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The 10 Best Skateboards of 2024 – Reviews and Ratings

I have been skateboarding almost as long as I’ve been walking! Following the footsteps of my older brothers, I got my first board at the age of three. From the beginning, I was hooked!

It is safe to say that in the past twenty years of my journey with skateboards, I’ve tried out my fair share of skateboards. I have had good ones and bad ones, so I’m in the perfect position to show you all the best skateboards out there on the market today.

My team and I at Scooterlay tested and reviewed a good many boards to present to you a list of 10 remarkable models with full reviews detailing everything about them. They should meet pretty much anyone’s needs, whether you’re a 4-year old girl or a 10-year old boy or an adult.

There are budget options, starter skateboards, as well as our top-rated skateboard as our Editor’s Pick. Read on to find out more!

Top 10 Best Skateboards Reviews

01 KPC Pro Skateboard Complete (Overall Best)

KPC Pro Skateboard Complete

Our number one choice as overall best skateboard is the KPC Pro Complete Skateboard. Made by Krown, it is a high-quality skateboard with a lot going for it. Krown came around for the first time in the mid-nineties. They spotted a gap in the market between the cheap and cheerful shop-bought skateboards and the pro boards out there.

Their twenty-year knowledge shows in their products. They make all sorts of skateboarding kit as well as their famous boards. With the Pro Complete, you get a choice of color combinations meaning there’s bound to be something that will please even the fussiest skaters amongst us.

This board measures 8” x 32”, which is a pretty standard width for pro skaters. It is stronger and wider than rookie skateboards and is ideal for those who are improving skateboarders seeking an upgrade from their first boards. It has a concave shape for comfort as well as for learning tricks more easily.

The board comes preassembled by professionals and is ready to ride straight from the box. It has an Ace of Spades deck with heavy-duty Havoc trucks made from aluminum. The wheels are 99A PU and measure 52mm and have precision ABEC-7 bearings.

The head-mounting hardware is high-tensile and there’s also 80-grit black-colored grip tape. All components meet the top industry standards, which is what makes this board so good.

The KPC pro skateboard is a popular choice also thanks to its price. At the time we did our research, this board cost under $40, making it one of the cheapest boards that we reviewed.


  • Price! We loved the affordability of this one
  • Build by professionals
  • Suitable for cruising short distances


  • The grip tape wasn’t great
  • Wheels are pretty average

Our Verdict

This board caught our eye due to its eye-catching design but that’s not all. We were bowled over by its price too. We weren’t impressed much with the grip tape but overall this one was a great ride. We cruised a fair way on the board and tried out some tricks too. For the money, it offers a good value!

02 Quest QT-NSC44C Cruiser Longboard Skateboard (Best Cruiser)

Quest QT-NSC44C Cruiser Longboard Skateboard

Our Best Cruiser is the Quest Super Cruiser made from artisan bamboo and maple. It’s a longboard measuring 44” which makes it perfect for cruising. The maple and bamboo are in a multi-ply hardwood and it is shaped so that it performs well.

It follows the original longboard designs that first appeared in the Californian boardwalks and is built to a high specification with authentic components. There are ABEC-7 high-speed bearings, the high-quality deck is a super flex deck in -ply and there are 7” aluminum trucks.

The brand really believes in the product and that the better materials mean that the board performs better. We would have to agree too!

Quest designs and makes almost all of the board itself and they work with some of the great pioneers in the industry. This longboard is a cruiser, so it is great for getting about around town, commuting to work or school or just for boardwalk cruising. With Quest, you’ll certainly enjoy being on the board.

They have created a “Made in Mars” brand which is how they explain their “re-invention” of the traditional boards and how their boards stand out from the crowd.  Indeed, the Quest cruiser is a popular board and had the most reviews of any board that we looked at online.

Retailing for around $75, it comes at a decent price as well. If you are wanting a well-built cruiser skateboard, then this is the one for you.


