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How to Barspin on a Scooter: A Step-By-Step Guide

Written by Colin Kint

If you are riding on a scooter or a bike, Barspin is an essential trick to learn.  Though it is a bit difficult than the conventional bunny hop, it serves as an additional charm to popular trick. You can learn the basic steps of Barspin simply by understanding the right movement of your hands, with consistent practice, to build on your progression and confidence level.

How to Barspin on a Scooter: Detailed Guide

Doing the BMX Barspin

Start your riding at a pace you feel comfortable. Try to use the muscles of your arm to pull the wheel upward. At the same time, try to shrug your shoulders forward. Lift the rear part of the wheel. Now take out time to practice a move that can take the rear wheel of your bike or pro scooter off before adding bar spinning.

  • Bunny hop can also be divided into a back hop and front pull. Both bunny hops are similar; it all involves raising a wheel off. It is advisable to practice each of these steps before taking the step of a bunny hop.
  • If you have a higher bunny hop, you are likely to spend additional time trying to do a barspin.
  • Always keep the wheel leveled any time you perform the bunny hop. Doing this will ease landing and allow you to gain more control.

Practice Spinning Your Handlebars

Try to press the back wheel of your bike against the wall while sitting on it. Lift the front wheel from the ground just a little to allow free movement.

Now raise one hand from the handlebars and try to use the other hand to drag the end of the bar toward your direction. Now allow the handlebars rotate 360. Afterward, you can catch them using your other hand on the opposite handle.

  • It is easy to practice on bare ground. Try to get the movement of the handlebars, before you combine the hop.
  • If you are riding with the right leg forward, start out with your right hand if you’re used to riding with the left leg forward, then it advisable to use the left hand. Doing this will help you from hitting your knees on the bar of your wheels while spinning.
  • Practice, practice, and practice, until you are used to doing barspin move in either direction, then you can decide which of the method is more convenient.
  • Start riding along the ground at a comfortable speed.  The Barspin does not require much speed. So you can start by pedaling until you get to a speed that you feel it convenient enough for you.
  • If you are afraid of crashing down while in motion, try practicing the Barspin on grasses or soft surfaces.

Learn the grass bunny hop to the highest point level. Once you attain the right speed, you feel convenient with, wind up at once and try the bunny hop. Level up your bike out when you are still in the air. Keep the front wheel of the bike a little bit above the rear wheel.

Pass the Bars

Rotate the bar

Now using the style that you have practice, try to drag one end of the bar in the direction of your body in a manner that seems like you lifting both hands away from the bike bar. While doing this, focus more on your bar; this will allow you to catch it easily.

  • Drag the bar close to your body. Avoid pushing it downwards or pulling it upward. When you pull the bike toward your direction you will keep it leveled.
  • Once you attain a comfortable level, try to spin the wheel as fast as possible. Doing this will provide you with more time to gain total control of each bar.

Land It

Catch the Bar and Land Trick

Once the wheel spins to the right position, hold it and keep both of your hands back to the handlebars.  Incline your knee a little bit; this will help ease landing, and to push the rear wheel in a downward direction to ensure it comes in contact with the ground. While doing this, ensure the front wheel is strengthen, this will help prevent the bike when it is swerving.

  • Allow your knees to bend once you land. Do this before you take a stand; it will help absorb the shock that generates from the striking ground.
  • Pulling the landing off is the most significant aspect of the trick. Try to hold the hand
  • Try to keep each hand hovering on the handlebar and allow it to spin. Move your hand far from the handlebars

Barspinning on a Scooter

Barspinning on a Scooter

Practice spinning your handlebars. Lift the front of the scooter while keeping the entire body still. Lift your hand up from the handlebars and rotate it in the direction of your body. Do this using your dominant hand.   Now rotate each bar as fast as you can.

  • Put the back wheel of your bike against the wall; doing this will help keep the scooter still and allow you to practice. On the other hand, you can stand on the scooter brake located at the rear part of the scooter. Also, position the scooter rightly, to enable the front wheel from traveling over limits.

Learn to Catch the Handlebars

Once you rotate the bars using your dominant hand, grab the bar non-dominate hand. Keep rotating each bar in a starting position and while you spin your most dominate hand backward into its normal position.

  • Practice the move until you get better at it. It is more impressive to perform once you can carry out the entire process without looking or thinking twice about each procedure.
  • Once you are familiar with the move, then its time to practice spinning while you’re still in motion with the scooter. Stand with both legs and your shoulder width separate, then swing the scooter in their middle and allow it to swing to and fro. Once the scooter gets to the highest point, spin the handle with it. This procedure is one of the best ways to copy barspin move without leaving off the floor.

Practice The Perfect Bunny Hop

To carry out this move, try it using your bunny hop. Move the scooter at a comfortable pace and jump up as soon as you can. While doing this, hold fast to the handlebars that are on the scooter

  • The more you jump, the higher the chance you have to gain control before getting to the ground.
  • Ensure your feet are planted firmly on the deck of the scooter and try to stabilize the front wheel once you land the bunny hop.

Combine a bunny hop with a barspin to complete the trick.

Start riding at a suitable pace and attempt the bunny hop while the scooter level. Once you get to the peak point, try spinning the bar with the movement of your hand.

  • Hold handlebars firmly and attempt to bend both knees while landing. This will help increase your control level on the scooter.
  • If you are afraid of falling, practicing on soft surfaces. You can do this with motion, try as much as you can to get used to spinning and jumping until you are used to the steps.

Additional Tips

Adding To the Basic Barspin.

1. Attempt hopping over obstacles as you barspin for an extra challenge.Practice jumping using small obstacles or boxes while doing performing the Barspin on a scooter or a bike. Ride faces an obstacle. Attempt a jump at the last moment to push the Barspin over the obstacle or box.

  • Doing this will increase the complexity of this sort of scooter tricks and make it appear super cool. Jump over the boxes or anything that you encounter on your motion path.

2. Barspin out of a jump or a ramp for some more airtime. Doing this might require some measure of practice, but with the time you surely will get over it.

3. Spin your bar around more than once to do a double barspin. Once you hand the Barspin, try to spin it each bar twice or more while the bike or scooter is still airborne before attempting the double Barspin.

  • If you get the air off from a big jump, you will be able to rotate the bar more. While doing this, take note of the number of spins you can complete successfully but do put safety measures into consideration.

4. Let go of the bars completely as you spin to add more difficulty. And never forget to put on a good helmet before doing any stunt.

If you are performing Barspin on a scooter, try to practice rotating each bar without holding it.  Use the most dominant hand to push the end of the bar in your direction and start rotating it before you hold it. Although this may require more practice on your path, the aftermath is worthwhile indeed.

In conclusion, you can learn how to barspin on a regular or electric scooter or BMX regardless of the nature of what you riding on one thing is certain “repetition is the mother of perfection” so we suggest repeating each step until you get familiar with it.

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