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How to Convert Kick Scooter to Electric?

How to Convert Kick Scooter to Electric
Written by Colin Kint

Who would not desire to convert their stuffs into an advanced one? Well, a kick scooter is no different from such conversion. You can convert it to an electric kick scooter also. There are few procedures to do so. As you read our article you will definitely have no trouble in converting your kick scooter into an electric kick scooter.

So, the process that you can take under consideration for processing your scooter into an electric kick scooter is:

Step 1 : Disassembling the old scooter

The conversion starts with the dismantling of all of the parts of your present kick scooter. After disassembling the older scooter, the next thing to do is to rebuild the front and rear suspension assembly.

Convert Kick Scooter to Electric

Step 2 : Fixing motors

Take the reconstructed gearbox and attach three CIM motors to it. The motors should be boxed in aluminum housing before it is installed under the scooter’s platform. This housing prevents the motor from water and debris. You should also be aware of letting your kick scooter drench in rain or any other wet conditions.

Convert Kick Scooter to Electric

Step 3 : Brake adjustment

The next step is about the brake. We mostly see brakes which works as you push a lever down on the rear wheel. But scooters make the caliper grips work which is located on the either side of the rear sprocket to make a rather novel disc brake. This function is available in Royce Union Transit.

Convert Kick Scooter to Electric

Step 4 : Adjusting handlebars

To install a new handlebar for your remodeled scooter, attached a curve throttle to the deck of the scooter..

Convert Kick Scooter to Electric

Step 5 : Attaching battery packs

Take eight li-ion batteries, each of them with a capacity of 5000 mAh in an aluminum case, enclose the case with a polycarbonate cover and then mount the battery packs beneath the deck.

Convert Kick Scooter to Electric

Step 6 : Things to be considered for batteries

In case of batteries, you can consider hardcase lithium polymer batteries. You do not have to worry about its cover as they are already wrapped in plastic. Moreover, the underside of the battery case is enclosed by a layer of polycarbonate. Charging may be slow in these custom electric kick scooters. But, you can buy a powerful charger for 600 watt-hour battery pack. It will take approximately 2 hours to charge if you do not leave the battery totally empty.

Convert Kick Scooter to Electric

So, this is how you can convert your old kick scooter into an electric kick scooter. The electric kick scooter made by you will increase the level of speed to 25 mph (40 km/h) and you do not have to exert any extra effort too. The range may vary as well based on your usage rate.

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