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How to Choose a Kick Scooter : All the Things You Need to Know

How to Choose a Kick Scooter
Written by Brian G Smith

Only those who have rode a kick scooter would know how ideal it is as a vehicle. Why would you waste your time and labor on walking when you can ride a kick scooter instead? It is very efficient for short to medium journey and prevents energy from being misspent. Did you know this already? We guess you knew. Otherwise, you would not search the ways to choose kick scooter. You are most probably one of the fewest people who admire kick scooters without even owning one.

If you want to get yourself a kick scooter very soon, we can help you with that matter. We have listed here some guidelines that you can consider to choose kick scooter:

Things To Consider Before Choosing A Kick Scooter

Things To Consider Before Choosing A Kick Scooter


Different brands and models of kick scooters are available in the market. Some of the popular brands are listed below:

  • Razor A5 Luxe kids’ scooter
  • MGP VX2 Ninja Scooter by Madd Gear
  • GlideCo GrandTourer
  • Hudora Heavy duty
  • Hudora One-Step Easy

Color selection

Since children are more captivated towards kick scooter, color selection is a must. Besides silver frame and black wheels, you should also pick scooters which have single-colored or multiple colors body, matte or satin and many other designs and specifications. You can customize your scooter with the help of colored accessories too.

Choosing based on your age

Kick scooters are both available for children and adults. They are made in a size that can carry specific ranges of height and weight. There are different brands and models for different age of people as well.

The features of kick scooters for children are

These scooters can carry the weight up to 45-50 pounds and they are mostly made of aluminum or a combination of aluminum and plastic. While most of the scooters have 2 wheels, some may include 3 wheels. For beginners 3 wheels and handlebars like bicycle’s one are good.

The features of kick scooters for adults are

These sorts of scooters have taller and larger deck to accommodate 225-240 pounds of weight. They have 2 wheels as well. These models are also compact like the kids’ scooters and efficient enough to save an adult’s time, labor and money.

Materials, parts and components

You should make sure that the material used to construct the kick scooters is durable or not. Another thing is that there must be availability of accessories and replacement part to replace the faulty ones without any hassle. These accessories may consist of spare wheels, hand grips, bearings, screws and tools need to adjust the accessories.

For scooter wheels, there might be various colors with different patterns and light up or glow facilities as you ride. The average wheel size is 100 mm. But it can vary too. Scooter handgrips are an extra wear that is replaceable too. They are available in different colors and textures. Scooter foot peg is attached to front or rear wheel which is used to support your feet when performing tricks. Red, silver, green and black are the common scooter foot peg colors and is available in matte or metallic finish. It is attached with the help of pegs, screws and washers and these come with the scooter foot peg.

In addition to these features, the wheels roll resistance, frames, deck length, width and weight also matter. So these are the core features that you can evaluate to choose kick scooter. Hurry up, buy your favorite kick scooter, learn to ride it and start your thrilling journey!

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