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How to Make Skate Wax? – Two Different Methods to Try!

How to Make Skate Wax
Written by Kevin Gerard

Waxing your skateboard is an important step of skateboarding. You have the option to buy many kinds of skateboard wax, but the homemade type can be as effective, not to mention cheaper.

What do you use, and where do you start? Some methods include melting crayons and candles and beeswax and paraffin (which is closer to the wax you will find in stores).

This blog will answer all your questions but, most importantly, explore how to make skate wax.

Why do you need skateboard wax?

Skateboarders know that waxing your board is a vital step in the sport of skateboarding. It reduces friction between the ground and your skateboard and reduces moisture. It also keeps your board smooth and immaculate, helps the ride feel, and assists with spins and turns and how fast you can ride on your board.

When your skateboard starts to feel dry from using it, reapply more wax for the ultimate speed and grip. If you’re a beginner in this field, it is recommended that you go easy with the wax.

However, you don’t want to tackle something that you aren’t ready for. Too much wax will lead to injuries when you’re starting.

How to Make Skate Wax?

How to Make Skate Wax

Method 1: Beeswax and paraffin

Step 1:  Gather your supplies (beeswax, paraffin, metal pot, and mold for wax)

Step 2: Cut up your pieces into smaller ones (if need be), so they can melt faster

Step 3: Turn on your burner to a low-medium setting

Step 4: Pour ingredients into a pot (ratio of 60 to 40 paraffin to beeswax)

Step 5: Let the wax a meltdown and repeatedly stir (so it doesn’t burn)

Step 6: Once the wax is melted, remove the pot from the stove and put it into the mold

Step 7: Cool down the wax in your refrigerator until solid

Step 8: When it’s hard, it’s ready to use!

Method 2: Candles and crayons

Step 1: Preheat your oven to 180 degrees

Step 2: Gather old crayons and candles (remove all wicks and paper)

Step 3: Break them up into smaller pieces (so they can melt faster in the oven)

Step 4: Use an old, oven-safe bowl (because the crayons and wax can stain)

Step 5: Add 1 tsp of olive oil to the bowl (it will make it less crumbly)

Step 6: Once preheated, place your bowl into the oven for 10-15 minutes (keep an eye on it)

Step 7: When the wax is melted, place it in the refrigerator for 30 minutes for it to harden

Step 8: Once the wax is solid, you can use it!

Which solution is better?

Both options will save you a lot of money. They are easy to make on your own, especially if you don’t want to spend too much or figure out which brand of pro skate wax to choose. However, with that said, Method 1 (beeswax and paraffin) tends to make a better skate wax because it’s the closest to the professional, brand-name skate wax on the market.

DIY Skate Wax Pros and Cons

DIY Skate Wax Pros and Cons


  • Easy to obtain materials needed
  • Very easy to make/not complicated
  • The recipe is fast to manufacture
  • DIY wax may be feasible if you are in an isolated location (no specialty skate shops/Amazon doesn’t deliver to your location)


  • Although easy, the recipe requires attention to get it right
  • If you’re inexperienced at DIY wax, several things can go wrong/quality is not as good
  • You will need to buy wax if you don’t want to melt candles


1. What other substitutes can you use for skate wax?

Ans. You can experiment with different substances in your DIY wax mixture. Some people use soap, deodorant, and butter. You will need to find what consistency works best for you. Using too much butter will make the wax too soft to use on your skateboard. These suggestions should not be used all of the time. They are mostly temporary solutions.

2. Is skate wax necessary to skateboard?

Ans. It’s necessary to use skate wax if you are new to skateboarding or buying a new board. It’s also advised to use wax if you want to do tricks on your board. For these reasons, you want to grip and slide as smoothly as possible.

3. Do you need skate wax to grind?

Ans. Grinds and boardslides are fun if you make it all the way. Wax is used to combat a lot of friction by putting it on the rail well or curb.

4. Does paraffin wax smell?

Ans. It can give off a chemical smell because it can contain synthetic chemicals and fragrances.

5. Is paraffin wax cheap to buy?

Ans. It’s cheap to buy and readily available in many locations because it’s a by-product of refined crude oil made through a chemical process.

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