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How to Tighten & Loosen Skateboard Trucks? | The Best Method!

how to tighten trucks
Written by Colin Kint

Tighter skateboard trucks make your skateboard harder to turn while loose trucks make it easier.

There are different ways to about it but here’s the simplest and easiest trip from pro skaters that deserves your attention!

When to Adjust Your Skateboard Trucks?

Irrespective of the price, quality, and brand, a longboard or skateboard truck needs to be adjusted from time to time. This should be done as preventive maintenance.

Cruising on the board consistently will demand a bit of tightening and oiling; this will make the parts last longer and above all keep you safe. So, one of the best parts to start with will be the truck.

Though few skateboarders know more about this, if you enjoy your ride then fixing it should be a priority.

When to Adjust Your Skateboard Trucks

This is why it’s vital to acquire the right technical knowhow necessary for you to exhibit this from time to time! If you’re contemplating on calling on a friend or professional for assistance, all that is needed at this point is to read on.

We will be exposing a few secrets on how and why you should tighten the longboard trucks.

Benefits of Tightening the Skateboard Trucks

Before we take a look at how to tighten the skateboard trucks let’s give brief attention to the benefits of tightening your skateboard trucks. There are basic reasons why tightening the trucks of your skateboard should be a priority to you.

Below are some listed benefits that are accompanied by the process.

Tighten skateboard trucks

Larger Skateboarding

While skateboarding you tend to come across poles, gaps, steps, and other forms of obstacles. Due to the difference on the surface to which you skate on, it’s important to run a quick check and carry out proper maintenance on both trucks.

A tighten truck calls for stability irrespective of how extreme you cruise.

Avoid Wheel-bites

Wheel bites occur when the wheels of your skateboard come in contact with the deck. Most often this happens when we skate on rough surfaces, and it also increases the risk of falls and accidents.

Screwing the trucks on your skateboard will grant you more stability and balance when performing any stunt or trick.

Make suitable Turns and Speed

Slopes can increase the speed of your skate but if the truck is not firmly fixed the board wobbles uncontrollably and this can affect your confidence.

Tightening the truck firmly is a sure way to prevent the board from wobbling and increase your stability. And when the board is stable enough it boost your speed.

How to Tighten Skateboard Trucks

The above reason is some points why you should know how tight are the trucks attached to your deck. Now let consider the steps involved when tightening the trucks.

Turn to the other side of the Skateboard

You will need to check out your wheels to know if the truck attached to it needs tightening or not. Start by flipping your skateboard, ensure it’s positioned on the spot.  Keep it on a hard surface; this will allow you to hold the wheels and the truck firmly.

Additionally, you will need to keep your tools close. Use the proper tool. If you have access to a hex key or skid wrench; any of the listed tools will do a great job.

Decide How Tight Your Trucks should be

Once the board is positioned rightly, you will need to evaluate how wobbled the truck is, and how tight you want it to be. Although there are no sets of rules on how tight the truck should be, it’s all based on personal preference; what rocks my boat might sink your ship. Stop at the pace that makes skating suitable.

Although in some cases, the truck can extremely tight. If you notice that, untie the nuts a bit.  If the board is extremely tight your movement also will be limited.

Use the Right Tools to Screw

The next phase is to ensure the board is tightened, using the following steps:

  • Get to the axle pin of your truck, this is also known as kingpin. It is located in the middle of the truck it has a large bolt attachment on it. Remove the peg, this will help you take off the truck hanger; you will need a wrench or a hex key
  • Observe the hanger of the truck that holds the axle and the wheels. Take off the bushing, look carefully socket for damages or cracks. If you find any, then replacing the truck will be a suitable option than tightening
  • Tighten the pin and replace the handlebar of the truck. You don’t need much effort this time; if not it will get too tight and also limit your motion

Test run and make the necessary Adjustments

Once the truck and all the parts are placed on the longboard (could be either a standard or electric model), run a quick check by taking a ride on it. Go slower than the usual speed.

This is a safety technique to adhere to in case of an accident that occurs when the wheels been extremely tight or loose.

When you regain your confidence, you can increase your speed. On the other hand, if you observe the wheels wobbling, repeat the process to get the desired result. Experimenting can be time-consuming, but it is much better than exposing yourself to danger.

Considerable Options to Tightening Trucks

Though tightening the trucks on your skateboard is easy and appears to be the solution, but in some cases, you will need to consider other options. You may need to:

Use New Erasers

If you notice your truck having split gum or sharp, then changing the erasers will be the best applicable option. Gums can often be affected if they are of poor quality or exposed to compression during intensive cruising.

It could result from quality or deformation, either of the both can lead to deformation of the gum and this will, in turn, limit the movement of the skateboard and prevent it from cruising straight.

Use Erasers that are hard

The use of a hard and strong eraser can be a way out to this especially for skateboarders who are still growing. If your height increased or you gain more weight, the use of strong gums will be recommended.

Since we all grow over time, we must learn to upgrade our skateboard as well.

Use a Different Your Trucks

In most cases, given your truck, a tight is not enough to get it fixed and sometime you the wheels will still wobble while you take a ride on it.

If you have given this a couple of shots without a lasting solution, the ultimate decision here will be a total replacement.

We recommend this activity for all beginners out there who are gradually becoming more dedicated to skateboarding. A total replacement will make a huge difference and boost your comfort.

How to Loosen Trucks?

Trucks that are extremely stiff in most cases require some tons of effort to turn. But there are some tricks to get around this.

  • Get an Allen key or a skate that will fit in your kingpin perfectly. Since most trucks come in different shapes, a tool made by the manufacturers will be recommended.
  • Turn the kingpin anticlockwise this will help to loosen its joints. A loosen truck will allow flexibility to lean to the left and right sides of the deck.
  • Run multiple tests on each of the trucks until you attain a suitable speed. Position the skateboard on a flat surface and then place one of your feet directly on the deck. Try to move the skateboard to the left and the right. If it appears too tight or too lose you will need to make the needed adjustment on the kingpin.
  • Repeat the adjustment process until you attain the perfect feel of what you want. When you skate on the board, you will need to make adjustments on the trucks with time this will help. We suggest going along with your skate key, in cases when you need an emergency.
  • Ensure the nut is kept flush with the pin, to avoid it from losing further while skating. There are nuts designed specifically for this purpose to protect and prevent the kingpins from wobbling.


1. Is it better to have loose or tight trucks?

Ans. It is more difficult to skate on a loosed truck. You should put the trucks on a longboard in such a way so that the trucks remain moderately tight.

2. How can I make my skateboard less wobbly?

Ans. Use other tools that are specifically designed for skating to loosen or tighten the nut located in the middle of the truck.

1. Spin the nut clockwise this will help tighten it firmly to the truck.

2. You can turn it anti-clockwise to loosen it from the truck.

3. Should skateboard wheels be tight or loose?

Ans. There are no limits to how tight each wheel should be. But tight the nut and ensure the bearing is perfectly seated and is in perfect contact with the wheel.

We believe you gained some value from this article on how to tighten the truck to your skateboard. Now you don’t need to stumble in confusion, take Nike’s advice and “Just Do It.” You can also share your experience in the comment box below.

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