  • Good price
  • Very high-spec materials
  • Strong deck – can support up to 250lbs
  • Wheels are great ‘shock absorbers’


  • The board is fairly heavy so some younger or smaller people may find this an issue

Our Verdict

This Super Cruiser board certainly lives up to its name. All 44” of it are designed with one thing in mind: super cruising! Its shock-absorbing wheels and sturdy build that can withstand most adult weights make it a great buy.

It comes at a decent price too and is well supported by excellent ratings and reviews. We really think this one is the cruiser to buy. I loved it and wanted to keep it for myself!

03 Powell Golden Dragon 2 (Choice for Beginner Adults)

Powell Golden Dragon 2

If you’re a beginner skateboarder, you need to think carefully about the board that you choose. Still, why should you compromise on a board because you’re a beginner? We all know that the professional boards are expensive but are a dream to ride.

With this board, however, you get the best of both worlds: an entry level board that doesn’t cost the earth!

The Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon Complete Skateboard is a great buy. What I loved first of all was the quality of it.

The deck has an additional polymeric strap which holds the whole deck together nicely meaning that if there’s a crack, the deck will still hold well together. It makes the board stiffer but also, therefore, more durable. It won’t crack in two, even if you try!

It has a concaved deck which measures a little of 31.5” and is a little over 7.5” wide. The deck has a grip tape covering, giving beginners the best possible chance of staying on the board. Yes, it’s functional, but it’s also designed really well with some fab graphics.

It is lightweight too and has axels made from carbon steel. It glides smoothly and easily and is even suitable for doing tricks when you get a bit more advanced. The whole thing has been factory tested too. The wheels are a little hard for some, especially if you are trying to cruise.

But what it lacks for in softer wheels, it makes up for in all the other ways mentioned. It’s a great product that is no doubt set to have a boom!


  • Good quality materials
  • Reasonable Price
  • Durable, stiff board
  • Good for control


  • Hard wheels might not be to everyone’s preference

Our Verdict

We got some beginner riders to try this one out. They absolutely loved it and preferred it over some of the other options in these reviews as it was much easier to control for a beginner. They also liked the fact that the deck has an extra layer binding it all together meaning it is a lot more indestructible.

I’ve lost count of how many boards I’ve broken over the years but when I was a beginner and buying cheap boards (because I kept breaking them!) this would have been ideal. We think its definitely the best beginner skateboard out there today.

04 RIMABLE Complete 22-inch Skateboard (Best for Kids)

RIMABLE Complete 22-inch Skateboard

If your kids want to join you in skating, or if you’re looking for a board for them, then you’re going to want to choose something that suits their needs.

This mini cruiser skateboard is perfect for kids due to its size and quality of materials. It has an eye-catching design that kids will love and is available in many designs and colors too, meaning that your child can choose what they prefer.

It comes fully assembled, which will no doubt reduce the impatience many kids feel when a new toy arrives! The board is 22” in length and 6” wide – a perfect combination for little feet.

The trucks measure 3” and are made from high-quality aluminum. They’re fitted with PU wheels that are super smooth as well as high-speed bearings.

The maximum weight capacity is 198lb, meaning that your parents can have a go too and show them how it’s done (or not!).  The fact it is made from plastic also means its really durable for kids and is the easiest to clean.

We wouldn’t say that it’s indestructible, but it comes close! More importantly, it’s one of the best looking boards on the list and teenagers love it for that.

It comes with an affordable price tag too at under $50! What a bargain!  Rimable pride themselves in their design and quality, and with good reason.


  • Lightweight
  • ABEC-7 bearings
  • Good for beginners
  • Durable


  • Not great on stony roads

Our Verdict

We got some kids out, beginners and intermediates, and got them to test this one out. They loved it for its design, color options and easiness to ride. The fact that it is really affordable was a bonus for the parents too.

The Rimable has top quality components making it a durable board for kids too – we all know how destructive kids can be when given the chance! This board really will stand the tests that kids will no doubt put it under!

05 Retrospec Zed Bamboo (Best Longboard Skateboard)

Retrospec Zed Bamboo

We’re back to another longboard now: the Retrospec Zed Bamboo board. It is 44” of pure joy to behold made in an artisan fashion with 8-ply Canadian maple and sustainably-sourced bamboo.

