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How to Spin on Roller Skates: Easy Steps for Beginners!

How to Spin on Roller Skates
Written by Kevin Gerard

Adding roller skating to your physical routine is a great way to have fun and stay healthy. But when you’ve mastered the basics and feel comfortable on your skates, it might be time to try something new.

You can learn to spin on roller skates with these tips and tricks!

How to Spin on Roller Skates

Spin type 1: Spread eagle spinout

How to Spin on Roller Skates - Spread eagle spinout

Step 1: Start by placing your skates side by side at 90 degrees while standing on the ground. In the spread eagle spin-out, you should be in this position to help you rotate.

Step 2: After that, move your weight to one leg and use the other to move in a circular motion. Afterward, move both legs in a circular motion.

Step 3: When it’s time to do the spread eagle, begin skating forward in the correct posture. Start skating in a circular motion as you did earlier. Follow the leading leg with the other foot, but face the opposite direction.

Spin type 2: Pivots

How to Spin on Roller Skates - Pivots

Step 1: Ensure you complete a full circle around your toe before pivoting forward.

Step 2: You can do the same thing in reverse for a back-inside pivot. You may also find it helpful to gauge the direction you feel most comfortable spinning in at this point.

Spin type 3: Spins

a) With toepick

Method 1: Crossing foot spins to backspins

Step 1: Here you are doing the one-foot spin and then crossing the foot you have free over the foot that’s spinning. Start by spinning one foot, and then place your free foot stretched out in front.

Step 2: Once you can hold that position without the hassle, you can cross your free foot over the one spinning. Again, your whole body needs to be together, from arms to legs.

Method 2: Backspin

Step 1: Do a backward pivot to get your momentum, then complete a reverse spin.

Step 2: When spinning, the arms need to be hugging your chest with your free foot spread out over the spinning foot.

Step 3: Maintaining your confidence is essential to keep you spinning when crossing over.

Method 3: One-foot spin

Step 1: Start with some pivots to help you get your momentum ready.

Step 2: Once you have the speed, you lift one foot and spin the other foot. Most often, you spin with the dominant foot.

Step 3: You might find it hard spinning for a few loops. Try spinning for only a quarter of the loop, then build up.

Step 4: Your arms stay out then you bring them in once you are spinning.

Method 4: Sit spin

How to Spin on Roller Skates - Sit spin

Here you are spinning while sitting.

Step 1: When you are sitting on top of your skates, you need to start spinning.

Step 2: You then have to have one leg extended out in front.

Method 5: Cross foot/scratch spin

How to Spin on Roller Skates - Cross foot spin

Step 1: Do the cross-foot spin then you can step out and move into the backspin. When changing spins, try the backward pivot to gain momentum to help you push off to do the backspin.

b) With or without toepick

Method 1: Toe spin

Step 1: One toe functions as a pivot in a toe spin, while the other spins.

Step 2: The spinning toe must get pushed out and in.

This technique emphasizes the front part of your skates, so try not to do them up too tight.

Check out this video for a quick lesson on the spinning

Method 2: One heel spin

How to Spin on Roller Skates - One heel spin

Step 1: You need to start with the pivot heel you prefer.

Step 2: Push out then around like how you would with a normal heel spin.

Step 3: When ready, you can lift the spinning foot from the floor.

Method 3: Heel spin

Step 1. Start with one foot flat and one heel up.

Step 2. Now push off to start spinning.

Step 3. The aim is to have one heel going forwards and the other in reverse.

Step 4. Bringing your feet together and back out will make you spin faster.

Method 4: Heel and toe/two-foot spin

Step 1: Your body needs to be in the center on the wheel of the heel, with the toe wheel helping you spin.

Step 2: If you find this hard, stand in the position to get your balance first.

Step 3: When you feel ready, you need to extend the toe wheel out and go around the heel wheel. Keep trying until you can do several rotations.

c) Air spins/jumps

Method 1: 360° spin

How to Spin on Roller Skates - 360° spin

Step 1: Try this first on the ground without your skates on.

