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Are Converse Good for Skating – Yes But Not All Models!

are converse good for skating
Written by Brian G Smith

Converse shoes are perfect for skateboarding. The American Converse brand has a whole line of shoes dedicated to skateboarding.

In fact, Converse CONS are designed with the right features that make them the top choice for skateboarding.

Many shoe brands make a set of shoes that are good for skateboarders. For example, the Converse is a trusted, well-known brand of skateboarding shoes that have been used for decades.

What Type of Shoes Are Converse?

Converse started with basketball shoes. They were made from rubber and canvas, making them flexible and light. The shoes had good traction and grip suitable for basketball courts. Skateboarders used to have bare feet so they could emulate surfing.

Barefoot allowed the skateboarders to get a feel for the board that gave more control.

As skateboarding grew, there was the need to create shoes that were for skateboards which had a similar degree of control.

What are the Qualities of Good Skateboard Shoes?

  • Lightweight and durable
  • Good grip and breathability
  • Ankle and arch support
  • Safety and comfort
  • Scratch and scuff-resistant
  • Flexible sole with shock absorbing and distributing facility

Why Converse Shoes are Good for Skating

Why Converse Shoes Good for Skating

a) The material

The material of the Converse shoe gusset is elasticized mesh which is breathable. This aids in comfort as there is no seams. The tongue of the shoe stays straight, so it doesn’t slide from side to side when the foot is moving.

b) For your toes

The toe caps on the Converse shoes are reinforced with added stitching and rubber for more protection and durability. You won’t wear the toe area of the shoe prematurely when you are performing frontside flips or 360s

c) The weight of the Converse

Just because the shoe is reinforced doesn’t mean it becomes heavy. For example, Converse is lightweight because heavy shoes make it hard to skate and do tricks.

Light shoes are used for short and long-distance skating. The shoes need to be this way to aid in breathability, comfortability, and improvement in speed.

d) Reinforcement

The Skating shoe needs to have reinforcement. Skating is no good for shoes and wears them out faster.  Converse are more all-terrain type skate shoes that have added features to handle rough times.

Plenty of support is needed if you are performing board tricks all the time. Also, when you are performing ollie tricks, you are dragging your foot, so plenty of toe reinforcement, such as toe caps, are important.

e) Added protection

Skate shoe brands such as Converse have padding at the heel collar. This works to keep the foot in position when you are moving. In addition, some models have a double heel collar feature adding more protection for your heels.

f) Stitching

To find a decent quality skate shoe, look for those that have a double or triple-stitched. Avoid the ones that are glued or only offer one stitch. The double stitching will keep the shoes together for a longer period of time.

Problems With Skating Wearing Converse

  • Unstable edges
  • Less ankle support
  • Restricts sliding or skate rails
  • No support for sore feet
  • Wears fast from performing ollies and flips

Types of Converse Shoes Good for Skating

a) Leather

Mid-top Converse shoes have a leather lining that is soft with thick padding. This is suited for skaters to give their feet more protection. In addition, the mid-tops offer more protection to the ankles than the low tops. These are best used for light skateboarding.

b) Suede

These Converse shoes are great for skating, but they can take a while to wear in. You might need to consider going up half a size if you don’t have the time to wear them in. Also, suede doesn’t have much ventilation during the hotter months and can retain moisture and sweat.

Types of Converse Bad for Skating

a) Canvas

Canvas is not a durable as the suede type and is a lighter material. As a result, canvas shoes don’t last as long.

There is no ankle or toe support with the canvas style, which is essential for skateboarders.

Canvas can rip easily, which doesn’t suit skateboard training or competing in competitions.

How to Choose a Converse Style for Skating?

a) High-tops

High-tops converse

High-top skateboards are perfect for aspiring skateboarders and can be used to perform a variety of tricks. All high-top skateboards must be at least 36 inches in height.

They also come in a variety of shapes, colors, and designs that can help you customize your board to your personality.

b) Low-tops

low-tops converse

Low-Tops are skateboard shoes designed with a low top and small toe box. Skaters mostly wear them with a longboard or long-frame skateboards.

Low-tops provide enhanced grip on the board because of the extra material used to cover the bottom of the board. However, wearing low-tops offers less stability than high-tops, making it easier to make sharp turns or land on your heel instead of your toes.