This board has a true Californian feel and look, and there’s no wonder given it was designed right in the heart of L.A. The ethically sourced bamboo gives that nostalgia of the Californian beaches.

It gives a smooth and reactive ride thanks to its 70mm PU wheels that are casted black bushing wheels at 90A durometer. They have a rock finish too. Combined with ABEC-7 bearings, you can’t ask for smoother for the price.

The classic shaping helps to ensure you slice the corners well and with speed as well as improving your overall balance.

The board is as durable as can be thanks to its flexible construction and solid maneuvering. There’s less wheel bite thanks to the milled wells for the wheels. It has reverse kingpin trucks which are super responsive and comes ready to board straight from the box!

Despite the intensity of our testing, the ride was always super smooth. It had that hind of vintage charm and beachy surfer vibes that we all loved too.

With all of this, it still cost us less than $60! And I wasn’t the only one who loved it. If you want a longboard, this really is the best there is out there today.


  • Wide, sturdy wheels
  • Comfortable to stand on, easy to control
  • Good reactions and smooth gliding
  • Pre-assembled


  • Higher deck than some which may mean time to get used to balancing on it!

Our Verdict

As far as reasonably-priced longboards go, you can’t really get much better than this. It was comfortable to ride and easy to control. The fact it came pre-assembled made the whole testing it out thing a cinch! It felt great to ride, so smooth and easy.

Moreover, I loved its vintage feel. I could have been out on the Canadian boardwalks cruising along. But I wasn’t. I was just in a regular street!

06 Teamgee H5 37 inch Electric Skateboard

Teamgee H5 37 inch Electric Skateboard

This electric board is up there with the best of electric ones! It is a longboard measuring 37” and is 8.7” wide. Weighing at 14.5lbs with a weight limit of up to 200lbs, it stands at 3” off the ground and is the thinnest E-skateboard there is at only 0.5” thick.

It is made from 10-ply Canadian Maple as well as 1-ply fiberglass giving medium flex and therefore a smoother ride. There are two high-powered 380W brushless motors which means it has a range of 9-11 miles and a top possible speed of 22mph. It can even go up to 20° uphill. The battery also regenerates downhill, recharging as it goes.

It comes with a remote control with an LCD screen so that you can change speeds and directions as well as for reversing. The battery is integrated within the deck and can be charged within about two hours. None of the components are visible from the outside so the board still remains aesthetically pleasing.

The 3.5” wheels are made from high-elastic PU, giving you a most comfortable ride. It also comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty from mechanical defects as well as a T-tool, LED light, adapter and charger too. This may not be the fastest electric model out there, but it can beat any of its peers within the price range.

This is an expensive product as its an electrical skateboard so it cost around $470 at the time we tested it.


  • Top speed of 22mph
  • 20% grading uphill
  • Dual motor
  • Regenerative battery


  • Not fully water-tight
  • Expensive

Our Verdict

This is a great choice for an electric longboard under 500 dollars. Yes, it is expensive, but so are the majority of electric skateboards out there. It is not fully waterproof, but it is powerful, even managing to go up 20% gradient hills!

The great thing about the battery is that it’ll recharge if you go downhill and only takes 2 hours to fully charge. We loved testing it out!

07 Merkapa 22″ Beginners Skateboard

Merkapa 22" Beginners Skateboard

The Merkapa complete skateboard has a unique design of LED wheels but no batteries that need charging! They will always light up as you ride. I

t’s a colorful skateboard anyway but it has the added edge of these crazy lights. Kids love it. But, then so do adults! It’s a complete board right from the box so you can jump straight on.

The deck is 22” and is super safe thanks to its sturdy PP deck. Despite its ruggedness, it is lightweight with 3.2” aluminum trucks and 78A PU wheels. It is also equipped with ABEC-7 bearings that have shock absorbency for extra comfort.

It’s suitable for beginners, children and adults but the recommended upper weight limit is 180lbs.

The electricity generated from the rotary power of the wheels powers the LEDs giving it the edge. The wheels are transparent with a smooth curve and are softer thanks to their PU durometer.

