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How to Do Scooter Tricks : Explained by Pros

Written by Brian G Smith

It is human to think out the benefit of some adventure before taking a stand to practice, but this is exceptional to the world of scooting. In this article, we will share a few tricks you can adopt to start scooting as a basic beginner.

Easy Scooter Tricks

It’s a source of entertainment. Although doing tricks on pro scooter feels awesome, it requires practice, patience, and effort. Scooting is one of the effective ways of engaging the body and the mind and often leads to efficiency in metabolism.

On the other hand, scooting can be accompanied by damaging body effects if it’s not done rightly. If you are not yet confident enough about your skill, it’s advisable to operate on a less busy road.

“Safety first,” has been the guiding principle in all works of life –be it sport or professional jobs. This is why we recommend using the right gear and wear while scooting at home, a skate-park, or an open field. Using the right-wear and gear will help protect injury in cases where you encounter an accident.

Before we take a deep dive into the tricks for beginner scooters, it important to bring to perspective some tasks that are needed to ensure our safety. As a rider, we recommend sticking closely to these tips as safety should be your watchword.

How to Do Scooter Tricks – Basic Tips

Scooter Tricks

Scooting is not a childish nor light job. Irrespective of your skill level, be it, beginners, intermediate, or expert, it is imperative to ensure your safety first. Try to use the right helmet type and size made from special materials to help absorb heavy shocks.

How to Ride a Scooter Safely?

  • Whether you are riding a pro scooter or an electric scooter, always wear helmets with the ear and face shield. It’s advisable to use leather hand gloves that will help prevent friction or direct contact during an accident.
  • Use jockstrap: this is a gear specially designed to protect the male genital. It has a similar function to that of the knee part, as it is used to guide the knee from sustaining injuries.
  • Sneakers and sports shoes are the most recommended footwear for
  • Check if your scooter’s wheels are in good shape before starting to roll
  • The use of leather clothing is preferable as they tend to withstand more friction than other forms of fabrics.

Now, let take a ride down to know some easy scooter tricks that are meant for beginners. So, let’s find out a couple of the most popular easy tricks on scooters for beginners to advance.

1. Hop/ Bunny Hop Scooter Tricks:

It is very advisable to get more familiarized with some of the easy tricks of scooting.  This easy trick should be practice on a free surface to reduce the risks of accidents. Grasp the handlebar firmly if you intend to trait the scooter upward while carrying out these steps, ensure you slant each marrow bones, and pull the entire surface, including the scooter. Once you are back on the ground surface, ensure you have the deck paralleled on the ground.

2. Easy Scooter Fakie Tricks:

The fakie scooter Tricks are very important. If you are moving afterward or forward, you can still change the direction of motion by merely changing the position of the deck. Try to keep each leg of the deck close to the handlebar; this will help you gain more control over it.  Try to push it in the direction of movement.  You can use either of your legs, whichever you feel more comfortable with.

3. How to Manual on a Scooter:

This advanced trick is carried out rising the hive that is located at the front, and try running it by placing the foot on the rare part of the deck. Your foot should be backward. Once you are done with the advance trick, raise the entire scooter up to get it off the ground and perform a normal move. Practice more and more to perfect these tricks with proper safety measures.

4. Nose Pivot Scooter Tricks:

This advance trick is used to change the direction of the scooter while in motion. You can swap for more than 180 degrees, you can lift the hive backward or forward. While carrying out the move, ensure your grips are firmly placed at the handlebar.

If you want to do this, ensure you are moving mildly, after that, rise the front part of the scooter and turn around, once the scooter is direction is change, try to lift the hive once more in the required direction and repeat the move.

5. Having Both Feet Off of the Scooter Deck:

You can attain a full air gap above the ground by pulling up the feet. It has two types: one is without the pulling up the deck while the other is pulling using the deck. To drag yourself in the absence of the deck, you should able to attain a suitable balance and possess a suitable arm strength.

6. Turning the Handle Bar (Bar Spin):

The process of removing the handlebar is known as bar spin. This should be done once you observe the scooter in the air.  You can use one of your hands to spin the handlebar to gain control. While doing this, don’t hold the handlebar with the other hand. While the hives are still on the ground level, try to create a contact with the handlebar with your grip, this will help you gain more control. Although this depends on your level of proficiency, an individual can rotate the handlebar for a specific period. The time it takes to fly on-air depends on the turning amount.

7. How to Tailwhip on a Scooter the Easy Way:

Tailwhip on scooter depends solely on the positioning of your on the foot on the deck. Once your leg is on the front part of the deck, then turn in a clockwise direction. If the right foot is on at the front of the deck than it advisable to go anti-clockwise.  To do this effectively, you need to connect three steps. These are:

  • The foot motion
  • The bunny hop, and
  • Arm motion

The accuracy in carrying out these advanced tricks is dependent on three steps. Bunny hop should be exhibited from a clear height to provide enough time to rotate spin the deck. You can also use any choice of the foot to rest on the deck. Although about 75% of people use the front foot. In such a scenario, you have the privilege of catching the deck with the other leg.

To do this, you will be required to have one of your foot place attached to the deck and kick the scooter around while your hands are still placed on the bar. You must practice arm motion by spinning your scooter the best way you can and try to keep it close to you. Spinning time only forearm and wrist are to be used. Avoid using your entire body or the shoulders. You can read more to learn the best ways to tailwhip from our detailed instructions.

All of the above mentions are advanced scooter tricks for beginners. We suggest not to be in a hurry while carrying out any of the steps above as most of them are advanced tricks. While carrying out any step, it is advisable not to be absent-minded but to consider all steps with caution. Start practicing from easy tricks to hardest and ensure it done on a soft surface that will help reduce injuries during an accident. Once you observe notable improve and have built enough confidence, then it’s time to progress to the next trick for another awesome move.

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