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Electric Scooter Safety Tips – Ride Safely and Legally

Electric scooter
Written by Brian G Smith

The best electric scooters are typically built with many great features such as removable comfort seat, LED headlight, water-resistant control box, chain drive, dual front and rear shocks, and rear disc brakes. These make your ride easier and more enjoyable, but there are some safety measures you should follow to ride the electric scooters without any trouble. This article will provide you the most necessary 10 safety tips to ride your electric scooter safely.

10 Electric Scooter Safety Tips

Electric Scooter Safety Tips

Learn How to Operate and Take Care of Your Electric Scooter Properly

You must always have complete command over the riding procedures and should be aware of the various specifications of your electric scooter. An electric scooter is much faster than a kick scooter. So, you might face accidents riding an electric scooter unless you are good at it. So, learn how to ride an electric scooter the practical way.

Always Ride Alone

The electric scooters are usually designed for single riders. There are a few specially designed electric scooters that can be ridden by two people, but it’s always safer to ride alone. So, if you own a usual electric scooter, don’t even think of taking another person with you, not even your child or wife. Most of these scooters cannot bear the weight of two people together. Even if they can, it will be very difficult for you to keep the balance while riding with another person on your scooter.

Electric Scooter Safety Tips - Always Ride Alone

Follow the Traffic Rules Very Carefully

You must always be aware of the traffic rules and regulations in your particular area even if you don’t own a car or a bike. Riding an electric scooter in the central road is prohibited in many places. However, you should always follow the specific traffic rules when you are riding an electric scooter in your locality also. You should always avoid the busy roads to ride a scooter even if the traffic rules allow you to do it.

Don’t Even Think of Receiving or Making Any Phone Call

Switch off your phone or keep it silent when you are riding. If you cannot do that and you have to answer or make a call, then you must have a break. Keep your scooter parked roadside if you’ve to make or receive your calls.

Avoid Over-Speeding and Risky Riding Behaviors

Over-speeding can always be dangerous and even sometimes life-taking! It often results in dangerous accidents and serious injuries. A razor e300 electric scooter might give you a lot of speed, but you need to be careful about the circumstances when you are speeding up.

Keep Your Electric Scooter Clean and Running

The dust particles can accumulate to affect the motor of the electric scooter if you don’t clean it regularly. You should also keep the scooter running to avoid battery damage. So, be careful when you are going for a ride after keeping your scooter idle for a long time. It might misbehave on the road.

Charge Your Scooter Regularly

Don’t over-charge your electric scooter. Charge your scooter regularly after riding it. Over-charging a scooter might damage its battery. Sometimes battery explodes if it’s over-charged. Whoa! Don’t worry too much! It usually doesn’t explode.

Look out for the People on the Roads

Don’t be too caught up with the fun of riding scooter and roll over the people on the roads. Be extra careful while riding on a crowded road.

Choose Appropriate Riding Gears and Clothing

You must always wear a helmet while you are riding. You should not also ignore the importance of safety gadgets that are associated with riding. A beginner should use elbow-pads and knee-pads also. Full-sleeve comfortable clothes or jerseys are also favorable for riding. Choose the shoes that are comfortable for you. Cycling shoes are a good choice for scooter riding also.

Avoid Performing Stunts or Tricks with Electric Scooters

Electric scooters are not meant for stunts or tricks. Kick scooters are better options to perform the tricks and stunts with. There are a few electric scooters designed for stunts and tricks, but kick scooters are the better option to do that.

Electric Scooter Safety Tips - Avoid Performing Stunts

Riding an electric scooter is a fun and satisfying experience. It can also be a pragmatic solution to get to your work. So, don’t make the experience bitter by avoiding the safety mentioned above rules while riding an electric scooter. For the beginners, the self-balancing electric scooters or the 3 wheel electric scooters are the safest options for the electric scooter-riding experience.

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