This means that the ride is comfortable and smooth too. This one is one of the best budget skateboards on our list as it costs less than $40.


  • LED wheels
  • Comes in lots of colors
  • Perfect beginner board for kids
  • Durable


  • Wheels may not be long-lasting

Our Verdict

This one is unique thanks to its funky flashing LED lights that don’t require batteries! Not only is it super bright on the deck but it’s also pretty bright on the light front too. Want something that stands out, then this is certainly the one for you.

What’s more, it was really well liked and rated AND it did not cost the earth either. In fact, some would say that it was actually a cheap skateboard.

08 MINORITY 32inch Maple Skateboard

MINORITY 32inch Maple Skateboard

Next up is the Minority 32” maple deck skateboard. The deck is solid and made from cold-pressed 100% maple in 7-ply. It has a mediate concave making it perfect for tricks. It is strong too with genuine casted aluminum alloy 5” trucks, fitted with a kingpin of carbon steel.

The wheels are made from 120A PU that’s high rebound and have ABEC-9 bearings for the smoothest rotation possible. The bearings are chrome steel and work well with 52mm wheels – the perfect combination for tricks too!

Minority wanted to create something that is suitable for everyone, no matter their skating ability level. Beginners can use the board for practicing their skills whereas those more skilled will love the strong trucks to do some grinding.

The excellent parts are mixed with top-quality materials making it a skateboarding construction masterpiece in terms of its engineering.

It has a symmetrical shape with a spacious kick nose and tail. This gives the rider a great stance and maneuverability. It is really responsive and accurate and gives you the opportunity to show off your skills.

What is more, Minority also try to care for the environment in their manufacturing. They minimize the environmental impact in their materials and techniques using sustainable wood and glues that are methanol-free. All off-cuts are also recycled!

Additionally, their put great thought into their art work on the boards. There are many different options available to suit all riders despite their interests and backgrounds.


  • Minority are concerned for the environment in their production
  • Strong deck
  • ABEC-9 bearings
  • Excellent grip tape
  • Great graphics


  • You will need to clean the wheels after each use

Our Verdict

This was a great ride. The ABEC-9 bearings mean that it was really smooth ride. We liked the strong wooden deck and the great grip tape! We also thought that the range of cool graphics and the reduced environmental impact were what set this apart from others in its group.

For less than $40 when we tried out it, we were shocked that such good things could come from something so affordable!

09 Playshion 39″ Drop Through Freestyle Cruiser

Playshion 39" Drop Through Freestyle Cruiser
Get from Amazon

This cruiser has big, soft PU wheels measuring 70mm x 50mm with ABEC-9 bearings within, giving you a very smooth ride indeed. With 7” reverse kingpin aluminum trucks with soft brushings, the ride is also extremely comfortable.

The 39” slightly concave deck is flexible but strong and made from 8-ply maple, capable of holding a maximum weight of 250lbs. Kids, adults… pretty much anyone can ride this thing! It has a low ground feature, thanks to its drop-through mounting tech that makes it even easier for kids to learn on.

Not only that, this board suits many styles of skateboarding: curving, sliding, cruising, freeriding, freestyle and downhill. Stopping and starting is easier thanks to its low ground clearance and therefore its stability is better than many too.

The wheels are 78A SHR wheels which means they are hard enough to steer firmly but soft enough for smooth travel and landings. With ABEC-9 bearings, it’s one of the smoothest rides around.

It weighs around 7lb so is fairly light in weight too. It also comes with a multi-purpose skate tool as well as an attractive sticker.

Costing around $55 at the time of our research, it was also one of the cheaper models out there. Coupled up as one of the best rated skateboards, we were really happy having tried this one out!


  • ABEC-9 bearings
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Suitable for all kinds of skating styles
  • Cheaper cost


  • Not a great choice for advanced riders or pros

Our Verdict

If it’s versatility and beginner-ability you’re after, this board ticks a lot of boxes. It’s especially great for a beginner or intermediate rider who wants to try out a few different skateboarding styles. It doesn’t cost the earth either.

