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10 Best Ice Skating Poses

Ice skating poses
Written by Brian G Smith

There are some ice skating poses that all ice skaters dream to learn and master. If you are a fan of ice skating, those ice skating poses are bound to leave you astonished. These poses take years of practice and passion to master. So, let’s explore the best 10 ice skating poses for the fans to recognize and the skaters to practice.

Waltz Jump Ice Skating Poses

When you will see an ice skater taking off from a forward outside edge, you will know that it is going to be a Waltz Jump pose. In this jump, you will see the skater making a half revolution on the air and landing on his/her back outside edge on the opposite foot.


Salchow Ice Skating Poses

The name of this jump came from its inventor Ulrich Salchow in 1909. You will see a salchow jump pose when an ice skater slides from the back inside edge of his/her one foot to the back outside edge of the other foot. In this pose, the ice skater performs a half revolution in the air. She/he will do it from a forward outside in three turns. After turning three times, the skater will stop for a moment with the free foot extended behind. Then she/he will swing the free leg forward and around with a wide taking up motion. Then she/he will jump and land on the free leg doing the motion.


Toe Loop Ice Skating Poses

For outdoor ice skating or public ice skating, toe loop is a popular jump pose. It was invented by Bruce Mapes during 1920s. Bruce Mapes was an American professional skater. To be honest, the toe loop pose is called a Mapes jump pose if you do it with a pair of roller skating shoes instead of ice skating shoes.


You will see a toe loop pose when an ice skater skates backward on an outside edge with a toe assist. The skater will pick with the other toe and then jump to perform a half revolution in the air like a waltz jump. She/he will land on the foot that did not pick. The skater will be gliding backward on the outside edge of his/her skating shoe while landing to take a pose.

Loop Ice Skating Poses

Loop jump is quite similar to toe loop jump poses except there is no toe assist in loop jump poses. It is sometimes called a threshold or  edge jump.


What happens during a loop jump is an ice skater uses the outside edge of the skating shoes to lift herself off the ground, take a full revolution there, and then landed back by using the same side of the skating boots.

Flip Ice Skating Poses

You will see a flip jump pose when an ice skater glides backward on a back inside edge of a foot and picks with the other foot to jump a full revolution in the air. Then she/he will land on the back outside edge of the foot that she/he uses to pick.

Flying Ice Skating Poses

The flying pose of ice skating is a spin with a jump entry. In a flying sit spin, a skater jumps upwards and bends his/her knee to form a sitting pose at the peak of the jump. Then she/he lands in that similar sitting pose on the ice to perform a spin.


Layback Ice Skating Pose

Layback poses are usually performed by women. The skater spins with an upright position. While increasing the speed of the spin, she lets her head and shoulders go backward curving her back. It is called the layback pose of ice skating.


Lutz Ice Skating Poses

The Lutz jump pose was invented by Alois Lutz, an Australian, in 1913. The Lutz jump pose is quite similar to the flip pose, but the takeoff is exactly the opposite. Skaters use the rear outside edge of the left/right foot to lift off and then landed back by using the rear end of the other foot.

Axel Ice Skating Pose

The name of this jump came from its inventor Axel Paulsen in 1882. There are two categories of jumps in figure skating-edge jump and toe jump. Axel jump belongs to the edge jump category. It is a different type of jump than other types of a jump because during axel jump skater lift her off the ground while skating forward and make an additional half-rotation on the air.


Biellmann Ice Skating Poses

Biellmann ice skating poses are a variety of upright spin poses named after its inventor Denise Biellmann. This spin pose requires excellent flexibility in your back and legs. This pose is only performed by women. In this pose, the skater bends her shoulders backward standing in an upright position and lifts a foot upward from her behind to grab onto the skate blade of that foot by her hands. Then she spins while standing upright on one foot in a kind of reverse split position.


These ice skating poses are extremely difficult and should be performed by professional skaters only. These poses are generally performed in outdoor ice skating or public ice skating. Professional skaters wear different sets of ice skating costumes when they perform these ice skating poses and moves.

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