This reduced level of control can be tiring for some skaters, especially those who are new to the sport.

c) Mid-tops

mid-tops converse

Mid-tops are a type of skateboard shoe. They are not as popular as traditional skateboard shoes, but they can be used for skating and other sports. Mid-tops have not been around that long but have become a popular design in recent years.

This is due to the fact that they were created with a more comfortable and versatile style in mind. These shoes can be used for both skating and non-skating purposes because of their versatility.

They’re also easy to clean up when they get messed up from using them for different sports or activities

d) Slip-Ons

converse Slip-ons

The slip-on Converse style skate shoes are very popular among teenage girls and young women. They love the brand’s “slip-on kit” which comes with a wide array of colors and sizes, making it easier for them to find what they want.

Skate shoes that are designed for ‘slipping on’ easily and quickly are also ideal for people who skate at their local park or just want to have some fun. Slip-ons can accommodate any type of skateboarders – old school, street, vert, and more.

In addition, they come in different colors and styles, making it easy for everyone to find a shoe that fits their style.

How to Choose Converse for Skating?

How to Choose Converse for Skating

a) Your skating level

The type of sneakers you are wearing is important to your skating performance. The best skate shoes to buy for skaters depend on the nature of the tricks that they are doing and their skating level (beginner, intermediate, expert).

Skaters who skate on flat surfaces should opt for a lightweight skate shoe with minimal protection.

b) Your skating style

There are many different types of skating styles that exist today. These include longboarding, inline skating, speed skating, roller derby skates, figure skates, ice dancing shoes/skates, hockey skate boots/skates, dance shoes/skates, and many more.

You should care about choosing the right Converse for your skating style because there are tons of different types of skateboarding shoes that offer different benefits.

Depending on what you’re looking for, there are sneakers that provide extra stability and grip or there are also shoes with soft foam pads to cushion the impact of your fall.

c) Converse sole thickness

Converse Shoes are known for their iconic looks and their quality. However, the quality of the shoes is not just in the material or design, but also in its sole.

The Converse soles were made with a special rubber called vulcanizing rubber which is very durable and flexible. This type of rubber makes all of your feet feel comfortable because it does not leave any marks on your foot.

d) Heel protection

Even though these shoes are increasingly becoming more popular, it is important to make sure that you are wearing the right protective gear.

If you are buying some new Converse shoes or jeans, be sure to buy some quality skateboard protection for your feet.

The new Protec Heel Guards by Converse protect your foot from any mishaps that can happen on the board. They are tough and durable with a sleek design.

e) Toe caps

Toe caps are the most important part of your sneaker. If you need to replace them, it is recommended that you do not change the size or model of your shoe.

You can choose between four different types of toecaps – rubber, resin, leather, and neoprene.

The rubber or resin toe caps have a more vintage look, while neoprene toe caps are more casual.

Leather toe caps have a sleek contemporary look, whereas plastic is new and perhaps science fiction looking.

f) Foxing tape

The foxing tape is a revolutionary new product that can give your sneakers an extra layer of protection.

The concept is simple – the tape, which comes in different colors, is applied to the shoe, and it prevents the shoe from getting dirty.

g) Elastic gusset

The elastic gusset in the Converse skate shoe keeps the shoe from being destroyed from wear and tear. It is a long strip of rubber that runs around the inside perimeter of the shoe.

The gusset also helps spread out pressure over a large area that makes it more durable. The material used for this rubber is high-quality and non-toxic.


1. What size of Converse do I need for skateboarding?

Ans. The Converse is a bigger fit than the usual, everyday shoe. The Converse brand states that they run about half a size bigger. So if you wear a big size, to begin with, you might prefer to go down a full size.

2. Is it OK to run in Converse?

Ans. You can run with converse if you have no other choice. You shouldn’t run for a long time wearing them. Keep your limit between 1 to 2 miles on flat terrain.

As converse are not made for running, they won’t offer breathability, arch support, and shock absorption facilities.

3. How long does Converse last?

Ans. Usually, 18 months. However, it depends on wearing patterns and frequency. The time can increase if you do not wear them regularly or put heavy strain on them.

4. Are you supposed to wear socks with Converse?

Ans. Always wear socks with any type of shoes including converse. Without socks you may get blisters. It is also unhygienic and produces a stubborn, foul smell.

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