The wheels are strong yet smooth thanks to ABEC-9 bearing. We loved testing this one! Clearly lots of others agreed as it also got positive reviews elsewhere.

10 POSITIV Team Complete Skateboards

POSITIV Team Complete Skateboards

Our last-but-not-least place skateboard goes to the POSITIV Team complete skateboard. These boards are made in either maple or birch and are fused together with the company’s proprietary AirLam with waterproof glue. They also feature POSITIV’s own MiniLogo bearings.

The bottom is coated with SST slide treatment which will mean your slides last longer. The deck has a K12 concave and measures just over 32” in length and 8 in width. The wheels are 99A in their hardness and are black in color with treaded surface making them perfect for park and street use.

There are three varieties: the Rodney Jones, the Sandro Dias, and the Team option. We loved the fact that, with three different options, we had different choices in terms of shape and features! But it’s price was a little more than some in its class, at almost $70.


  • Three varieties available
  • Great grip on the wheels
  • Easy to maneuver, especially for beginners


  • Underside scrapes easily

Our Verdict

I liked this one due to how easy it felt to maneuver and gave me a smooth ride. I felt like the control was good and the wheels were very “grippy”, possibly due to their threaded design. It was a bit pricy though and I found that, despite the undercoating increasing my slides, the surface became scraped really easily, which was a great shame.

Still, it was a nice little skateboard and would suit beginners especially due to its ease of use.

Best Skateboards: A Comprehensive Buying Guide

Skateboard buying guide

In comparison with other sports, skating requires a combination of skill and the right gear to improve fast. There are boards for all ages including 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12,18 and 22 years.

However, if you don’t start it as a teen, it will be hard to catch up later on. And if it’s the right board, you’re already ahead of you game.

1. How much does a good skateboard cost?

You won’t break the bank having one of these. You can get cheap skateboards under $50. Most standard packages are offered under $200. You’ll get premium the models under 300 dollars.

For electric or gas-powered models the price may go higher. If you can look for special discounts on Black Fridays, you might get one under $20 or less.

In the following section, we’ll discuss what boxes are to be ticked in order to choose the right one . Firstly, let’s look at the skateboard’s wheels.

2. Skateboard Wheels

Your skateboard’s wheels are really important and affect how you ride in many ways. It helps in your control and when moving the skateboard. Many different wheels exist in different types, colors as well as materials.  Let’s break it down further.


All skateboard wheels are made from PU – polyurethane, which is composite material that’s known for its hardness and durability. This material is also relatively inexpensive, which is why all skateboards, no matter their cost, have PU wheels.

We also need to consider the durometer of the wheels. Most skateboard wheels have a typical durometer of 99a. Higher numbers generally mean harder wheels. These wheels move faster whereas softer wheels move slower but have a stronger grip.

Softer wheels are best for cruiser boards whereas harder wheels are perfect for skate parks with smooth surfaces.

Wheel Size

The majority of wheels for skateboard measure between 50 and 75mm in their diameter. Smaller wheels usually mean your speed will be slower, with larger ones having the opposite effect.

The acceleration is also affected by the wheels’ diameter. That’s why 2-wheel and single wheel models are faster. Smaller wheels are much better for tricks whereas larger ones give the speed and balance that’s needed for cruising.

3. Skateboard Decks

The deck is what usually catches your eye when you’re choosing a new skateboard. There are several considerations here. Firstly, let’s look at the size of the deck.

  • Width

You may be wondering why we have started with the width of the skateboard deck rather than the length. Well, that’s because it is better to choose your skateboard deck based on its width. The ideal width is between 7.5 to 8.5 inches.

What you need will depend on your style of skating as well as your own size. The wrong size board may mean that you find skating much more effort and will find it more difficult to do tricks.

  • Length

Let’s consider the length now. Usually, skateboards measure between 28 and 32 inches. Sorter boards tend to be narrower, long ones wider.

  • Wheelbase

You also need to consider the wheelbase. The wheelbase is usually between 13 and 15 inches, which is the distance between the wheel mounting holes. Choosing a wheelbase affects your board’s overall performance and your experience level is an important thing to factor in here.

