oversized bars and larger, heavy decks can have an effect on how well you ride your scooter if you cannot easily manage them. Before investing in a scooter, it is wise to some research into what size and weight would suit you best.

It is better if your scooter is light in weight. This is especially important if you want to do tricks. Trying to lug a heavy scooter around when you’re trying to flip is more than a little cumbersome.

7. Height

It is the bars that determine the height of the scooter. It comes down to what you prefer personally but you do need to have the bars at a height that matches yours otherwise it could have an adverse effect on how well you handle the scooter when riding.

8. Clamp

On a pro scooter, the clamp is not that big, but it is really important in how reliable it is to push. The clamp is the part that is glued and holding the fork and the bars together, so you can see why it is so important. Three clamp types are available: double clamps, triple clamps and quadruple ones. This number refers to how many bolts each clamp has.

9. Deck size

The deck is the essential platform of the pro scooter, with the rest of it built around this part. Therefore, it is pretty essential! They come in lots of different lengths, widths and styles as well as different concaves. It is important to select one which will suit your requirements and needs best.

10. Bearings

Scooter bearings are the 7/8 balls that make up the center part of your scooter’s wheels. Bearings usually have an ABEC score, eg. ABEC-2, ABEC-9 etc. The higher the number at the end, the more accurate and precise they are. However, this is an essential part of bearings in machinery and engineering but now so much in scooters therefore some manufacturers do not use this method for classifying bearings on them.

11. Headset

The headset of a scooter is integrated. This is the part of the scooter that allows the tube of the fork to rotate within the other tube of the head. If you are looking to do tricks with your scooter, it is essential that you think about what kind of headset you will need.  Top of the range scooters comes with an integrated headset that is sealed and these need a threadless fork and compression system. This makes them easy to operate and incredibly smooth to manoeuvre.

Why Give the Best Stunt Scooters a Try?

First up, why do you need a pro scooter anyway? Let’s have a look! As I said at the start, scooters are not anything new. The original ones are around a century-old even! However, the pro scooters of today are nothing like those first basic models. The first ones that appeared were Wim Ouboter’s, a designer from Switzerland from the company ‘Micro Mobility Systems’.

Over here in the U.S., scooters really started to kick off in suburbia in the early 2000s when they became more mainstream. Riding styles changed though, and the riders soon found that their little scooters couldn’t hack the abuse that they were getting. The foldable ones would often buckle during tricks meaning the rider fell down. Gradually, companies started to tweak the foldable design and give it some real innovative structure like what is visible today.

Today, high-performance pro scooters are made from aluminium that is aircraft grade rather than the inexpensive sheet aluminium of the previous generation of scooters. There are also heavier welds in place and processes in manufacturing that include forging and extruding.

Manufacturers use innovative equipment to test out the scooters with heavy loads. After that, some paid pros come in and test them out before giving their thoughts. Usually, premium pro scooters come with endorsements from the pros themselves. This endorsement is what sets the pro scooters apart from their ‘toy’ counterparts.

What to Wear While Riding Pro Scooters?

When you’re riding your pro scooter, you need to be protected. It’s essential and a non-negotiable. It goes without saying that helmets, elbow and knee pads are vital. You can also wear quality padded shorts for extra safety.


The shoes that you wear need to have a good strong grip. They also need to be hardwearing, protective and comfortable. You just won’t get away with lightweight shoes or sandals. If you don’t already have skating shoes, robust trainers will suffice. Try not to wear high tops; high tops can limit your movement.

Shorts or Long Pants

You need to be comfortable when riding. As long as your knees are protected, feel free to wear short pants or longer ones as long as they won’t restrict your movement.


Wear layers! You can always take one layer off if you get too hot when scooting.

Trick Scooter – Cleaning & Maintenance Tips

First of all, you need to make sure that you clean up your scooter. Wash of any dirt build-up and debris. You should give it a quick clean after each use in order to maintain its integrity and longevity. Give it a wipe with a damp cloth to get off any dirt, especially front the headset, brake handles and wheels as well as the fork, deck and handlebars.

You should also keep your pro scooter oiled if you want it to be smooth. You should aim to oil your scooter once a week with a light oil spray. Make sure that you focus on the bearings and any folding mechanisms if you opt for a folding scooter. If the bearings make noise, take them out and inspect.

Doing all those tricks, twists and jumps, you will need to tighten parts up. Make sure you check the wheels, clamps, bolts and bars so that you don’t have anything coming loose when you are riding.

Final Words

Well, that’s it! We’ve given you a full-on rundown of 10 of our handpicked pro scooters. We’ve given you a few options for brands as well as the ones that vary considerably in their prices. However, we have to say that all of them have pretty good ratings, all things considered. Indeed, we didn’t even consider any that had an average rating of fewer than 4 stars on Amazon.

Whichever you pick, be it for kids, beginners, adults, intermediates, or pros, if you pick the right one from our list and take good care of it, you won’t be disappointed. Happy scooting! Let us know how you get on!


1. Who is the highest paid freestyle scooter rider?

Ans. Ryan Williams is an Australian stunt scooter rider who makes more money than many NRL players.

2. How to tune my pro scooter?

Ans. Follow this guide and ride your scooter in style!

3. Can I use WD-40 on my scooter?

Ans. You may be tempted to do so because this looks like an easy fix. But WD-40 isn’t really a ball bearing lubricant. If you spray this lubricant into the wheel or headset bearings it will flush out the lubricant already in there and it will heat up and deform sooner than a ball bearing lubricant.

4. What is the difference between a stunt scooter and a normal scooter?

Ans. Stunt scooters are like BMX bikes. Traditional scooters are designed to get you places quickly and conveniently. Stunt scooters are different since they are made for tricks and skate parks.

5. When should scooter tires be replaced?

Ans. Issues such as cracks in the tread, wheel deformations, and other signs of wear shouldn’t be ignored for your safety. A precautionary step is to replace tires after you see signs of aging. Replace the wheels every 2-3 years and you will be fine.

6. What is an easy stunt to perform?

Ans. If you are just beginning to learn stunt scooting, start with a basic jump. Try a tailwhip for the next step.

7. Where is the best place to learn to ride?

Ans. Head down to your local skatepark or search for the nearest event on the internet. This will allow you to be around friends and experienced riders to get good tips and improve your riding skills.

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