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How Fast Can a Skateboard Go? – Faster than You Think!

How Fast Can a Skateboard Go
Written by Colin Kint

On average, a skateboard can reach between 5 to 12 miles per hour.

But astonishingly in 2016, a skateboard had gone 95.83 km/h (59.55 mph)! According to the Guinness World Records, it was a Slovenian electric skateboard ridden by the Canadian skater Mischo Erban.

And Kyle Wester, titled “The fastest Skateboarder ever” had broken all the Downhill speed records by going at a speed of 89.41mph/143.89km/h in August the same year.

Skateboard Speed Explained


When it comes to speed, the environment and the surface condition play a vital role.

Riding through urban areas cannot be the same as riding through your favorite country road.

In city streets, you have to consider traffic, stairs, crowds, speed blocks, and such obstructions.

Skating Skill

Speed is an easy game when you are a skater with true skills.

The pro skaters see their skateboards as their best companions, as an organ to the body!

When you know how to deal with crowds in urban areas, when to turn, flip, jump, slide, and how to keep your body rightly balanced on your board, you can go gear up, speed up and be the ultimate sucker for attention.

Skateboard Setup

All the arts of smooth skateboarding and good speed lie in the setup part.

The size of the wheels, the shape of the board, the tightness or laxity of the nuts and bolts – all these factors are determined when setting up the skateboard.

The setup will determine how enjoyable your riding will be.

Wheel Size

Wheels are the most important parts of your skateboard.

Before you make your choice, you should keep a few things in mind – for great speed, get bigger wheels.

Or if you prefer a bit slower but smoother ride, the small ones are for you. Softer wheels will give you a better overall experience.

Besides, the standard wheel size for cruising in urban areas should be 65mm in diameter with 78A and 85A durometer so they last.

Board Length

For a faster pace, a longboard is a fine choice.

As you ride, you’ll find yourself in a more relaxed posture on a longboard compared to other regular or penny boards.

An average longboard can reach up to 9 mph; that is 1 mph faster than most skateboards. However, longboards are not encouraged in the urban streets.


Bearings are the souls of your wheels. There are types of bearings you can choose which are differently rated.

Highly rated ones will give you a faster go. But as the wheels roll faster, the momentum will increase; and balancing the board will get more thrilling.

Average Speed of Different Types of Skateboard

Electric Board

Electric Skateboard Average Speed

The electric skateboards are personal transporters. As they are constantly upgraded with new technology, they are super speedy and easy to ride on after a fair practice.

The fastest electric skateboard has reached 95.83 km/h (59.55 mph) as of yet.

Cruiser Board

Cruiser Board Speed

If you just wanna simply roll around with a skateboard and not perform a lot of tricks, This is your version. You could easily travel at a speed of 5-7 mph with cruisers.

Electric One Wheel

Electric One Wheel Speeds

One Wheels are self-adjusting electric commuters. These sporty boards are seen as a type of electric skateboard.
At top speed, they can go around 16 mph.


Longboards average speed

Longboards are pretty similar to skateboards but vary in hardware structures and features.

The board here is precisely long and the wheels are bigger to support better-traveling speed.

Longboards have an average speed of 8-9 mph.

Average Skating Speed in Everyday Life

  • 7.5 mph for trained skaters with soft wheels
  • 8 to 12 mph travel for 2 miles to school takes 10-15 minutes
  • 7 miles of cruising the beach reaches 7 mph
  • A 10-mile trip reaches 5 to 8 mph with normal speed on the flat
  • According to the UC Davis experiment, Relaxed longboarding (by kicks) goes 8 to 9 mph
  •  8 to 9 mph for relaxed longboarding (by kicks)

Do This to Make Your Skateboard Faster!

Tips to Make Skateboard Faster

  • Use High-quality Wheels – Get bigger and better-rated wheels. No better way to speed your board up than this.
  • Run On Smoother Roads – Do not run on cracky, uneven terrains and hope for speed at the same time.
  • Harder Wheels – For speedy travel, Harder wheels are way better than the softer ones.
  • Get A Better Aerodynamic – Practice more to acquire some awesome skating skills.
  • Get New Bearings – The newest bearing models allow your wheels to roll creamy smooth.
  • Don’t Shift Your Side Frequently – You’ll get slower when you’ll constantly take turns and show off your tricks.

Can You Skateboard Faster Than Run?

Can You Skateboard Faster Than Run

With the right skateboard and gears, you can of course go faster than you run; unless you run like the Flash.

The average speed for a human running rises around 15 miles an hour.

It seems that a human could win but they can only run for a few minutes like this.

Can You Skateboard Faster Than A Bike?

Some skaters are faster than some bikers. But a skateboard is no match for the modern high-power electric bikes whatsoever.


Q. How long does it take to skateboard 1 mile?

Considering the average speed of 7.5 miles an hour and traffic regulations, it would take a skateboard commuter about 8 minutes to reach one mile of distance. Keep in mind that the amount of uphill, downhill, and the plain sections will determine the average speed too.

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I’m a professional skateboarder and have participated in most skateboarding competitions in San Francisco. I believe my innate passion for the sport drove me to pursue my career as a professional skateboarder.

Another reason I’ve got so good at it is because of my relentless practice sessions with my friends. As an environmental activist with an undergraduate law degree, I volunteer in different community awareness programs. I’m also into photography and do most of the photography for this site.

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