  • Material & Color

Decks are of various types and styles. They’re made of a variety of materials including, wood, bamboo, resin, plastic, aluminum, carbon fiber and titanium. The latter are the strongest and most expensive decks you can buy.

One the other hand, decks have vibrant and stylish graphics. They come in a wide range of color schemes, and the most popular ones are black, withe, blue, yellow, snow, rainbow, pink, purple, maroon, and brown.

4. Skateboard Bearings

When choosing a skateboard, you need to consider the kind of bearings that it comes with. Bearings are there to help reduce friction in the wheels so that the axel spins smoothly. There are several things to consider in a bearing.

  • Materials

There are two main materials for bearings: stainless steel and ceramic. Steel is durable and affordable, but they do require maintenance and lubrication.  Ceramic bearings tend to be more expensive but are not as affected by heat energy.

  • Size

Skateboard bearings come in a standard 608 size. They tend to have a 7mm width, 22mm diameter and a core that measures 8mm.

Make sure you look closely at the bearings and all their parts such as shields, rings, ball retainers and steel balls so that you have the best possible bearings for you.

5. Skateboard Trucks

One of the skateboard’s key parts is its trucks. The skateboard trucks are the mounted pieces that are underneath the skateboard deck. They attach the wheels and the bearings to the board. Your trucks need to be durable and last a long time.

  • Truck Height

The height of the truck means the distance measured between the deck’s underside and the hanger. You usually pick up a middle-sized truck as these work well with the vast majority of boards.

Higher or lower trucks are available if you want a particular style for your skating. Low trucks give more stability when flipping and are better if wheels are small.

Higher trucks are for wheels that are bigger as well as cruising and carving styles.

  • Truck Width

Trucks have different widths. You need to make sure that your trucks will suit your deck. Trucks correspond with the width of the deck, so it is imperative you choose the right ones.

6. Skateboard Hardware

The skateboard’s hardware is there to hold the trucks on the deck. All trucks need locknuts and bolts. You must check they are the right size for your board. The hardware is dependent on this.

Long boards and cruisers need hardware that measures 1 1/8 inches. You can also add risers between the deck and the trucks too.

7. Skateboard Grip Tape

Grip tape is what’s found on the skateboard’s deck to give you, well, grip! Grip tape is essential for staying on your board. It makes it easy to ride.

There is not a particular standard for grip tape and their brands. You can make your choice based on your favorite types and skateboard brands.

Reliable grip tape from a reputable company is really important in making sure your skateboard is ready to go. It also is there to customize your board and make it unique. You can get it in all sorts of colors and styles.

Whatever brand you are using make sure that you clean the grip tape regularly.

8. Riser Pads

Risers are plastic, hard pads that are placed between the decks and the truck to increase its height. They are sometimes used to prevent wheel bite, where wheels rub the deck during tricks.

Cruiser Complete vs Regular Complete: Which One Should You Choose?

Before we share favorite skateboards with you, it is important for you to decide which type of skateboard you want. We are recommending complete skateboards but, do you want a regular complete skateboard or a cruiser one?

We need to look at three aspects of these boards. Firstly, the purpose of your board, the size of the wheels, and the shape of the deck.

1. The Board’s Purpose

The two types – cruiser and regular – have different purposes. A regular skateboard is needed if you want to do tricks, go over obstacles in skate parks and up ramps and other urban features in the streets.

These ones are not the best choice if you want to use your board to get places. Cruiser skateboards are great for this and many people use them for their commute to work or school.

2. Wheel Size

Cruisers have softer wheels than regular skateboards that usually measure 59mm. Therefore, they are perfect for rougher surfaces, such as pavements or bumpy roads.

Regular skateboards have smaller and harder wheels, which is why they are more suited to the smoother and harder surfaces of skate parks.

3. Deck Shape

Cruiser and regular skateboards have different deck shapes. A regular skateboard has a raised nose and tail as well as being sort of lozenge-shaped. T

hey are also available in different lengths and widths too. Cruiser decks have this variety of size as well and some also have kick tails so that they can swerve obstacles.