Step 2: Try to maintain body posture because it can be hard to control the spins as they get bigger.

Step 3: When landing, you need to land straight, so you are in the direction of the movement.

Step 4: Increase the speed and aim to grab the foot as you do in a 180 to maintain balance and help you jump higher.

Method 2: Fakie 180° spin

Step 1: When you jump, your body needs to follow the head. The head will be looking over the shoulder, which you need to control the jump. You turn your head in the direction you want to go.

Step 2: Before jumping, you need to bend the knees to push off to jump in the air. This will help your body gain momentum to allow the spin to work. Don’t turn your feet when your wheels are on the ground.

This video can give you some good tips

Method 3: 180° spin

Step 1: First, you need to jump 180 degrees but keep proper body posture.

Step 2: Your knees will bend over the toes, and your feet need to be in a staggered position for balance. Do the 180 by slowly skating into it and keeping your feet tight. This will allow you to jump higher and maintain balance.

How Beginners Can Spin on Roller Skates

Step 1: Practice pivoting on one leg

Step 2: Perform 180-degree pivots

Step 3: Rotate to the side that feels most comfortable for you

Step 4: Try 360-degree spins

Step 5: Keep your balance when spinning

Step 6: Make two spins

Step 7: You might have to retrain yourself after putting on new skates

Step 8: Try a toe-spin

Step 9: Train your muscles

Step 10: Install more slippery wheels and bearings

Step 11: Go for three spins

Step 12: Develop a better balance by experimenting with arm movements

Step 13: Keep your skates spinning for as long as you can

Step 14: Land the four-spin

Why are your skate wheels not spinning very fast?

  • Wheels are tight
  • Dirty bearings
  • Type of wheels
  • Damaged Trucks
  • Cheap wheels
  • Improper pushing

How to make roller skate wheels spin faster

Check out this simple youtube video for adjusting your roller skates when you get them. This will ensure your wheels are not spinning against you.

How to clean and maintain roller bearings for a faster spin

  • To remove the axle nuts, use a socket wrench or skate tool.
  • Remove the axle nuts from the wheels.
  • Open the wheel bearing and remove it. The process may need repeating if the wheel becomes flipped over.
  • When the bearing cover becomes dented, it has worn out. After removing them, you should begin cleaning them.
  • Take the bearings apart and clean the innermost parts. Even though this is good, it isn’t wise to dismantle them. Especially if you do not have the skills to loosen and assemble machine parts.
  • The bearing should get cleaned of old grease and anything else found inside it. Lubricants such as WD-40 isn’t recommended to use on your bearings. At least, not yet. To remove them, soak them for a few minutes in citrus bearing cleaner.
  • Spin your bearings. If there are no screeching noises or significant resistance, the bearings are good.
  • You can either dry them out in the sun or dry them with a towel or a clean cloth.
  • This step applies grease or oil to the bearings to lubricate them. Next, apply a little lube to it to prevent it from becoming a long-term problem.
  • Replace the bearings on the wheels. You should put the fastest and best bearings at the front and the old ones at the back.

Quick tips for spinning on roller skates

  • Bring your arms in with your elbows up. Imagine hugging a ball.
  • Your palms should be facing the sky when raised above your head.
  • Start with your feet parallel, and then bring your feet together to generate power
  • Watch the direction you’re spinning in and out of from the corner of your eyes. Make sure you press your tongue into whichever side of the face you’re spinning in. Doing so will force your eyes to focus in the right place.
  • You will gain more balance and control if you practice slow, controlled rotations. This is better than fast multi-rotation spins that are out of control.
  • While spinning, remember to breathe. Avoid holding your breath.
  • Gear is important. Harder wheels will provide more rotations. Spins should be better with smaller wheels.
  • You can review your body movement by recording videos of your spins. Make sure you include your upper body and arms to make your spin more effective!
  • consider working with a coach

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