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Atom 95x MountainBoard Review for Sports Enthusiasts | Scooterlay

Specifications at a glance

Ideal forTeen/ Adults
TireDiamond Tread Tire
Tire size8″
HubTri spoke
Weight15.5 lbs.
Overall Length and width43.2″, 34.3″
Deck length38.3″
Deck materialMaple laminate
Brake V4 brake kit
Grip tape46 grit aluminum oxide
Editor Rating :
Star 3.7 out of 5 star

Riding on a board is always critical, but it gives joy to all. Atom 95x mountain board makes the riding a bit controlled with the use of the hand brake and lace on the grip tape. It will help somebody new to the board riding. But will it be a satisfactory ride for someone expert in riding? Well, that might be the reason you are here to read the review. Continue reading this Atom 95x mountain board review and learn more about this board!


  • Great look with the graphic on the board
  • Helpful hand brake to control the bike
  • Easy to carry lightweight board
  • Grip tape for both feet on the board
  • Strong axle with large tires


  • The board is suitable for the small footed persons

Common Questions and Answers

  • Question : How much can it carry?
  • Answer :

    It's an adult board. So it can take on a lot of weight. After trying it on several occasions, we think it can handle about 200 lbs firmly.

  • Question : How well does the brake work?
  • Answer :

    It depends on the circumstances. If you are running in a slope, then it might not work well, but riding in a plain land will give the users full control with the brake.

Our Findings

So far we have seen that this mountain board has lots of things to offer, but we need to dig out the facts in order to make the right decision while buying a new board for riding.

1. Performance

We have found larger tires are very useful while riding as it works like some sort of suspension and gives the users an enjoying ride. The Atom with its large tires do the same, but the problem occurs when you find that the tire is flat somehow. It’s tough to repair them you need to replace it.

The board is nicely decorated and laminated. It has got enough space to put two feet side by side and gear up the ride without putting legs down, but the lace provided with the grip tape is not spacious enough to put on the big size foot. Atom needs to improve its F1 binding to make sure any size foot can get in and enjoy the ride comfortably.

The 46 grit aluminum oxide grip tape with large tires helps the users to ride on the board with better control and flexibility. The handle brake is another plus to control the board perfectly, but you can’t ride the board being straight while the brake handle is in your hand. The brake wire is short for an adult user while cruising it might not be that enjoyable.

2. Ease of use

What we found really enjoying that the board is really very easy to carry because of the weight and compact size. It's an adult board that can easily take on about 200 pounds so you can see a range of people can make their space on the board and enjoy the ups and downs of the skateboarding tracks.

How to use and maintain?

1. How to maintain a mountain board?

After using for a while, all the skateboards need to be taken care. The maintenance process consists of 4 steps. First, clean the board thoroughly, and then check all the joints and parts. If needed you can open all the parts and clean, then put them in the right place and make sure they are fixed properly. If you find any of the parts damaged repair it or replace it. That's the simple rule to maintain a board.

2. What is the best use of 95x mountain skateboard?

As per the manufacturer this board is designed for mountain boarding. The hand brake and the f1 binding with the grip tape is the proof for it. For a newbie rider, it’s a great support to go with slope and feel the speed.

Customers’ Feedbacks

The atom is a well-known manufacturer of Longboard and Mountainboard. The cruiser has been using their boards for a long time. This mountain skateboard is no different from it. Near about 100 customer reviews and 3.8 rating on Amazon shows us that it has got a satisfactory performance.

Our Final Thoughts

Atom 95x mountain board with the handle brake and foot binding on the grip tape becomes a great ride to run with the slope and enjoy the speed. Users will be able to control the ride to some content. For an amateur board rider, this board is of great use for the handle brake. The flat tire may become a concern for some users. Otherwise, the board is a great choice for the new riders.

Colin Kint
Colin Kint Athelete
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