4. Gears to Have

There’s a lot of kit that skateboarders can have. Let’s have a look at some of the options available.

a) Bags & Backpacks

For those of us who are big fans of boarding, you need to have a bag or backpack, especially if you’re a cruiser and use your skateboard to commute or travel.

A backpack needs to be durable and unlikely to get damaged easily, allowing you to carry all your stuff and clothings – maybe even a laptop!

b) Helmet

Yes, we know some of you will deem helmets uncool, but they are essential. The last thing you want is to be banished from skating for life by your doctors due to a serious head or brain injury.

Good head gear is vital if you want to protect yourself and you brain. Get one that is light weight and won’t restrict your movement when skating.

c) Shoes

Skateboarding needs the right shoes. They are essential for safe riding. You need ones with a good-quality sole that won’t wear down easily.

We recommend you to put on high tops for better safety when going off-road. Skate shoes should be flat so they give the most contact area possible when pushing off.

d) Elbow & Knee Pads

To ensure your safety, you should really invest in some elbow pads and knee pads, especially if you are going to try some tricks. Most pads come with easily attachable Velcro straps.

You can also get wrist guards which will limit any injuries resulting from skateboarding.

e) Tricks With Finger Skateboards

Having a finger skateboard means having at tiny skateboard that’s about 96mm in length. With a finger skateboard you can do some tricks with a couple of fingers rather than your feet.

They are a good option if you can’t get out to skate, for example, due to injury. It’ll help you improve your skills inside.

f) Tools

You really should take a tool kit with you (in that backpack of yours!) so that you can fix your board should you need to. Usually, a tool kit for skateboarders includes an L-wrench, screwdriver, hardware ratchet, files and sockets. You might also back some extra bearings too.

Essential Skateboarding Tips & Tricks

In order to get the most out of your skateboard, whatever the type, there are some tips and tricks that you should take note of. Let’s start with the basics first.

The Basics

Generally, you will struggle to progress if you don’t focus on getting the basic technique of skateboarding right. Firstly, make sure you feel how your skateboard behave under your feet when you are trying to carve and lean into corners.

Really concentrate on trying to be at one with the board!


Without balance, you’re a goner. If you can balance, you’ve got the hardest bit done. You can work on improving it a little though. Why not try some balancing techniques like filling an empty plastic bottle and putting your wheel-less deck on top?

Try to maintain your balance whilst leaning in all directions. Can you do it?

Slowly Increase

If you’re finding things difficult, you are moving too quickly. Once you have got your balance and mastered the basics you need to build things up slowly. Try a ramp that’s pretty small and give the tail a tap when you get near the coping.

Land kickflips on one foot at first to make it easier. Try landing with alternate feet and you’ll soon get it.

Too much too soon?

If you’re finding something too difficult and you’re getting frustrated, step away for a bit and try something else. Sometimes your brain needs a break from trying! Try again later after doing things that you know you can do.

Your brain might appreciate the break and then you’ll be able to have another go afresh.

Inspo Vids

Watching a video on YouTube might just be the inspiration and motivation you need to help you get those tricks perfected. Look at how the skaters position their feet! What did we all do before YouTube?

Mongo Style is a no-no

We have all done it, but you just won’t get the stability you need like this. Learn how to push off properly. It is irritating but, after a while, you’ll manage to switch up your style.

Ride Fakie

Riding backwards is tricky. Being able to ride fakie open up a lot more moves. The list is endless and will help you get to the next level. You will need to master it, or you will be in a rut!

Switch Stance

Riding Switch is important too. It is definitely pleasing when you manage to do a good nollie. Riding switch means you’ll be able to connect all your tricks up. It is tricky so if you can’t manage it yet don’t worry. Go back to trying fakie things and keep up with the practice.

Peer Pressure?

Your peers can teach you loads. Head to the skate park and see what moves they can teach you! Don’t be afraid to ask those that are good – they had to start somewhere once too, and most skaters just love someone who is willing to give it a go!

