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Learn How to Skate Backwards

How to skate backwards
Written by Brian G Smith

Mastering how to skate backwards is not an easy task. However, if you are a skater or an ice hockey player, you cannot but have a dream of mastering how to skate backwards. Skating backwards is not only fun for its thrilling nature but also very effective for the hockey players. You have to know some basic rules and practice a lot for mastering the backwards skating. Here are some steps you have to follow to learn how to skate backwards:

How to Skate Backwards

If you are a beginner in skating, you should not try skating backwards at all. You must master the normal skating first. However, if you are good at skating and want to learn how to skate backwards, you should not try not to crossover immediately you start learning it. Your first concentration should be establishing balance and creating the momentum of skating backwards.

Step 1

  • Find a wall beside a surface that is appropriate for skating.
  • Place your both hands on the wall and slowly push yourself off.
  • Then you will begin to roll backwards.
  • Keep your body tight and your chest slightly angled down.
  • Take small steps backwards using the motion you got from pushing the wall.
  • Do not take more than 5 or 6 steps backwards until you feel comfortable.
  • Repeat the process several times.

Step 2

  • After repeating the step 1 several times, you should feel comfortable with the backwards
  • After feeling comfortable with the backwards motion, slowly start pushing your feet backwards from left to right.
  • Don’t forget to keep your body tight and your chest angled down when start pushing your feet backwards.
  • Repeat this step until you feel comfortable with the pushing motion.

Step 3

  • After being comfortable and confident of the pushing motion, start cycling your hips from left to right pushing with your feet.
  • Remember; this is the last step. You should master the first two steps before performing this step.

How to Skate Backwards

These are the basic steps to learn how to skate backwards. Nonetheless, you will have to give a lot of time to practice to master the backwards skating. No one is going to master it on their first try because skating shoes are not as safe as kick scooters. So, remember to be cautious and wear helmet and pads while you learn how to skate backwards.

Some Common Mistakes

You should avoid these common mistakes while you learn how to skate backwards.

  • Do not look down at the feet. You might lose your balance.
  • Do not lean forward.
  • Do not walk backwards lifting your feet.
  • Do not move your feet out of the skating position.

How to Ice Skate Backwards

Learning how to ice skate backwards is not as easy as learning how to skate backwards. It will need a lot of practice and effort to master the process. You will need to be patient and enthusiastic to be able to take the pain when you fall while you ice skate.

  • Position your toes inward but keep a gap of at least 2 inches between them.
  • Use your skates to make curves to move backwards.
  • It will look like an ‘S’ but with a less curving.
  • You must bend your knees for skating backward. It should be like you are trying to sit on a chair.
  • Keep your shoulder-width apart to balance your both sides. Your shoulders should be in a straight line with your ankles.
  • You may find it difficult to get a backwards motion by just only pushing your feet backwards. If you do so, get near the wall and push yourself off using your hands on the wall to start moving backwards.
  • Gliding backwards, you should angle your toes inward.
  • With your toes inward, your legs will be split apart when you slide backwards. Then you should angle your heels inward. In that way, you will make an ‘S’ shaped curve on the ice.
  • Don’t angle your toes or heels too much. It depends on your convenience.
  • Pull your feet back to balance your body using the muscles of your legs. You should keep a distance of at least 2 inches between your heels while you pull your feet together.
  • Don’t forget to keep knees bent while you are skating backwards.
  • Don’t lean forward and keep the weight of your body over your feet.
  • If you are not a hockey player, you can place your hands on your knees to support the body while you skate backwards.
  • Keep practicing until you master how to ice skate backwards.

How to Ice Skate Backwards

Skating backwards is not as difficult as it sounds. However, you need to be patient and enthusiastic to master how to skate backwards. You should follow the steps mentioned above to start practicing the backwards skating.

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