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How to Lock an Electric Scooter? – 8 Different Types to Try

How to Lock an Electric Scooter
Written by Brian G Smith

Many locks are suitable for securing an electric scooter, including U-locks and built-in electric alarms.

Some are better than others, and you will need to make sure the lock you choose is suitable for where you are leaving the scooter and how long for.

Can Electric Scooters Be Easily Stolen?

It doesn’t take much for an electric scooter to be stolen for a thief who knows what they are doing. Make it harder for them with a heavy-duty lock and chain.

Don’t attach the scooter to a bike rack, pole, or anything short in height since thieves may lift the scooter over those things. Also, avoid street signs as these can be cut down very easily.

Different Types of Locks for Electric Scooters

1. Built-in theft deterrents

Scooters Built-in theft deterrents

Most electric scooters, especially the modern ones, will already have anti-theft features on them.

You can buy the plug-and-play type security ones but some may need to be wired professionally.

The most common is the key start ignition that controls the on and off feature of the scooter. These have NFC card readers and key fobs.

Without these, no one can start the scooter. Most are hidden inside the scooter so they cannot be tampered with.

The downside is the fact that you need to change the batteries every now and again.

2. Ring locks/Disc brake locks

Ring locks/Disc brake locks

A ring lock, also known as a disc brack lock, is connected to the scooter wheel and immobilizes the scooter. The benefit here is some have a built-in alarm system to.

However, these have a few limitations, such as they are easy to cut with wire cutters, and if nothing is anchoring the scooter to a secure point, it can be carried away.

Scooters also have minimal space for a ring lock due to the spokes in the wheel, so they are more restrictive than other types.

3. Chain locks

Chain locks for electric scooter

Chain and cable locks are very common. The chain is easy to attach and connects through the scooter’s stem.

The downside of this is that placing it too loosely means you can slip the scooter out of the circle or hammered until it breaks.

This means cable and chain locks are more suitable for short time security.

4. Folding locks

Folding locks for electric scooter

Folding locks have small rivets that work to hold the metal plates together but still allow them to move.

Folding locks have the advantage of being extra strong. The only problem is carrying them around; they can become heavy.

In addition, these types of locks are nearly impossible to cut through and need industrial equipment to remove them. They are made with hardened steel links for extra security.

5. Cable locks

Cable locks for electric scooters

Affordable and lighter, cable locks can fold up into a compact size but they are easy to cut if you have the right tools.

These are not the highest form of scoter security when compared to the other options.

Cable locks are often connected with u-locks for extra security. The cable wraps around the scooter and the back wheel and links to the u-lock that’s connected to the front of the scooter.

6. U-locks

U-locks for electric scooters

The u-lock name comes from the U shape of the lock. U-locks are common in securing electric scooters.

7. Alarms

Alarms locks for electric scooters

The electric scooter alarms are great for securing your scooter as they are easy to use with just a touch of a button.

Unfortunately, some alarms are extra loud and respond to even the slightest movement of the scooter.

The system can stay on the scooter at all times, and you simply have to push the button on the fob as you do with central locking on a vehicle.

8. Tracking

Tracking locks for electric scooters

A tracking device allows you to track the location of your scooter if stolen.

Most systems feature a fingerprint that means you can follow the scooter’s location remotely. You can download the smartphone app to access the features.

Most trackers require a subscription and are not easy to install. These systems are activated all the time and run constantly, so you do not need to turn it on when you leave the scooter.

Choosing Locks Based on Time Length

1. U-lock for an entire day

If you are needing an easy and secure way to keep your scooter safe for long periods of time, you are best to use a u-lock.

U locks are protected from harsh elements like the hot sun and wet weather, making them suitable to use should the weather change throughout the day.

They are also extremely durable with anti-theft features like tampering, lock picking, and cutting.

2. Zip tie for a coffee break

Zip ties, unfortunately, don’t offer much security at all but may work for quick jobs.

Small and easy to pack into your bag, they are also easy to apply to your bike and take off with a pair of cutters.

They may work for the times when you secure your bike to run in and grab a coffee but definitely not suitable for any longer than that.

3. Lock with a ground/wall anchor

Ground anchors are a great way to keep thieves from stealing your scooter. These are fitted by getting bolted into the ground.

In some cases, unfortunately, you might need professional installation.

There are holes in which you feed the scooter chain to secure it. As they’re bolted to the ground, thieves won’t even bother to pry them loose.

Why Should You Buy Sold Secure Gold Standard Locks?

Gold-rated locks have resistance to prolonged attacks by various tools.

Classified as the best lock for securing your scooter, these types of locks have been tested for long periods to see if they can handle what is thrown at them.

There are several levels of security locks such as silver and diamond, with gold being the best and most secure.

Tips to Secure Your Electric Scooter

1. Cover your scooter

An electric scooter cover will protect it from the harsh weather and avoid people stealing it.

Many people won’t bother trying to get the covers off a scooter to steal it. It takes more time and makes more noise attracting attention.

2. Use more than one lock

If you can afford to use more than one security measure, then you should. The more steps a thief has to go to, the more they are going to be deterred away to something else.

3. A shorter lock is better

When using a u-lock, try and get the smallest one you can with the shortest chain. This will make it hard for tools to be inserted in between the lock and the scooter.

The chain cannot also be sat on the ground and smashed with a hammer.

4. Always remove your keys

This is basic knowledge for everyone who owns a vehicle, a motorbike, or an electric scooter.

Thieves look for easy ways to steal things, and leaving a key inside is just making it easy for them to take.

If you use a scooter with a key, remember to take it out and take the key with you.

Never leave it near the scooter or hidden under the wheel etc. criminals know these tricks and will look for a key first.

5. Don’t leave accessories with the scooter

Take any accessories and electric scooter parts with you if you are planning to leave the scooter.

Thieves will take the accessories like helmets, gloves, and mobile phones sitting in holders.

6. Anti-theft warranties don’t always pay out

You might have anti-theft warranties but don’t rely on them to use when a theft occurs. There is many requirements you need to meet, such as:

  • Register the vehicle and lock
  • File a police report and provide that information
  • Provide an image of the original key
  • Give a photo of the broken lock
  • Provide descriptions of how you locked the scooter up
  • If covered by insurance, show proof of deductible

7. Use several zip ties together to increase the length

The reusable zip ties can be joined together to increase the length of your scooter’s security.

These are great when you need to secure your scooter for quick pit stops. You get a 400mm locking diameter with each one.

They can also be used as a backup for the primary method of security while you have left the scooter unattended.

8. Use a cable through the back wheel to connect to a u-lock

Putting a strong cable through the back wheel then connecting it through the inside of a u-lock means another added layer of security.

It can be easily cut with an angle grinder, so it’s the best method for long periods of time.

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