Sometimes, skaters will even approach you with their own tricks and tips, spotting a newbie in need. My best skating pal did the very same for me in a skatepark back in the day.

Master it with the Masters

Get close to those that are good. Really good. You don’t need to be their mate, but just watching what they’re doing will help you and they maybe, just maybe, will take you under their wing!

Make sure you offer them compliments on their skating if you can. You never know, they might just let you in on a secret!

Manhandle the Manuals

Manuals can be tricky but pretty much anyone can learn how to do it. You will be able to combine your tricks in the best possible way. You don’t even need to limit yourself to the regular manuals. Why not give nose manuals a go? It’s hard, but worth it if you can keep persevering.

Step out of the Comfy

Yep, you need to be brave if you want to succeed! Try some bigger ramps, some verts, maybe even a bowl!

It’s all in the Style

Maybe you can do loads of tricks, but do you have style? After mastering tricks, you really need to think about how you do the whole maneuver. Without style you don’t have that pizzazz and just look a bit, well, lazy!

Core Training

Many people don’t realize just how much you use your core when you’re skating. Skateboarding really is a sport, albeit of the extreme kind! Maybe you could do some cross-training exercise to boost your strength at your very core. It’ll help you nail all those tricks!

Skateboard Bearings: Care & Cleaning

Skateboard Bearings Care and Maintenance

It is really important with any skateboard that you clean the bearings! All bearings are replaceable but if you look after them then they last much much longer.

After all, the bearings can make a difference between an average skateboard and a good skateboard. Cleaning does take a bit of time, but a little bit of elbow grease didn’t hurt anyone! This is especially important if your wheels feel like they’re sticking.

Firstly, you will need to remove the wheel and the axle nut. Set them aside but make sure you don’t lose them, along with the two washers on either side of the wheels.

Try to pry the bearings out of the wheels but be careful not to damage them. There are tools available to help you to do this, such as a skater’ multi-tool.

To clean your bearing, you will need to clean off all dust, dirt and grime. Try to find a solvent cleaner that is as environmentally friendly as possible. If you use a non-solvent cleaner, make sure you dry your bearings off as quickly as possible.

Also, you will also need to reapply bearing lubricant afterwards to make sure they’re spinning at their best.

Final Words

And that’s a wrap! I’ve shown you 10 of the best skateboards out there today from a beginner skateboard, a cheap skateboard, and the best cruiser, right through to the best electric skateboard too.

Whatever your level and your style, you will surely find something to take your fancy from our extensive list. And, if you’re still puzzled and stuck for choice, you can’t go wrong with our number one pick.

We really do believe that it’s the best skateboard of all that we tested. It looks neat too and has oodles of eye-catching attention-seeking going on. You can’t fault its price either. Have fun choosing!


Q. 1: What skateboard size is good for beginners?

Ans: You can begin skating on any size board really. Some prefer the bigger boards as they tend to be easier to balance on and easier to maneuver with your feet.You need to choose one that will suit your own size and weight as well as the style of skateboarding that appeals to you most. Even you can make your own customized skateboard easily!

Q. 2: Are skateboards waterproof?

Ans: Some skateboards are waterproof, yes. But you need to be especially careful with electric-powered ones! However, if you have been skating out in the rain and damp, you need to make sure you dry off your board and all its components after use to prevent rust and water damage.

Q. 3: Can the trucks be replaced on a skateboard?

Ans: Yes! You can change up the trucks on pretty much any skateboard.

Q. 4: Can the wheels be replaced on a skateboard?

Ans: Most wheels are easily replaced on the vast majority of skateboards. Ensure you choose the right size and choose a durometer that you are happy with.

Q. 5: Can I tighten or loosen the trucks?

Ans: Yes. A skateboarding multi-tool can help you tighten or loosen the trucks on your board.

Q. 6: At what age can kids start skateboarding?

Ans: Kids can start skateboarding at any age. They do need to have good balance walking first though! You can get skateboards that are well suited to little kids that are good for learning balance. Quite often, young children start off with a scooter so that they have something to hold for balance!

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